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Now in the USA President Trump has announced that he wants a temporary ban on all immigration into the country president said that the move which is expected to. Provoke legal challenges was needed to protect American jobs during this pandemic New York in particular has been. Hit hard by the effects of coronavirus thousands of people have died and the city’s immigrant communities have suffered more than most lives in. New York and our correspondent Nick Brandt America is an immigrant nation. Hue so even a temporary ban on immigration would be an extraordinary move and critics of Donald Trump is saying it’s less about protecting the US economy and more about boosting his. Chances of re-election in November four years ago a tough stance on immigration helped him reach.

The White House it is immigrant communities that have been devastated by the virus and the economic fallout we’ve seen. That for ourselves in the New York borough of Queens in a city of ambition in a city of abundance a scene that looks. Like a throwback to the days of the Great Depression these people were queuing for food handouts the length of the line a measure of the desperation every person has a. Story of need almost all that economic victims of kovat 19 only a few weeks ago restaurant workers cleaners laborers now thrown out of work Alfredo marina was laid off last month we. Have a little bit money save so we’re trying to survive with that well you know when do you think.

Donald Trump, Immigration, Immigration to the United StatesThat money will run out yeah we don’t know yeah I mean we talked with our landlord to see what we’re gonna do this mom I don’t know. How we’re gonna survive but even in this time of crisis meri Batista spoke of a civic and national pride we’re a nation where we. Support each other and you’ve seen the tremendous um the abundance of support you know I know well the Americans and I’m glad to be a New.

Donald Trump, Immigration, Immigration to the United States Business NewsYorker you know and God bless america and these are the meager food. Packages they spent hours queuing for a sandwich some apple sauce in this the. Land of plenty from Queens you can see the residential skyscrapers of billionaires row in Manhattan but these neighborhoods are part of another America one that’s been ground zero in New. York’s outbreak one that’s the home to the hardest hit public hospital here a mother and daughter had to wave up at.

Donald Trump, Immigration, Immigration to the United States NewsThe windows to their husband and father his birthday spent. In covent isolation on its doorstep is a neighborhood called Corona heavily populated by immigrants who don’t have the luxury a teller working from home people pursuing American dreams that are being. Crushed by this global contagion the corona virus crisis has really held up a mirror to income inequality. In America and especially New York many of the richest people simply.

Fled this city early on and headed to their coastal and. Country retreats that was not an option for the poor many people here live in multi-generational households in overcrowded housing and. The lower your income the harder it is to be socially distant with Latino and black residents dying at. Twice the rate of white New Yorkers in the local counselor Francisco Moya says the corona virus. Has revealed a Tale of Two Cities a lot of the Latino community.

In the poor community are living tend to in one-bedroom apartments when you think of New York City you’re accustomed to thinking of these luxury condos and high-rises throughout the city but you have to. Come out to the outer boroughs and see how the. Working class and the poor have in this crisis of need New York’s iconic yellow cabs have been drafted. In to deliver eggs one back Eid family taxi drivers have become caregivers handing out meals to people who can’t leave their. Homes New York believes it’s past the peak of its coronavirus outbreak but it’s still in the depths of this economic disaster NIC Brandt BBC News Queens our family. Lawyers say that some parents who are separated are exploiting the lockdown to try to limit access to their children but parents who do this could be facing legal action the head of.

The family courts in England and Wales Sir Andrew McFarlane. Says the children should continue to spend time with both parents as long as everyone is healthy our correspondent Frank Kameny has the story I’m coming home to an empty house on my own. It’s quite a lonely place to be and then you’re not hearing from the one person that you really want to see Alex whose identity. We’re protecting is a key worker on the day the UK went into lockdown the mother of his child restricted contact with his son despite court orders stipulating.

Otherwise the most things I miss is actually just physically seeing him. In front of me the big thing is just to be able to hold your child’s hand Alec says his partner used his key worker. Position against him stating he’s at high risk of catching and spreading the disease current guidance states that if parents live in separate households. Then children under the age of 18 can be moved from one parent’s home to. The other after the parents have had a reasonable discussion. To make sure the children are not being put at risk but there are.

Many families where the relationship and the trust has completely broken down. Those families will often seek out legal representation some working in the profession say they’ve been overwhelmed with calls for clarification and witnessed parents abusing the system. Unfortunately in high conflict cases where parents are not communicating then any excuse I’m afraid to change contact arrangements can be yeast and the coronavirus sadly seems to be providing parents with.

A reason to prevent contact happening what parents really need at the moment. Is clear rules and when they should and shouldn’t be changing child arrangements can you. Move your children between the two households well it’s very very. Difficult but no you should not the cabinet Minister Michael Gove added to the confusion by performing a high-speed u-turn during a round of interviews at the start of lockdown those under. The age of 18 children under the age of 18 can see both parents a senior family judge says if both parents are healthy contact should continue if the parents are acting in.

A cynical and opportunistic manner then that’s wrong and the courts will regard it as wrong. And where contact has been stopped if in a later. Day when there’ll be a day of reckoning in court that seemed to be unjustified then parents can expect the course to.

Take action about it so what would you say to those families who are trying to abuse the system don’t looked at. The child’s welfare you’ve got to go the extra mile do something that you don’t feel you want to. Do but do it for the sake of your child. Alex hopes he’ll be able to take his son for a walk soon but now all visits are canceled Frankie McCauley BBC news.