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There’s no panacea to the pandemic right now although we’re closer to a treatment but how much hope can we put in old. Drugs now I got to tell you I watched the first dosage and don’t believe I’ve ever prayed over a medical procedure as hard as. How prayed over that thirty minutes hoping that this was in fact going to be helpful to. Me and prove that it can be helpful for others we welcome the recent data and the randomized control trial that has been done in. The United States and there’s signals of hope there for the potential use of the drug it’s not a game-changer it doesn’t change the fact that we have a terrible.

Pandemic the search for a covert 19 cure walks a fine line between the urgency of finding a drug and the long process of testing if it does more good than harm. I bet for zulan welcome we’re not going to get a new wonder drug for covert 19 anytime soon but old treatments for other diseases are in trials and could be repurposed we’ll talk to. A pharmacologist about that in a moment first look at some of the candidates Renda severe la rambla mAb LaPenta vir ritonavir chloroquine hydroxychloroquine just. Some of the many medications currently being tested as treatments for kovin 19 what they all have in common is that they were originally developed to treat other diseases as yet there are. No reliable studies demonstrating safety and efficacy against Ovid 19 yet politicians such as Donald Trump are hailing them. As breakthroughs in treatment let’s take a closer look at chloroquine a product developed.

Hand sanitizer, Virus, Antiviral drug, Food and Drug AdministrationDecades ago by German pharma company buyer to treat malaria the company in fact discontinued the sale of the product last year but now clinical trials investigating its use against the new corona. Virus are producing promising results however while studies in China indicated inhibits the reproduction of the virus others are identifying. Dangerous side effects in patients such as heart problems the related medication hydroxychloroquine can actually. Increase the risk of sudden death combination medicine LaPenta via ritonavir this was first developed to treat HIV and has been prescribed to children over to as well. As adults clinical studies show it’s highly effective as an antiviral but a recent study with kovat 19 patients proved disappointing. Researchers believe the patients were treated too late and given too low a dose REM de severe meanwhile is hailed by many as the most promising treatment for kovat 19 us pharmaceuticals company.

Hand sanitizer, Virus, Antiviral drug, Food and Drug Administration Business NewsGilead originally developed the drug to fight Ebola it ultimately proved inferior to other drugs tested but now clinical trials show that it can. Reduce the impact of the kovat 19 disease in some patients cutting recovery time from 15 to 11 days and the mortality rate from 11 point six to eight percent in study participants but.

Hand sanitizer, Virus, Antiviral drug, Food and Drug Administration NewsAnother study conducted in China failed to identify a reduced mortality rate still the US Food and Drug Administration the. FDA is allowing emergency use of remedy severe to treat severely ill patients Detlef.

Canton is president of the World Health Summit he’s also a pharmacologist thank you very much for joining us. This is like a little trip to the chemist for me let’s start with REM des aveer would you prescribe that to me yes it’s being described and it has. Been effective in Ebola and it’s one of the drugs.

Which be used now for the corona virus but the data so far are not. That convincing so there is still discussion whether there are other drugs which might be more effective that is. Why they are comparative trials now going on to compare. Various drugs and indeed develop standards what are some of the other drugs that were developed for other diseases like remdim a severe one its antiviral drugs like loopy no beer. And retina meal and it’s antiviral drugs and there are anti malarial drugs so there’s a. Whole variety of different drugs being tested and there are two major trials going on.

In the world now to compare the various trucks that’s the devil yo show solidarity trial and the Oxford recovery trial and there. Are other smaller trials going on odds in our country the charity is coordinating some trials between all the German universities so they still uncertainty which. Drug really is superior to the other one how problematic is that the one drug can’t treat all symptoms of kovat 19 well it is problematic.

Because if you have a patient you don’t really know what to do and everybody tries the best and they observe the patient and it. Help serve the symptoms but there is no standard recommendation so far tell me trials take forever the drug. Needs to be safe is is all that out the window. Now one of these drugs have been tested and they are safe for their primary. Indication so when pcbm was tested for Ebola and it is safe and it’s being used worldwide the same is.

