Metrocenter, Phoenix

Hey guys before we get to the video we have some breaking news to share with you so last week we were. In Phoenix and while we were there we stopped by Metro Center Mall to film them all then a week later we hear an announcement that effective June 30th that mall is. Closing forever shocking and sad news for businesses here Metro Center Mall in Phoenix is set to. Close June 30th after 47 years in business one store owner I spoke to says they learned of the closure just yesterday and now they are left scrambling Robles. Says for many of them their livelihood is now completely uprooted Arizona’s family got a hold of the letter sent out.

To tenants yesterday in it the general manager says quote despite our best efforts to bring value back to the mall. Complete maintenance projects and increased foot traffic the drop in our occupancy levels due to the. Cova 19 pandemic can no longer sustain the operation of this large property welcome to aka our 80s live. For we’re all about the 80s and today we are here in. Phoenix Arizona reporting to you from a pretty dead 80’s small so we’re. At Metro Center Mall and a fun fact about this mall is it was actually used in one of our favorite 80s movies this mall.

Metrocenter, PhoenixWas in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure remember the scene when they took all the characters the historical characters they took them to the mall and they. Pretty much destroyed the place so we are making a separate video for the filming locally locations of villain Ted and we will go ahead and link that here and down below as well so. You can take a look at that video but in this. One we’re just going to explore the mall and show you its current. Condition so we’re this hearkens movie theater is there used to be an ice skating rink and sort of see the outline of it where this food court is so I.

Metrocenter, Phoenix Business NewsWould have gone I believe all the way around like this this section of the mall the ice-skating rink is long gone. But you can kind of tell where it used to be.

Metrocenter, Phoenix NewsAnd the anchor store is now our Walmart you all. There’s also a self storage place so there’s actually two storage places and a Dillard’s clearance anymore trip drugs school that’s awesome our. Mall has a motorcycle driving school this mall has a truck driving school look nice little sitting area there it’s bright and sunny they have these really nice skylights all through them. Also it’s really bright pretty tile just not many stores. That are open unfortunately pretty dead okay what did you think about Metro Center mole a little it’s pretty dead yeah I mean they have like the. They have a barber shop it’s cute they have some you know salon that’s a recruiting.

Center yeah there’s a recruiting center for the military there’s the. Truck driving training school there’s some stores but I wanted to go to Bath. And Body Works it wasn’t even open most everything that’s in there just like local stores there’s not really any chain stuff left in there the chain things that were in there were. Closed for the most part yeah yeah we found the food court that was kind of a potential drug deal going on. Down there so that was a little scary argument there is right we’re trying to film right. Where they were at so that was a little scary so VI is it was a.

Little bit dicey a little sketchy but there are some stores still open there and there’s a deal with Dillard’s clearance and the Walmart though. You can’t access it from inside the mall it’s open it’s from the outside so I’m gonna and I thought they.

Had a movie theater but then we never saw it there’s in the first floor you just couldn’t get to from the okay it’s a little confusing. The layouts a little it’s really weird yeah we got semi Long’s and the first floor is different from the second floor of access to different areas yeah yeah it’s different right across. The street there’s a big amusement park which looks kind of fun so it’s an interesting area it’s not so bad around here it’s.

Just but the mall itself is pretty dead well if you’re into dead malls you’re in Phoenix this was worth coming to check out. So hey thanks so much for watching our video today yeah and you guys we have. An a dead mall playlist of other dead malls that we visited all around so we will go ahead and link that. So be sure and check that out don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and in case we don’t see ya good afternoon and good night from Phoenix sight note check out this funky.

Super salads across the street from the mall isn’t that weird.