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Hello and welcome to this presentation recording the topic of this presentation ethernet/ip overview is part of the benefits of ethan IP seminar series which presented by. Rock automation and members of our partner network the benefits of ether 9p seminar series provides education and technology architectures design considerations and best practices to help our customers design and deploy. A robust secure and future ready Ethernet IP network infrastructure this topic ethan IP overview is ideal for those who are new to the topics of industrial Ethernet or industrial networking in general my name.

Is Gregory Wilcox I am the reference architectures development manager for rock automation and a member of the rock automation Alliance teams to both Cisco Systems and Pam. Doolin before I get started just a few words on some logistics many slides within this presentation contain additional comments with no pages on that slide a good example of notes would be definitions. Of any acronyms or standards referenced on that slide or just additional context to explain the intent of the slide in addition to the notes there are hyperlinks to additional content. Embedded throughout the slide deck as well as additional slides at the end of the slide deck with references to additional information during this presentation.

Network switch, Industry, Cisco Systems, Industrial Ethernet, AnalysisI will introduce the benefits at ethan IP seminar series in position ethan. IP both commercially and technically as the single industrial network technology so let’s get started part of the ethernet/ip seminar series again will educate customers on the technology architectures design guidance and recommendations we’ll cover. The design recommendations developed by ROK automation in our collaboration of partners. To help customers with their network infrastructure convergence both plant-wide as well as site wide network infrastructures well cover what Ethan IP is its capabilities advantages. And how it enables network technology convergence also cover how this helps ensure customer protect their network investments and make sure they are both future ready as well as sustainable again both from a.

Network switch, Industry, Cisco Systems, Industrial Ethernet, Analysis Business NewsPlant-wide as well as site-wide network infrastructure architecture will cover how a thanne IP which is standard and established multi-discipline control information platform supports lean initiatives through better asset utilization. Through common network infrastructures we also cover how this single. Industrial network technology utilizing standard Ethernet and tcp/ip protocol suite enables seamless plant-wide information. Sharing for customers to obtain timely access to key performance indicators as well as improve overall responsiveness this. Is the core principles of the benefits of eight an IP seminar. Series this is a sampling of the current presentation recorded topics this session for right now Ethernet IP overview but also.

Network switch, Industry, Cisco Systems, Industrial Ethernet, Analysis NewsThe follow-up to this is the fundamentals of Ethernet network technology this mainly focuses. On the network technology of ethan IP also the designing the physical layer of Eton IP. Headed up by Pandu and support of my rock automation testing the physical layer for ethan IP both of these are important for robust and networked different structures this.

Is a head-up by fluke Network supported by rock automation but also. Network technology convergence covering the best practices developed by Cisco. And ROK automation design considerations for real-time Ethernet IP formance both from a plant-wide and site wide network. Infrastructure perspective as well as network resiliency and redundant path to apologies for ethan IP fundamentals of securing ethan IP networks as well as. Scalable secure remote access solutions more to come in the future for this particular topic I’ll cut start off with covering industrial network trends what’s going on today where they covered the network. Technology convergence and talk about the collaboration of partners again position Ethernet IP as the single industrial network technology for this multi-disciplined.

Control and information platform and what does that mean cover the OSI reference model and. How Ethernet IP applies to it as far as standards as well as cover network architecture examples for both plant wide and site wide and then finish up by referencing additional information. You’re a reference so in regards to industrial network trends a trend which has actually been happening for a long time so it’s more of a continuous trend in a new trend is. Really customers looking for a broad availability of products to meet their. Applications from a broad availability of vendors to meet your application requirements for their industrial automation and control systems but they’re also looking.

For Network standards they need to have coexistence of different technologies multi-disciplined control and information on. A common network infrastructure but also for interoperability of those devices for complete seamless plant-wide information system they’re also looking for convergence of network technologies they don’t want to have many disparate technologies which.

They have to support from a infrastructure and asset utilisation perspective they want to remove these and have a common seamless information sharing plant-wide architecture they want common network design tools deployment troubleshooting across the. Entire architecture they want to avoid having special tools this takes time efforts and training special dedicated assets through these common infrastructures they want to build to support lean initiatives and overall better asset. Utilization not only from the individual components but also from the human assets themselves the training the skill sets the experience of these human. Assets to use common tools on a common infrastructure whether it’s a industrial automation application or information technology application they also want their networks to be future ready they want.

