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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls chuck-e-cheese presents the rhythmic sounds of munches make-believe bad ooh we you know Jackie I think. I’m gonna let sleeping lion and I wonder if it ever wakes up enough time to eat. Yeah you know I once had a friend who lived in the same Alice’s alive Wow wouldn’t that get awfully crowded. Well it’s all one world isn’t it here’s a little topic I should let slip by it. Has to do with cleaning up the sea and we should be all bitching rainbows gives me perfect oxygen and we’ve got to work together to build them up again we can work.

Together me if you please crews we got to protect those. Plants trees creatures in the deep I should probably say you know like we got. To protect that ozone layer that’s right it is what protects.

Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment Inc.These boundaries are the Sun and without it well we’d all. Be pretty well done it’s so easy be invited there for you and me well I don’t know what I’m gonna do for the. Environment I’m gonna recycle all my cash well that’s a good idea I’m gonna turn off the water when I brush my teeth that’s good. Yeah hey Jess but what about you I won’t gather up all the newspapers and take them out in the recycling center could I be stay with us. We’ll be right back ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the band is taking a break stay tuned for a CEC TV special go around the world in nothing flat using music as.

Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment Inc. Business NewsYour welcome mat learn some real fun figures and facts tuning in to junkies geography rap to a place that is wild and free. It’s right below the Mediterranean Sea it’s the second largest continent after Asia that is true you can pass through many countries on your way to Timbuktu. From Mon Oncle in the West we travel east to Egypt’s not going. Up the Pharos River to see the Sphinx is smile from the jungles to the desert there’s much variety there’s a country called out area and another Zimbabwe in safari would. Be quite grand to see rhotic animals roam across the land like zebras giraffes and elephants to the animals run. Free as they couldn’t innocence the tropical rain forests are treated wet and the rape of all year long sure as you get back although we could not visit every.

Chuck E. Cheese, CEC Entertainment Inc. NewsCountry over here we’d like the closest rap and say to Africa good care we’re broadcasting live as chuck-e-cheese presents to you the sophisticated sounds of munches. Make-believe well beteem a lemonade love antennae fair take me anywhere Oh let me. Be your teddy bear I don’t wanna be your Tigers Tigers.

Play Kufra I don’t wanna be a liar water Pig chain lead me anywhere we’ll. Ever be your telepath all right baby every night run your fingers through my hair my comfort me real tight oh let me be Tigers play too rough designs just watch me. Anywhere Oh Oh our time well munch judging from the sound reverberates throughout it can only be one person Charlie yo what’s up well Charlie I’d like. To ask you to sit in butchy lunch that teddy bear stuff I just can’t really wanna noise do you.

Mean I mean I like tunes with a little more bite well Charlie I’m sure we don’t like to see the world when. I was young the crocodile soon nice try dream down hi I can now understand Charlie what you mean by a song but we. Really need to get along with our show so I’m not quite sure what you were saying forget it ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the band is taking. A break stay tuned for a CEC TV special on the one in the air or out at sea if something is happening somewhere it’s.

News to me CCTV presents the Chucky Cheese Neil’s featuring news homes just Bertie Joel’s plucky reporter Helen Henny foreign correspondent pass Chloe it’s you and mr. munch taking care of the. Leftovers did I hear somebody say take it away Chucky thanks hello everybody topping our news today is a story that is absolutely. Shocking a shocking new story kids don’t try this one at home now then where was I oh yeah I’m told that in a few minutes our race news hound Jasper T Jones. Will have an absolutely incredible news bulletin for us that’s right Chucky I’ll be bringing you a live interview with mr. Burford Baumgartner. Who has just seen something absolutely astounding I couldn’t believe my eyes it’s amazing oh oh wow I’m sure everyone will want to stay tuned.

For that but voiced that you all know this is an election year when everybody in. The US of A chooses a new president to run things more or less there are candidates from the Republican ticket and from. The Democratic ticket but now we’re told there’s also a presidential candidate.

From the meal ticket our own mr. mudge my fellow Americans when you make me president the first thing I’m gonna do is invite you all to dinner there at the White House well. The first thing I’m gonna do is paint the house purple but the second thing I’ll do is invite you today and a lot of people been telling me that they want more dough.

Well you elect me and I’ll give you plenty of dough hey Pasquale give these people some. Dough it should be president munch your honor sir and I don’t think America’s hungry for new ideas I think America is just hungry for some. Pizza yeah and when I president everyone will finally get a piece. Of the pie let them have it Pasquale you see the meal ticket isn’t just for the upper crust it’s a party for the people a pizza.

Party and now I’m not one for making cheesy promises actually I prefer expertise but I will promise you this read my lips no new anchovies. Vermont is a vote for lunch thank you well he’s certainly given us food for thought hasn’t.

He not in let’s rejoin Jasper T Jones for that incredible unbelievable mind-blowing exciting. News bulletin that we promised you a Leah Jasper right here Chuckie now mr. Baumgartner can you tell us what you saw that was so astounding astounding hardly describes it there hasn’t been. Anyone that’s ever seen anything like it yeah it’s miraculous it’s got to Kelis me it’s way cool. Yes but what did you see mr. Baumgartner I saw a talking dog talking dog and just where did you see it I’m looking at him right now oh oh well I. Guess that’s not such a news bulletin after all back to you Chuckie sometimes I think this newscast is going to the dogs but that’s another tale but for.

Now this is chuck-e-cheese saying it no news is good news then we’ve got the best news on TV see you later boys and girls let’s put them all together and a knife right. There here and I dear man with all those animals I’d be worried about what to feed them we feed our animals isn’t the only thing we should. Be worried about a change we ask is that you maybe could help us out friends are. All about loving care from your kind and gentle heart by them and that’s a great basis hard. I’m not trying to bring you down but you never loved a man above that I know it – uh-huh obviously it is it doesn’t have to be in the wild zoo. Keepers over par please take care of us just like Noah Amazon animal kingdom each letter to keep the ecosystem happening so we could say with you.

Oh we can another one so you you ladies and gentlemen boys. And girls the band is taking a break stay tuned for a CEC TV special stop its getting the way it can’t see the forest through the. Trash but we can change things starting right now boys and girls you can’t make a better.

Wild and I will tell you how it’s quite a simple plan this coin in your hand you. Can put pollution in its place it’s true every time that you can recycle. Your can cans you are doing something very good cos mother earth needs all the.

Help that she can get it so let’s not forget to recycle our cat naps now if you. Want to help things off recycle stuff don’t throw it out blasted plastic paper too can get recycled just like new remember the ecology.

You’ll face a water or a drink mother all our help it’s very elementary gather up those empty. Hands give them all a second chance to make the future bright for me of you. When you and you and you and you and you boys and girls you again to recycle a tree dance cleaning up the earth is a big job. But together we can can.