Metrocenter, Phoenix, Orthocoronavirinae, Arizona

Hello ever’one and welcome to a very special Christmas episode of retail archeology today we’ll be taking a look at Metro Center Mall it’s been a. While since I’ve been here so I figured it was time for an.

Update video as I heard things were much worse and before we get too far. Into the video I do want to mention the music for today’s episode you may have noticed a little text pop. Up down there in the corner well that’s the artist and track that you’re currently listening to. And all of the music in this episode is from the album oh come all ye.

Metrocenter, Phoenix, Orthocoronavirinae, ArizonaFaithful from Pacific Plaza Records and strudel soft it features 18 tracks of holiday cheer. From a ton of different vaporwave artists you’ve got Dan Mason on there Tupper Wave. And Carter 95 which is one of my personal favorites so definitely check it out. I’ll put a link down in the description below to. The album now this footage was filmed on Sunday December 15th between 1:00 and 2:30 in the afternoon and the reason I wanted. To come to Metro Center Mall was I looked up on the internet to.

Metrocenter, Phoenix, Orthocoronavirinae, Arizona Business NewsSee if they were decorating for Christmas and it turns out they were and visiting a dead mall is eerie on its own but visiting a dead mall that’s decorated. For Christmas during prime Christmas season is really something else there’s just something really strange about the juxtaposition of a really cheery holiday.

Metrocenter, Phoenix, Orthocoronavirinae, Arizona NewsWreath and then right below it broken down escalators now here’s their main Christmas centerpiece you. Can see there a tree there in the middle and they’ve got a couple of light-up penguins and some dead trees with lights on them.

And a bunch of this fake snow stuff all over the ground it’s a decent. Enough Christmas display now normally in this part of a mall where they have this kind of display set up is where you would see Santa. And take pictures with Santa well this year they didn’t have Santa Claus at Metrocenter Mall this. Is a pretty decent-sized tree though it goes all the. Way up to the second balcony and I like where they put it right below that skylight now instead of Santa they just.

Had like a chair set up in front of the tree and they had these photography people here with this camera machine that looked like it was run off an. IPad and they would just take your picture for you you can kind of pose and of course mark came dressed for the occasion I love that jacket he’s wearing and tie and. Here’s the picture that mark got they actually text it to.

Your phone that’s a great memento to have happy holidays for a Metro Center Mall I did notice there’s a couple of churches that have popped up. I’m pretty sure this is a church there’s no sign on top but I can see that they have like pictures on the wall and a cross configuration you can see way off in.

The distance there they’ve got some Christmas lights hanging down from the ceiling but wow is this small Ted there is really not any foot traffic here at all for a Christmas shopping season. This holiday wreath is hanging right in front of the recently closed Sears this is probably the darkest wing of them all but.

It’s just crazy to see Christmas decorations and I’m trying to make things really cheerful and happy and everything but things are not cheerful for this mall at. All it’s really kind of sad because the small is a landmark it’s it’s actually kind of famous I’ve mentioned in previous videos on the small that it.

Was the filming location for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure this is actually San Dimas Mall there are a few people lingering around though I do love the. Elevators at the small also let’s go ahead and head up to the second floor and I think there we used to be a. Fountain right in front of this elevator it looks like that’s been all. Taken out now though at least the elevators work really well here there’s a shot of the Sears again 20-19. Has been a really exciting year for the retail archeology channel we’re now just almost at 82 thousand subscribers which is just absolutely amazing. To me and I have to thank you all for subscribing and sticking around.

With the channel I’ve had a ton of fun this year I do have a lot of. Exciting videos planned for 2020 that I think you’re all really going to enjoy it’s kind of crazy to say that 2020 it’s to me that’s that’s the future it’s gonna be. The future and you know a couple of weeks who’d have thought Metro. Center Mall or San Dimas mall or have you want to look at it would look like this in 2020 I’ve recently done a lot of. Filming out of state so that’d be a lot of videos coming soon from Southern California as well as Las Vegas and of course videos on retailers and the struggles that they’re facing here’s. A shot inside the clothes Sears and if you want to see what.

