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We’ve seen content platforms like a Twitter or snapchat go public with much less revenue. Than this my dance has entered platform conglomerate status if I. Am Facebook and Google I’m worried we’ve spoken a lot about tick-tock probably some of you are tick-tock users tick tocks owners bite. Dance it said the larger the largest private company in the.

World or at least largest private tech company in the world not not private I’ve Tec company I’m sure like a ram Co the Saudi. Oil company is bigger they head over 7 billion dollars in revenue right and this is this is a a. Content app so that’s not gmv they’re not conflating product gmv purchases this is advertising revenue which is which is an astounding number for the first half of the year. So this is two quarters but it’s still a very meaningful size of money coming from not just tick tock but by Dan tones you know other apps in China as well and yeah this. Is a this is a pretty major deal what are you making this Nick we’ve seen content platforms like a Twitter or snapchat go public with much less.

ByteDance, TikTok, Revenue, TencentRevenue than this know if I’m by Dan side if I’m making n plus billion dollars a year already in revenue mm-hmm obviously that’s. Not profit and they may not yet be profitable I’ve clearly a proven that there’s a business model here and I can make money and I. Can continue this all of 2018 it generated 7.2 billion dollars in revenue so. The verdict if we shuffle 2019 right there at 7 billion I mean this is pretty astounding they they estimate that they’re gonna have probably around 8 or 9 billion dollars. In the second half of 2019 so I don’t know you’re at 15 16 billion dollars in revenue you’re.

ByteDance, TikTok, Revenue, Tencent Business NewsActually more than doubling a 7 billion dollar top-line revenue number from 2018 going. In 2019 I mean this is already one of the biggest content platform businesses in the. World up there with a you know YouTube Google and a Facebook and I think it’s if I’m and they also. Have a big presence in the West with tick-tock so if I’m not just the big companies like a WeChat in China and a ten-cent. But if I’m a Facebook and Google I’m worried usually because they tick-tock users are young.

ByteDance, TikTok, Revenue, Tencent NewsUsers the very kind of folks that those competing content platforms might be struggling I know we know in Facebook struggling to attract I’m worried about my future of this company. Is growing so quickly and making money on an audience that I don’t have mm-hm and and. Now within our they’re saying is so-so so by dance. Has entered platform conglomerate status right they have they have tik-tok which is primarily outside of China and they have kind of a somewhat similar app in China but both content. Models you know soda I would say it’s not necessarily kind of the.

Overlapping platform conglomerate status that we talked about but this is right so lark is an example which is a kind of work collaboration platform they’ve got a big news platform in. China as well nudes platform they’re getting into linear music streaming apps so you can see this business now cascading other. Platform types it’s not just Khan it’s not just other content platforms like tick-tock it’s other it’s like this collaboration platform model other platforms platform types that they’re stacking on top. Of each other so look it’s platform conglomerate if they’re they’re what they’re like a hundred hundred 30x revenue growth on a seven.

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