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What’s up guys welcome to another video today it’s a different kind. Of video and actually I’m doing mother one video today because right now I actually can’t really go out because of the virus. Thing so I decided to make some videos inside and yeah today I wanted to try a. Desiderio for the first time and first I thought decid are was like just a drink but it actually simply means. Local produced alcohol here in India so I went to the local wine store yesterday and asked him for everything that is. Desiderio so he gave me this drink Dada it’s like a West Bengal drink yeah it says here on the bottle I have no idea what is this and.

Actually it’s in a plastic bottle so very excited to try it and yeah what did was he also gave me was here this Kingfisher just beer I tried Kingfisher before but. Uh maybe this one is uh yeah it’s actually also from. West Bengal so I’m gonna try West Bengal deer and West Bengal something today’s that’s all I have and actually I don’t want to be drunk at home but yeah that’s. Let’s go let me let me get a glass and try it so it’s couple okay so I’ve got my glass of data here and it actually smells like nothing so I also checked the. Bottle it actually only has like 20% and yeah I’m guess I’m going to try it now. And sorry for the noise there’s like right away right next to my house here in park circus and yeah gonna gonna try it now and see how it tastes let’s go actually it., India, West Bengal, Liquor, Alcoholic drink, DrinkDoesn’t taste this bad it tastes like a very weak version. Of vodka but it’s actually awesome III think if you mix this with like sprite or fat sour or something. Or a juice in connection between awesome drink actually I am I’m also wondering what we don’t export this to Germany because let me try it again. Yeah it doesn’t feel very strong so I and wonder why we don’t have stuff like. This in Germany because all the drinks we have in Germany we’ll only like 20% they are like these super colorful strange strange tasting headach producing can skya drink. Some I’m gonna put a photo of them here so I really hate 20% uh : Germany but actually this stuff is pretty good I I let me., India, West Bengal, Liquor, Alcoholic drink, Drink Business NewsMix it with something I can find in my room and try it try it. Mixed so uh skip there okay so I just mixed it with the with the thing you’re gonna do to this video thumbs up it’s mirrored so uh yeah thumbs up. If you like this video but let me try and mixed okay it. Actually tastes like I’m just drinking thumbs up thumbs up so it’s actually. Nice nice if you want to get drunk because it tastes like it’s super easy. To drink and super friendly to drink compared to two grapes we have in Germany we only have like 40% I call it’s like vodka at our friends., India, West Bengal, Liquor, Alcoholic drink, Drink NewsYeah actually tastes like vodka but a lot weaker than a vodka weak vodka so but with this drink. It’s actually it’s awesome I I guess you can mix it with. Everything so if you’re like the new chick if you’re like the data producer consider selling it. In Germany yeah you could make a lot of money if this speaks around and stuff so it didn’t expect it. To be this friendly because I actually I’m not a big fan of like pure rock or so.

Awesome drink to respect to you da da brewery distillery yeah it’s actually awesome but I don’t know if I can finish. This all bottom because sitting here in my room at my hotel and it’s not very smart to go out right now actually tomorrow we we’re even. We have to stay inside some have to buy a lot of food later but yeah gonna kind of try the the beer also but I’m gonna skip there. Because I have to drink this first so on see you at the beer okay so here we are again with the Kingfisher strong and I actually try Kingfisher before.

In Mumbai but this one has actually produced here so also I don’t know if I tried Kingfisher strong you could check out my other video and yeah. So yeah I’m gonna try this one now and before I try it I forgot to mention that who I actually am. So I’m coming gentleman right now in India and actually I’m trapped in India right now because there are no flights back so yeah if you haven’t subscribed you can do. It down there and yeah let’s go for the Kingfisher strong so let’s go okay so after I have to want.

One thing to say so it’s actually not cold I don’t have. A fridge so it’s like a room temperature but I’m a German ham I’m used to be or so yeah actually it’s a pretty. Good beer it’s just a standard beer it doesn’t even. Taste like it’s a strong beer so yeah also think I said this in my last beer video back then last year I don’t know why all the countries always say Germany has such a.

Good beer when all the other countries also have good beer I’ve tried Chinese beer polish beer jet beer Indian beer Vietnamese beer so it’s actually all good it’s simply good beer so uh shout. Out to Kingfisher you’re doing a good job and it’s an awesome.

B&I it’s actually a big bottle it’s like a zero point five liter in Germany we mostly have like a zero point three litre beer so I. Hope I can walk straight lines after I finish this because uh I don’t know drinking loss here in West Bengal are pretty strict so uh yeah and. I also have to do like getting food and stuff today because tomorrow will.

Be a lockdown so no food tomorrow yeah I’m gonna finish this beer and I hope you liked the video if you have any suggestions as always anything just put. It down in the comments it’s a shorter video today because I’m I only have two things to try but they actually were way better than I expected it so I thought. How was it called bah bah dah dah dah dah dah dah once so I actually thought it would be way worse than.

It actually is but it’s awesome so even though I code is not a big thing in any. Other day they got our core game on top so shout out to and breweries and distilleries so yeah gonna can. I’m not talk any further just gonna hit the video yeah I’m gonna record more blocks today because I’m insights I just. Search for things I can try and try it the permit so be prepared for more indoor videos so see you in the next video.