This place looked like when it was having its liquidation I do have a video covering that now this was a new store since the last time I was here was a. Slot car store and they actually had a slot car track they had a slot cart drag racing which is what we’re looking at here as well as a off-road track for off-road RC cars. You can see there to the right man and those things really take off I I. Really do love the design of this mall I love the skylights and I actually really like the tile that they put in during. The last renovation it would just be nice if there were any working escalators here I’m pretty sure they’re all broken now there.

Are definitely more empty storefronts here than the last time I was here even the anime store that was by the Sears store has now gone which. Is sad because I placed was kind of neat I really do like the reefs they hung up they’re very classic Christmas here’s a look at the. Christmas centerpiece area from above doesn’t seem like that little photo-op area is getting a lot of traffic we only saw one other family using it and then. There was me and Mark that was it now right there in front of us is a former Macy’s and before that it was a Goldwater’s. That’s been closed for a very long time I was surprised to see a charity Christmas Wish tree here fortunate looks like there’s a lot of ornaments left remaining on them it’s kind of.

Sad when you think about it now here’s a shot inside the Macy’s this is actually the second level and I was really happy. To get this because normally it’s very dark in here and this is the food court and we’ve actually headed over here to grab something to eat and. We were shocked to find that everything was closed at 1:30 in the afternoon on a Sunday it was. Just really shocking to see an empty food court now we did find out later on that a few of these places are. Actually open I did some asking around I guess there was some sort of water main issue that affected the whole food court so they had to kind. Of shut everything down for a few days so a few of these places are actually still in business but it was just really interesting to see.

The food court completely empty they for example the pizza via placeit’s across the way over there that is actually open for business now. I believe the Charlie’s steak sandwich place there that Philly. Steaks I think that’s actually just closed for renovations that’s kind of interesting I love this empty spot here.

That with the pictures of the fast-food next to it wish I knew what that was but I love that artwork the subway has been closed for a long time it is a really interesting. Food court though although years and years and years ago there was an ice skating rink below this and then an arcade after that and I. Also do love that they embrace the malls history by having some. Interesting mall facts on each of the tables like this one for example calls out the fact that this was a filming location for Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure I hope. Somebody’s able to save a few of those tables if this small does or you know.

When it closes the things are not looking good here this is. Kind of a seating area over in the food court if you go down that way there’s bathrooms but that guy’s gonna be. Disappointed to find out that the bathrooms are down to they’re broken as well because of the water issue I found that. Out the hard way when I needed to take a leak this is really not how a mall should look right before Christmas the. Weekend before I was actually over a Superstition Springs mall and that’s a mall that’s not doing well recently but it was. Packed as hell on the Sunday that I was there it was actually kind of surprised but.

There’s really not a lot of shopping options left at this. Place so I can see why they’re not attracting a lot of footfall this sign cracked me up I’m surprised it’s still here no strollers. On the escalators I’m gonna harp on it again the escalators have been busted for years here I have to wonder if.

They’re ever gonna run again it doesn’t look like they’re in any sort of hurry to fix them before this video wraps up I. Did want to throw a big thank you out to mark vu drag as well he’s the guy that helps me out he’s the producer of. The retail archaeology Channel and I wouldn’t be able to get all of this filming done without him you’ve seen him pop up a few places here and there.

In the video like I said I really just want to say thank you to him and you’ll see more of him in. The channel as well in 2020 I think we’ll go ahead and wrap up the tour though with a look at a model train here I can’t.

Think of anything more quintessentially Xmas than that so I just want to say Merry Christmas to all of you and I’ll see you in 2020 thanks for watching want to. See your name here head on over to patreon comm slash retail archaeology to find out how you can help support the channel hey everyone thanks for checking out this special. Look at a dead mall during Christmas time if you enjoyed it make sure to hit those like and subscribe buttons and lastly I. Just want to say one more time to everybody Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year and as. Always thanks for watching.