Juneteenth, Detroit

What’s going on a fat man with a plate this is our ninth year celebrating Jews in Detroit festival this is our third. Year Maharis park we’ve used about a half a dozen parks around the city sometimes we have to adopt them and mow the lawns ourselves you know we’ve done that in the past we. Began having a dance contest for the young ones right at Soul Train line for the young was looking at all their new dances gave up trophies there and then what. You just seen was our famous relay race right it’s my favorite thing it tires I’m out.

Real good going up and down in the Harris Park Hill we’re giving our trophies for everything we usually go and get prizes from. Stores and stuff like that but we thought we’d switch it up and give them something they could just sit in at Meijer you know I’m saying and something that says Juneteenth. Detroit festival owner so they remember and look forward to coming back next year later on team Chucky and friends a really popular car club is going to show up. We are presenting a few elders in our community who have been not only donating to us but looking out in their own way when. It comes to community work we’re presenting them with plaques and trophies and this year on the precipice of our 10th anniversary I just make sure those who are supporter doesn’t know.

Juneteenth, DetroitWe appreciate but okay so imagine no cell phones no internet no no phone phones right and slavery is over slavery it’s been emancipated the slaves can be let go. But you live in Texas right so you know nothing about it no one’s told you anything you. Have to wait until like a free slave walks down the street and you like me anybody get in the house he likely free they didn’t know that in Texas.

Juneteenth, Detroit Business NewsIt took a full two years after slavery slaves were emancipated before they. Let their slaves go so kong gave me a call and basically he asked me could. I donate to the event i told him yet and at first all he asked me for was the tables of. Tears I knew that kids were coming out here when. They each other so I thought it might be smart to bring the box. And so but at the same time I want to.

Juneteenth, Detroit NewsGive back and so this is what we do like we. Were remembering where we come from we remember the struggles that we went through and so it’s all about community and giving back you just can’t take away from community so that’s what I. Do I love this event we have so many different people out here. We have it’s a family-oriented event and I have my family here as well and music vendors food what else can you ask for and the weather’s beautiful. It’s great we’re celebrating our heritage in and where we came from and it’s just a great celebration and I’m just excited about it to be a part I love I love the part that. All the people are coming together I love all the beautiful people of.

All different colors all out here coming together for one specific reason in one specific motive and that’s to celebrate. June team so it’s beautiful all the vendors that came on everybody that donated their time patience and.

Energy to make this event happen so.