Milkshake, Burger King

All right Burger King shaking it up cue the intro what is up everyone it is the endorsement and it is time for another review this. Is where I try something and tell you if you shall like it or not that could be very.

Persuasive is this going to be a review is it going to be a public service announcement public service announcement. Take a look at this the straw is bigger than the cup come on Burger King if you’re going to launch these new mini. Milkshakes you should make a straw that is not a double the size of the cup but yeah that is what we are dealing with here. That is a Burger King chocolate shake they offer chocolate vanilla and strawberry for $1 let’s check it out it’s a chocolate.

Milkshake, Burger KingMilkshake it’s chocolatey it’s cold it’s one dollar and it’s nine ounces this is supposed. To start today Monday the sixth I got it a day early today is Sunday the fifth.

Milkshake, Burger King Business NewsIf I tell you any more about this I won’t be able to sleep at night cuz that is basically a mini milk shake so this. Is a public service announcement that is one dollar for a limited time I’m not sure. What else I need to tell you right now I mean I could tell you some more things I could. Give you some more close-ups but I mean come on I.

Milkshake, Burger King NewsMean it’s a mini chocolate milkshake so there you go another video in the books please like comment share and subscribe well so please do not forget to check me out. On Instagram and Twitter that is social media getting the word of my channel out to the masses alright in closing chocolate strawberry vanilla what.

Is your go-to if you had those three choices for a shake that is a mini shake I’m showing you another close up you’re welcome all right bonus footage I’m going to go. Back to back drink reviews I believe unless something else. Pops into the mix but Bojangles right here bow that’s a large are exclusively launching a brand new Mountain Dew flavour so tomorrow you’re going to get the brand new Mountain Dew flavor. From Bo jangles I’ll give you a hint there’s southern in the title so everyone. Out there who knows how to use Google how to use the Internet you’re gonna find out you’ll know what’s coming tomorrow that’s brand new it’s Mountain Dew that rhymes all right I’m.

Done in this video was way too long for a mini shake so I’m out.