To maximize your investments when I could industrial automation and control system goes in that control system can be there. Ten twenty thirty one customer told me the control system gets blown it’s put in there for infinity is there for a very long time customers cannot afford to. Continually turn over their applications they needed to make sure their network is future ready future already defined as.

Be able to expand it while maintaining existing performance be. Able to expand and take care advantage of new products and new technology without having to do a overall. Work live upgrade and most of all customers want to be able to reduce their risk simple fighter design when it comes to deploying industrial work technology applications are converging in.

The industrial space in the past customer would have many disparate production and control systems for their applications customers have been converging these to. A common control and information platform Rock automation refers to. This as the integrated architecture applications such as information data collection IO and drive control safety applications. Process and power control high availability and redundancy for control applications as well as energy management customers are looking to converse.

Ease into a common control and information platform or a multi-discipline industrial network convergence another way of looking this is the traditional. Approach for controllers in the past if you had a controller supported many disparate network technologies you may have a plant network an i/o network a safety networker. But maybe even the drive Network all these have costs assets to manage and maintain. The transition is to a single industrial network technology converging all these different applications onto a single industrial network technology with a common network infrastructure for both industrial and. Non industrial traffic in addition to the convergence also the job functions so everything from the multi discipline is discrete process and. Safety and motion applications but also from field devices to plant what technologies but also in the job functions themselves a good example a control system engineer well that’s for system integrator a machine.

Builder or a plant end user they want to make sure their application is. Future-ready with high throughput you want to make sure it’s established to the use of established widely accepted network technology supported by leading and. Industry vendors but also from an IT network engineer again to convergence of information technology with industrial automation technology the one use of standard Ethernet tcp/ip protocol suite and use. Of common network infrastructure assets and tools for design deployment and troubleshooting but also from an. Equipment builders standpoint they want to ensure that their solution is convergence ready how we defined convergence.

Is is one of that partner have to do to ensure that their. Solution is ready to be seamlessly integrated into their customers plant-wide infrastructure they want to make sure they use a single multi-discipline control information platform that is Ethan IP. And the integrated architecture but also from a system integrator perspective they want to enable a seamless plant-wide or site wide information sharing they want to. Be able to converge industrial and non industrial traffic and Ethan IP and is being. Established again hundreds of vendors around the world creating products millions of. Nodes as far as installed based thousands of product lines Ethan IP is open standard established so there’s.

Not another representation of the multi-discipline industrial network convergence a single network technology on a. Common infrastructure as far as applications process control things like process automation systems like the rock automation plant px instrumentation from our alliance partner Anderson Houser Orion H as well as condition monitoring but. Also power control things like motor control centers like D Alan Bradley and telecenter overload relays soft.

Starters drives discrete control such as standard in safety controllers standard or safety i/o general motion controller as well as robotics information technology the convergence of industrial automation technology with information technology information technologies. Such as IP telephony for voice over IP phones IP cameras for streaming of operations or perimeter security as well as Wi-Fi for example I Triple E 802 at 11. N convergence of different technologies both industrial and non industrial on a common network infrastructure so this technology converging not only happening in to plant lighter side applications.

But also in the enterprise space IT network engineers have been converging voice video data. For many years in the enterprise space they can been converging many disparate business systems into a common enterprise resource planning. Systems so this technology convergence which is the enabler is leading to convergence of business systems and plant-wide systems. So although technology is the enabler it’s the business aspects which is driving that the need for regulatory compliance key performance indicators supply chain management responding to customer needs so technology enables. It’s a business aspect which is driving this but it’s not only just the technology and networks it’s also the cultural and organizational convergence where you have. Now different groups in the past which had very little interaction the controls domain.

And the IT domain now are collaborating together sharing best practices I’ll do through the convergence of industrial automation technology as well as information technology the successful design in. The deployment of converged plant wide networks or multidisciplinary choirs collaboration simplification as well as innovation so collaboration between IT. Network engineers as well as control system engineers but also their trusted partners so continuing training industrial networking is the convergence of technology specifically industrial automation technology with information technology. To further enable and support this convergence Rockwell Automation is collaborating with key members of our partner Network specifically those partners who have a footprint in both industrial automation and.

Information technology space so this starts with the key technology. In a blur it’s an IP standard Ethernet and standard tcp/ip protocol suite it is the single industrial network technology and the world’s leading industrial Ethernet as well as Rock automation a.

