Nairoby Quezada, Super Smash Bros.

Hey guys I’m solid chicken i’m here at apex 2014 with the champion of super smash brothers brawl nairo. How’s it going man great I’m feeling so excited so yeah how does it feel to. To take a championship this big really great like I practice practice so hard for this tournament and like I already knew I was going to. Fight like a lot of top layers and I had that up beating and I was.

Nervous about it but I ended up winning he said um what. Did you do to prepare for this event like what was your training like well I unlike me and mew2king we trained by playing computers a lot and we just got. Better because of that so I would play mostly with computers or I would Wi-Fi were anti another top layer and it ended up like working like vs. snake I had to fight. Fatal and I beat him more bad than I ever read them before and I. Would just come home from school I like practice from I once I go back home to sleep pretty much because when you want to do. This so I pretty sure balls going to die for like another month or two and stuff and yeah and I ended up working so if.

Nairoby Quezada, Super Smash Bros.You think brawl is gonna die and the announcements of MLG possibly. Picking the game back up do you think that’ll save the game it can possibly save the game or it will have a lot of entrants for. Sure I believe all right I hope if it does if they do pick up bra back i’m probably go most likely go what do you think. The biggest factor of the game dying is I mean is it because smash 4 is on the horizon that’s one reason and another reason is because players have made made the game kind. Of too campy like I’m not campy at all I mean I if I’m camping everyone knows I’ll take like that’s just like a little breather and then like five seconds later I’ll.

Nairoby Quezada, Super Smash Bros. Business NewsGo back and like in your face so up so you have a more aggressive playstyle than most of them you think the. Game should be played like that it’s more fun but. Like I can understand because like ice climbers is so grab once and if they don’t mess up your. Diet like that’s the only wooden like character that I will like stay back away from but like other characters I met and I did was like so fun because like being. Muta can we just go like in our faces and. Whoever wins wins so here at Apex obviously you won the event were there any players that you were just terrified of at this event like ADHD.

Nairoby Quezada, Super Smash Bros. NewsWas a big name you know II same place very well mew2king is obviously always going. To be a threat and of course zero you facing the finals like who was the most scary I guess it would be MGK zero and Vinny all right in fact pretty much everyone. Because I didn’t want to lose once because I know like losers bracket was like hell so like but Vinny’s like a good friend of mine and we both. Wanted to get top eight but I had to fight.

Him to get into top way so I was I really nerve-racking like set and then mew2king. I haven’t beaten me to gain like the past like four times until now and saying 40 I’ve he beat me three times when he came over last summer and I didn’t beat him once. So like this was like my revenge pretty much any beam yet the last time you beat me was that a national.

Too so I felt pretty happy about beating him that’s pretty great man and sipping a huge accomplishment taking. Event this large and hopefully we see a lot more of you moving forward and MLG if we pick it up of. Course but that being said would you like to give any shoutouts to your fans and supporters or whatnot. Shoutouts to like all the people that supported me here today like those a whole a lot of crowd like cherry especially a guy named. Skies it was supporting me a lot great I like him a lot and yeah that’s it great man well thank you for your time and I hope to see. More of you soon.