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So hi friends middle girl Arkham and the Padilla VD like his father Don up in the EVD number chart Ella nominal. Economy Tom bearson Hannah I don’t know what to put the sed rate diaster Dini I run in and iPhone penicillin yeah Nina I was 13 Anna I’ve ever run a what a number 8. Plus an iPhone a plus a dealing underneath I was told point four. Point one on it people attended all CD combatant on an Eevee do later on a.

Bonus on the comparison opinion they are the ordinary bitch other become Batson achievable if you see. A lot of main reason North Korea my us 13 okay I used in release your. Perineum machine learning ooh bitch Allah a city and I use 13 now after the Saline Donna Wallace 3 Allah do public a travois Sarah Khouri that I. Recorded voice in their past Ethel that is the low error was a big Ronnie demeanor Wow we pull away I reckon. A clinical pearls in gear to read Eliza cereal a voice what kiken dinner hello highest 13 11 Apollo are they in Delhi change a gonna.

Apple, Siri, iOS, LanguageThe mahkum machine learning of HM Mottram Jade Regina you see Rihanna and they’re not optimal of you are to me naughty applause a really I’m gonna e sound that a parabola is tentatively. Very nicely read a sound Nora not pure 100% pure machine learning in the support or. A guy gonna sound a little boys and a semicolon okay I use told me all right kind.

Apple, Siri, iOS, Language Business NewsOf give it clip pull a chart on back yes dream cheer on back here I’d boy sana is it. 100% pure machine learning sound okay then Anna a delay a. Tubular definition is smooth awesome Karim Karim in Peru tested run Oh Kamala Rea interesting hello Warner a funny at load test Anna a behavior used to put in. The really loud and clear cetera we come in d1 equal sivb canonical no get demoulas Alicia parihaka are no and then the cow. And Eva and then we do bhai TD delivery your edits how they gonna come into the area dimension P to our ear video Norma just in the difference Romania mathram change Riviera Adri.

Apple, Siri, iOS, Language NewsDelay Michael of a unicorn wash so you need your number and. Kul Tiras chance of scribbling on this channel subscrib yeah I thought up in the night i’ll be like a button unable you are Canada probably uploaded the notification I became Indiana so without. Any further ado let’s get started by the net yeah in your at the time series and don’t play sorry Gilligan and as Ellen hey. Sorry so your honor issue other one darling an ear for. My activity yes okay I need stltom Allah at a time will you see V where you tulum 97 angle of a.

Gunilla p90 the camera to come to microphone after I’m reaching out. Again come with you man how about them gimme some angle are you Tesla Kanaka epigenomic iPhone iOS totally Panamera Midas nor another hey supey yes how are you I’m fine thanks. For asking hey City how are you hey sir how is it by them today it’s currently cloudy in 26 degrees in Katia expect rain and thunderstorms. Starting in the morning with mixed conditions for the rest of the day today’s high will be 32 degrees and the low will be 25 pronunciation kay tagal radio caught in McCulloch.

Pronounced earring you know nothing okay Torah hey Siri how is the weather today it’s currently cloudy and 26 degrees. In cocktail expect cloudy skies starting early in the morning and thunderstorms in the morning with mixed conditions for the rest of the. Day today’s high will be 32 degrees and the low will be 25 okay and do you friend that Romney Tony Kanal him and I have stolen the same reason and so it’s. Upon me seeing cost inducible they respond either I was in an occupant I got some different some until I can enjoy another but.

You love post in situation come upon it will look good riding on like. At tomorrow I’m get you a better deal on Krieger is. Yeah say trio settings now the waiter in language arguing in English and English a change even blister crack chemically I’ll change your. English like a poor hastily send a message to melon. Hey buddy how are you doing I hope you’re holding well your message to melanoma says hey buddy how are you doing I hope you’re.

Holding well ready to send it cancel it I’ll be there I’m gonna message it Amin Amica is 13 let trying or coming in another. Hey hey Siri sent a message to me Len hey buddy how are you I hope you’re holding well your message to Milan says hey buddy how are you i hope you’re holding well ready. To send it send it okay it’s sad if you’re not the number people with the element silicon. IRA pronouncation there with ps1 with clear item and silicon on iOS 30 Luminita minute casa the pure computational power on an EU receiver. Kena and their Samia my Estonia law of the land upon your leg but I clicked on the audio clip eagerly to somehow. I’m on it I’m gonna do Arcana I found in value I do with a single command see like Adam about the McCain you know funny at all was to chica.

Hey silly tell me a joke one tells me to stop acting like a flamingo that’s when I put my foot down. Hey sir who was the second prison of India the second President of India was serve appalling radhakrishnan from May 13 1962 to May 13 1967 okay. We think Postini is totally do tanka hey say tell me a joke it’s just gathering dust who was.

The second president of Indian city the dedication – electric you know is Irina. It’s your move appletini use her vanity if you play cm it in a language. Or utility level Leo Maccoby Lanka hey sorry remind me to take your receipt today morning seven okay I’m gonna go sit in we do schedule Romania Sapna to reschedule ooh yeah Irina gonna. Any pannonica if they same task I was to let me say about cup history. Remind me to take a received today morning 7:00 a.m. okay I am about basic tactical. Innovation team Anna genuinely to know faster and you know I was told.

I have stolen it you know fast and oh God is dirty let’s hop on buggy another you know I always 13 really see the old in LA I would Diana but. Really still remaining Anna I was 13 little buggy attorney to hire. Siri performs in a camera and ability everybody know you wanna get Patel in the item back Shane tell us something. Like an easy Mila envelope on a command over the world in every chapter net you know you know die I do animation I’m going. To begin another yeah the response we laugh I won’t end alone I was 13 less heavy adieu Briana voice in the world in the pronunciation guide.

Where lalana she still it’s buggy I wonder definitely gonna say we begin illegal definitely try you know pop. Koala based opera maximum Engler iPhone – he just you – I see the phone awakens to make you up and give another. One oh no make any individual role so – you’re gonna put your life / / yes / features ineffective specific video some supplies separate separated we didn’t.

Idq pong and then okay you do funny video which – – yeah gimme videos to my auntie I don’t like Cheever I thought up an eye on the channel suspect will be. Put on the chance of stevia in Tortola belacan burning in a believer and you go to the net I’m gonna Instagram Berlin National page follow you guys in Thailand link then. That is Runa so once again this is melanin catch you guys next video – then they say good night.