Jeep Cherokee, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Product recall

Channel 2 Action News investigates there are nearly 600,000 Jeep Cherokees on the road right now with gas tanks that are mounted and just behind. The rear bumper channel twos consumer investigator Jim Strickland is warning of a newly. Discovered danger involving those tanks and Jim some drivers got notified it turns out more than a million others did not chavita.

That’s right you see them on the road all over in fact I park next to this one each morning right here at channel 2 it’s an older Cherokee with a. Gas tank that’s mounted so that it’s exposed in a rear-end collision now this lawsuit says the tank is only. Part of a dangerous and sometimes deadly problem it was last July in Cobb County a rear-end crash that sets a Jeep Cherokee ablaze. It’s not kind of clear Sam I supposed to die.

Jeep Cherokee, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Product recallBut 32 year old Erica’s Cannavino did die a lawsuit says she burned alive because of the gas tank on her 1996 Cherokee. And because of the aftermarket trailer hitch mounted only inches away. These aftermarket trailer hitches can make a bad situation disastrous attorney Chris Glover showed me the scan of.

Jeep Cherokee, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Product recall Business NewsVino Jeep the trailer hitch fits multiple models two bolts that lock the fit in place protrude toward the gas tank glover found two holes where the bolts punctured the tank on impact. One of them has the bolt threads melted right in is that smoking down evidence as far as you’re concerned it’s absolutely smoking on evidence it’s been five years since Fiat Chrysler recalled 1.5.

Jeep Cherokee, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Product recall NewsMillion jeep grand cherokees and Jeep liberties ironically to install an original equipment trailer hitch to protect the tank pre installed aftermarket hitches would. Be inspected for any evidence of sharp edges or puncture risk that.

Is exactly what they’re supposed to be looking for but federal regulators decided that 1.2 million Cherokees were. No riskier than comparable models from other car makers the cherokee got a recall reprieve and drivers.

Got no trailer hitch inspections and no recall notice erika scan Aveeno died because she didn’t get that information fiat-chrysler sent me. The cherokee owner’s manual it recommends using jeeps own hitch specifically engineered for the possibility that it will be involved in. An accident it warns other hitches may not have been so engineered this is an aftermarket hitch on a 2000 Jeep Cherokee annamaria Pina was driving. It it’s been six years the babies are strong they feel when you hear Chrysler say that the Cherokee does not have a defect with its gas tank how do you feel my face derald. The fact that the Jeep Cherokee is exempt is craziness if they have a trailer hitch or not I look at them and I think they’re ticking time. Bombs it was a Jeep Cherokee that exploded in a rear-end crash on the Downtown Connector in 2001 a family of three was killed aftermath pictures do.

Not show nor does the paperwork mention a trailer hitch we don’t know whether piƱas trailer hitch had any protrusions the investigation was never. Complete fiat-chrysler got her lawsuit thrown out on a technicality miss Pina cannot afford.

The additional surgery she needs she’s hoping a GoFundMe page will help Chrysler sent us a statement saying that the entire design of the Jeep Cherokee including the. Gas tank met or exceeded all federal safety standards Jovita so we know these cars are. Still out there Jim what can any of these affected Cherokee drivers do to try to stay safe every day well if you drive one you you yourself well your mechanic ought to get underneath.

And if you’ve got an aftermarket trailer hitch look to see if anything is protruding toward the tank if there is. Take the hitch off or replace it with a jeep OM original equipment manufactured trailer hitch now one Cobb prosecutor told me when he sees something. Like this an exposed gas tank he steers clear the driver who hit Erica’s Cannavino could not steer clear a tee development in that investigation is our angle. All new at six Jovian all right we will see you again at six o’clock Jim thank you.