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So India has banned 59 applications with Chinese links including. Hugely popular tick-tock and the UC browser as well saying that they were prejudicial to sovereignity integrity security of the country the ban which. Comes in the backdrop of the current standoff along the LA Sea in Ladakh with the Chinese troops it is.

Also applicable on other applications which have Chinese links in them we have uncle joining us from the Mumbai. Newsroom and as of now the statement that has just been given out to by tic-tock is contradictory. To many of the claims that it seems to be making uncle help us explain when. It comes to a Chinese company or Chinese applicant application and its. Operations that are run in India being one of the biggest markets that tik-tok users especially. If we talk about has and what really does the statement indicate I write Amita it actually touches upon all aspects of what you’ve just said probably the most important two words in tic-tock statement.

India, TikTok, ChinaIs that they refer to this as an interim order this decision by the Government of India to ban 59 apps they are viewing it as something that is interim they have been asked to. Explain that position which they say that they are going to do but along with that they go on to really tout themselves a lot in terms of their impact on the. Indian internet they say that they have democratized the internet by making it available in. 14 Indian languages in another active portion of their statement now the that just goes to show how big a market India is. For tik-tok and if you compound this 59 times you figure out how big a market it is for Chinese internet companies the van. Anh tic-tock appears to have hit home because this statement has come just I think I would say about an hour after.

India, TikTok, China Business NewsTick tock went down from the Play Store so tick-tock can no longer be downloaded on the Indian internet only people who still have the app on. Their phone and already download downloaded it before can access it but that universe is growing going to grow a far smaller I think as time goes on as the band comes. Into effect fully so in its statement tick-tock is also very painstakingly it is trying to say that it does not share any of its users data with any government especially the. Chinese government it has gone on to name the Chinese government. Directly but that is a statement that needs to of. Course be taken with a pinch of salt because we’ve seen in China’s case with many companies not only tik-tok we’re suspicious things have been found about in relation.

India, TikTok, China NewsTo privacy there is a very famous electronics hardware manufacturer which is currently under the. Global lens because there were there were findings that it may have hardware that compromises users security and privacy chai apps are I feel a much easier to tamper with in. That case it depends a lot of the time on where your data centers are.

And the nature of how China deals with the internet is that the Internet is available to it to do. As it wishes to if it wants it can block other countries internet applications from being used on its soil but. It treats the Internet as those it is some sort.

Of fiefdom of its own so really speaking we needn’t take everything that tik-tok has said to be too. Mean precisely what it claims to be saying there may be a lot more to it and.

It is definitely trying to sidestep what looks to be a very uncertain future for it in India well uncle because helpers understand when. It comes to the servers and how people can access it from VPN because we were showing and you. Also were showing that people cannot now no longer access it on the iOS or on their Android phones on the Play stores abut what happens to people if they try to. Access it from the Virtual Private Networks many of those applications that they may have uninstalled for now but their accounts continue to remain active actually you know if I may just split spin the.

Argument on its head perhaps it is a good idea for people to be able to access their accounts for a limited period on VPN or via any other. Means specially if they already have the app installed because then they needn’t lose out on their. Own data for instance if I have a tick tock app and if I have a tick tock account I can very quickly download all my content of my tick tock accounts. So that all of it is saved it is no big secret. That tick tock is one among numerous such applications it. Is perhaps the most popular but there are a number of India made applications that are ready-made substitutes per tick tock in fact right now on Republic world we have a substitute an Indian made.

Substitute for each of the 59 apps that have been taken down because of their Chinese origin because they pose a. Threat to India you can go to all the viewers can go to Republic right now and if they want they can reduce the list of 59 India. Made applications that can swap each of the 59 Chinese applications so for a tick tock user if you are worried that now you will not have access to your old videos. Anymore do not worry you can quickly download it and you can find an alternative and you can use that that is perhaps something that is good in this case and.

Eventually tick tock will no longer be available it will become harder and harder. This is just the start the list of applications that have. Been banned that include hello like camp scanner LIGO video me video call xiaomi clash of kings camp scanner and Club Factory and Sheen now okay especially when it comes to the market that. They kind of cater to is a lot of the young generation especially you. Have beauty applications fashion applications tick stalkers who would want to call themselves as tick tock.

Stars something that impacts them on their livelihood as well if you can also tell. Us because around 19 million users it’s a Chinese application but the majority of the users are Indians precisely they are young and impressionable that is another reason. That perhaps they need to be protected a little bit but in. This case they do certainly on their livelihoods but it’s not a novel innovation of China’s the model is pretty much available across a different platforms it’s just that. Tick tock was the most popular among them and also a tick. Tock because of its origin and because of the company that is bankrolling it I had.

A bit of an advantage because it was the largest player it could possibly bully some of the smaller ones and hamper their growth so Indian companies did suffer homegrown Indian app. Makers did have a tall mountain to climb while competing with tik tok and now this has been removed from their way so I expect. Free reign a little bit and definitely a more fair playing field for Indian Africa’s as well in. This regard so on the longer run there may be more positive ramifications as well.