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Our 200 year history is a story of innovation popular global brands. And the indispensable role that people play in making a great company. Successful it begins in the early 1800s with an Englishman William Colgate who believed he could bring innovation to the business of making and selling soap at the time most soap was still made in. The home and what soap was commercially made was sold in bulk crates and barrels in 1806 William at the age of just 22 opened a business at six Dutch Street in.

New York City from the beginning he insisted on conducting his business with the utmost integrity and a deep commitment to improving the lives of. People soon he was selling his soap in pre-measured bars often delivering it to the customers home very creative marketing for. The time to meet rapidly-expanding demand for its soap starch and candles the firm moved and expanded its production facilities across the Hudson River in a New Jersey City Factory under the. Leadership of William Colgate son Samuel Colgate and company began producing perfume essences and introduced the first perfume soaps the. Most famous of which was cashmere bouquet it later became one.

Darlie, Toothpaste, Colgate-Palmolive, ColgateOf the company’s first global product successes in the last few decades. Of the century there was a growing interest in personal care products which set the stage for the.

Darlie, Toothpaste, Colgate-Palmolive, Colgate Business NewsIntroduction of tooth powders and Colgate dental cream first sold in jars in 1896 Colgate. Was one of the first to package dental cream and collapsible tubes at.

Darlie, Toothpaste, Colgate-Palmolive, Colgate NewsThe turn of the century Colgate and company was marketing. More than eight hundred products 160 different toilet soaps laundry. Soaps perfumes and other scented personal care products in 1906 as we celebrated our 100th anniversary it was evident that. Our heritage for innovation strong brands and the essential role of Colgate people in our continued success was well established.

And growing in his remarks then President Richard Morse Colgate expressed his pride in the company’s. Unique reputation there have been revolutionary inventions and many changes over this past century not the least. Of which are railroads streetcars photography but I’m thankful to say one thing has not changed that is the old-fashioned honest methods of doing business with integrity that was so. Important to our founder and my grandfather William Colgate and I might add his strongly held notion that our people are.

The future of this company in 1908 after 102 years of family ownership Colgate became a publicly owned company a short time later we begin our long term. Commitment to all care education with a major instruction program in US schools that featured free toothpaste and brushes. And lessons conducted by dental hygienists two years later the company’s executive offices moved to. The Jersey City facility where the famous Colgate Clock the largest in the world would become a familiar landmark for the. Next eight decades in 1928 we merged with another well-known soap company Palmolive Pete it was itself the result of a merger. Between Pete brothers company and the Palmolive company named after its.

Very popular Palmolive soap which contained two innovative ingredients palm and olive oil our progress toward becoming a global company began during this period the first Colgate international subsidiary. Was Canada and in the years just before and after the Palmolive peak. Merger we added major operations in the South Pacific and Asia all across Europe throughout Latin America and in Africa over the decades. In all these regions our brands became a familiar part of life for local consumers these businesses and the Colgate people who. Built them became the foundation for our unique global strengths during the decades following the Second World War we entered the age of modern consumer products marketing. And advertising the pace of global business was picking up Colgate and soon we became known for our creative.

Use of an exciting new medium television both in the US and around the world our present corporate name colgate-palmolive company was adopted in 1953 three years later new. Headquarters for the corporation and the US company were established. At 300 Park Avenue in New York in 1962 we opened a state-of-the-art global research center. In Piscataway New Jersey and the pace of new product innovation increased we’ll use Colgate with MFP fluoride MFP. 4mf people all right in 1976 Colgate acquired Hills pet nutrition a company with its own rich and caring.

Heritage in the late 1930s dr. mark elmora senior a true pioneer in the veterinary profession made a major breakthrough in the science of clinical nutrition for pets for more than. Six decades since then Hills has advanced dr. Morris’s vision with an unequaled series of pet nutrition innovations in the mid-1980s we. Embarked on a strategy to become the best truly global consumer.

Products company by focusing on our core categories oral care personal care home care. And pet nutrition a key aspect of the strategy was developing the unique capabilities of Colgate people throughout the world we developed a comprehensive global. Training program that addresses every functional aspect of our business our core.

Values of caring continuous improvement and global teamwork a deep commitment to business integrity and mutual respect for all Colgate people the Chairman’s. You can make a difference program celebrates these values and recognizes the outstanding innovations and.

Achievements of Colgate people all around the world the introduction of new products continue is bounnam apropos axiom crema. Else crea gama’s this was also a period of key acquisitions.

To enhance our global strengths for example in 1985 we entered a joint venture with Holly and hazel a leading Hong Kong oral care company which added strength and key Asian markets. Soft soap which started us on the path to global leadership in liquid soap when menon another company with a rich heritage became part of Colgate we gained some of.

The world’s leading deodorant and antiperspirant brands the purchase of oral care giant Colinas in Brazil the largest acquisition in our history made a huge contribution to our global leadership in. Oral care and most recently the addition of GABA a highly respected European oral. Care company based in Switzerland further strengthened our worldwide position as the oral care leader during. This period our commitment to oral care education expanded to become a true global initiative. And today it reaches over 50 million children annually other long-term programs like Mexico’s estrellas Colgate the Colgate women’s games our support for South Africa’s calebkappa health train and our many contributions to.

The global dental profession have continued to demonstrate how Colgate people care all around the world in 1990 as dramatic. Political change resulted in the formation of many new market economies we.

Began rapidly opening new subsidiaries across Eastern Europe and the newly emerging markets of Russia China Cambodia and Vietnam all together almost two billion. New consumers could now enjoy our products during the last decade we have perfected our ability to rapidly roll out innovative new products around the globe including. Colgate Total and many other new concepts now as we enter our third century our journey continues we have become that truly global company doing business in over 220 countries successfully using innovation world-class brands. And our talented Colgate people on the ground all over the world to drive our global growth this was the foundation for our success in the first 200 years and it will be the foundation. That sustains that success wherever the journey takes us next you.