For the antiviral drugs of other kinds but they are not being sufficiently tested for the coronavirus and and Kovach 19 and. That is still going on but that is in a way not so surprising because this came upon. Us by surprise and it takes time to develop these world standards on drug treatment a lot of people will argue that we’ve been warned about this for a long time but. You you spoke about the global cooperations that are going on at the moment by the. W-h-o by the University of Oxford those sorts of trials that are shared around the globe are they one way of fast tracking this process well these are drugs which are on the market already.

So in a way it’s comparative fires they don’t you don’t need new regulatory procedures to to use them so they’re there they’re on the market and they can used and. It’s just the indication the new indication but you have to be aware of the fact that an infected person with the corner virus is a different stages some have very little symptoms some. Are very heavy symptoms some on artificial respiration so there again there’s a diversity of patients which need to be treated and it’s not so easy to form groups and then test each truck. At each stage of a patient sit on a patient situation. So it’s it’s it’s not easy pharmacologically to really give an develop standards and recommendations worldwide and although it’s not a total success I’m told some of these drugs do. Minimize the time people spend in hospital which is one of the biggest burdens in this crisis is in getting enough hospital beds.

Yeah in order to – if there’s work about corporation and get as many patients as possible into standardized protocols and then test them that’s the best way to save time and to. Come up with as fast as possible with the recommendations. Necessary in the meantime these drugs are being used and and the results have been reported so. So we we gain experience as we treat pharmacologist and president of the World Health Summit death of Canton thank you it’s my pleasure thank you now to your questions on the corona. Virus is our science correspondent derrick williams how long could this.

Virus last in your refrigerator at home I couldn’t find any new studies addressing this question although I’m sure. That research into it is ongoing but I did dig up one that looked at the reaction to temperature in the virus. That causes SARS which is a close relative of the new corona virus what that work showed was that SARS actually likes it when it’s cold and.

Dry at 4 degrees Celsius which is a temperature that’s similar to that in an average refrigerator it was able. To survive for up to 4 weeks and was inactivated much more quickly at warmer temperatures now that’s no guarantee that the new corona virus will respond in exactly.

The same way but it seems pretty plausible that it won’t mind the cold and a refrigerator really much at all still before you go and start scrubbing. Your fridge out with bleach don’t forget that there’s still been no confirmed reports of transmission of. SARS Cove to through food so it seems pretty unlikely that you would get it from your refrigerator does antibacterial gel do anything against a virus like ovid 19 there are. Many different kinds of antimicrobial hand sanitizer products out there those. That contain 60% or more alcohol are good at killing both bacteria and viruses like SARS co2 the alcohol breaks down the fatty membranes that enclose both types of microbes but.

Some antimicrobial products rely on on other compounds to kill potential pathogens instead and although they can be. Sold commercially it’s not clear if there is effective against the new corona virus as an alcohol-based sanitizer would be a recent study says they aren’t based on that research the American Centers for. Disease Control have warned that those non alcohol-based products might be less reliable so it’s worth reading the label done just keep. In mind that even if it only says antibacterial if sanitizer contains more than 60% alcohol then it’ll kill SARS co2 as well if you get. Covered 19 and have pre-existing conditions like hypertension or diabetes should you stop taking your medicine for those conditions there are still no clear or direct.

Links between specific medications and worse outcomes if you contract kovat 19 although there is a huge amount of speculation and conflicting advice on the internet I found a number of studies and non. Peer-reviewed publications claiming to show risks but I also found a few others that show none when. It came to this topic however pretty much every reliable healthcare source. That I found did agree on one thing they all said if you take medication for. Pre-existing conditions don’t ever stop taking it before consulting with your physician that’s because the consequences of stopping a regular medicine from. One day to the next can be very severe or even deadly so please don’t make a decision like that on your.

Own talk to your doctor beforehand.