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Claude Denis yeah welcome to smarter cineast and hope you’re having a. Great day thank you my first day at six busy so you’re very very good my name is claude shoke I’m the regional manager for veem in Middle East and Central. Africa recently moved here from South Africa so a very new experience for me and an enjoyable experience VIN was born we’ve been around for the last sort of 12. Years and we started off generally as a virtualization company in the mid market space if you have a look at our basket of goods over the. Last year specific last 12 to 18 months we’ve really evolved into.

The enterprise space whereby we have a lot more products that address. The enterprise some of them are of physical nature so we were with the.

Cloud computing, Veeam Software, Information technologyLeaders in the virtualization space lots of our customers had asked us about you know protecting their physical environments so now we present protect windows linux solaris and irx environments as well. As endpoints office365 so you see that the basket of goods and the basket that we dress at customers is getting bigger and bigger and hence why we are going into lot more. Customers and we’re using the mid market to springboard into the enterprise as well so backup is one thing so when we speak. About the five stages of data management backup being the first one which we’ve been doing for a long long time the second one is aggregation now.

Cloud computing, Veeam Software, Information technology Business NewsAggregations it’s interesting one and specifically the CEO Jetix with the advent of. The big players when I say the big players in terms of. Cloud you have the edges and the AWA sirs who are bringing their solutions into the Middle East so for many years the Melissa’s been talking about cloud. And leveraging that cloud now it’s here an aggregation means where you’re going to put that workload to aggregate that workload so you can use. It the next step about your data management is really about visibility visibility of your data where those workloads reside and how you manage them so these very very focused on that. Then the next one we look at is orchestration so being able to orchestrate your your data your.

Cloud computing, Veeam Software, Information technology NewsDr scenarios if in event of failure so that needs to be automated. It needs to be tested Marling to get data self-learning. Where it should sit where it should be backed up and where it should be managed that’s really the five steps at. Vinz focusing the last one is the automation piece and we’re not there yet.

That’s what we’re working towards the first four stages are in place and we have a vision for the fifth one research. Which is automation whereby the date will start to self learn. Where it needs to reside hard needs to be protected and when it’ll be accessed we all start to put in place things that start to learn how the data is behaving with the advent. Of ransomware in the industry you know that’s that’s an important step to understand what is the data doing how is it behaving who’s accessing it and making sure that. We can move that data before anything happens to it if we look at.

Data and data is your IP data is your business so it’s not. Complicated so beans very uncomplicated in terms of how we address data how we restore data how we backup data so although you know the five steps may seem seem long it’s very very.

Very simplistic very very very short and it’s not complicated at all whether it’s SMB or whether it’s Enterprise if you look at if you look at the Middle. East we’ve got in excess of 4,000 customers if we look at them as a business worldwide we growing. 4,000 customers every month so we are growing organization if we look at the Middle East we grew 63 percent year-on-year last year to this. Year so a lot of traction across the enterprise across the mid-market as well we’re just a software company but definitely on-premise that’s how we started we then obviously. We can move your workloads to any cloud infrastructure so January customers have a backup on site and then we we. Normally say move on off-site June in the old in the old days people used to put that.

On to type and move that off-site these days we. Advocating moving the data to the to the cloud and that workload can reside in any cloud we support every single cloud across across any platform and that’s important for customers. Why because you want to have be able to access it data quickly in the old days if you had a failure you’d have to call for. A tape which is off-site that is lengthy it takes a long time to recover or a long time to analyze analyze data data from last year and.

Two years ago might be valuable to a new campaign that business wants to invest in being able to access that data very very quickly from a. Cloud perspective is you know that’s what agility is what business is about. Digital transformation is the age of business I always talk about the new age businesses we all know the new age businesses of. Uber and airbnb if you think of them entering in a market if they sit around a boardroom table and they choose a country tune to go into that it’s very very quick for. Them they just enable the application and there are in. Business so they can they can move into new markets very very quickly the.

Flip side of that if they understand it’s not producing the profits they need all they do switch off the application and. Move on and invest in a territory where it makes the money all businesses are looking to evolve into that type of business that’s the age of digital transformation a. Big thing in the Middle East I’ve come from from from the African continent where the cloud business is growing extensively the trust. Factors there because they had data centers in in house or in country I think we’ll see a big explosion of cloud in.

The region why exactly that the trust factor for me a simplistic view is if I can’t take if if you are hosting. My data and if I can’t put disks in my car and draft your data center and say give me my data I won’t feel. Comfortable with the advent of data and with of cloud providers coming in country that level of Security’s there and their trust is then built.