Leader in industrial infrastructure through the rock water Meishan integrated architecture but also Panduit a leader in physical layer network infrastructure both in the information technology space as well as the industrial automation. Space Cisco wireless security switching and routing now only in the enterprise space but also in the industrial automation. Space fluke networks network testing verification certification tools for – automation space as well as information technology space so together we are providing recommendations design guidance best practices and solutions to help. Customers successfully design and deploy a robust secure and future ready Ethernet IP network infrastructure this collaboration also helps to enable the cultural and organizational convergence of controls and IT domains which.

I talked about a few minutes ago but also these groups. Again who once had little interaction are now collaborating to share engineering best practices. And the collaboration between Cisco Panduit fluid networks and ROK automation is provided in a common set. Of tool sets for both information technology space as well as industrial automation technology space network convergence net is a single repository for the collateral in our joint efforts this is a screen. Capture of the network convergence net site so on the left hand side you see information. On the Cisco and ROK automation Alliance the Panduit and Rockwell Automation Alliance as well as collateral done between Cisco panda and Rockwell Automation information from volute.

Networks on testing and troubleshooting as well as information from the OD VA to support the convergence. Of information technology and industry automation technology it’s important to have a good industrial Network design methodology to avoid Network sprawl as well as enable convergence ready solutions.

So network or sprawl is the growth of networks in a undisciplined fashion or they just keep adding components without understanding the impact to the network’s next thing you know. You have a network which can no longer meet the performance and those longer future ready for those applications so this good network design methodology comes from understanding the application in functional Harmons whatever devices. Are we connecting it’s an industrial or non industrial what are the data requirements for availability integrity. And confidentiality communication patterns topologies traffic types is the information control time chicken ization it’s important to understand the application requirements it’s also important to develop a logical framework or a roadmap figure out what.

The padai says do I need to have and how do I deploy those in different types of zones from a segmentation perspective based on function or geographic dispersion it’s also important to develop a. Good physical framework that aligns with logical framework and a good robust network infrastructure it’s. Important to take into consideration a defense-in-depth security model when it comes to.

Physical aspects and security a lot of times customers treat us as an afterthought it’s important for a good network designed at the logical physical and defense-in-depth security approach being considered upfront is part. Of the core design but also to help mitigate risk simplify. Design and speed deployment it’s important to use standard information technology standards follow industry automation technology standards and to utilize reference models and reference architectures this is where the collaboration.

Comes in this is a representation of the Cisco and ROK automation converged plant-wide Ethernet reference architectures sometimes referred to as C pwe for more information on c pwe you may want to view the. Network technology convergence recorded seminar series the converts plan what Ethan architecture is made up of the rock automation integrate architecture and the Cisco.

Ethernet to the factory but this is a logical framework for smaller modular building blocks for a future ready network design this logical. Framework is complemented and supported by the physical framework from Panduit Pando its unified physical infrastructure. Solutions for the celery’s zones and control panels for noise mitigation. And cable routing as well as in the level-3 site operations for industrial data centers racks patch and cable management and so forth and the physical framework as well.

As the logical framework are supported by a common tool sets from fluke networks certification tools. Traffic analyzers and the plant floor as well as up into the enterprise so we work together to come. Up with this common set of collateral whether it’s seminar series like the one you’re. Listening to now white paper is application guides design and implementation guides all to come up with recommendation design considerations to help reduce Network latency and jitter latency is the delay and information. Jitter is the variance of that it’s important to minimize latency and jitter to have real time performance but also these recommendations and design considerations to increase the availability integrity and confidentiality of information. But also again criteria to help design deploy robust secure future ready network infrastructure these recommendations are based on a single network technology Ethan IP robust physical layer.

Good strong network segmentation resiliency protocols with redundant path topologies times organization data prioritization convergent radius solutions defense in depth security as well as scalable secure mode access all these are topics of. The benefits of Ethan IP series recordings so these partners collaborating cisco and panda part of our strategic alliance partners. Looking networks as far as a encompass product partner part of the ROK automation partner. Network collaborate together to provide collateral design guides application guides white papers to help enable this convergence for both industrial automation technology.

As well as information technology all to lead to design. A successful design deployment by our customers robust secure future ready eats and IP networks all because network infrastructure matters so it starts. With the integrate architecture for Roco animation first our plant wide optimization as well as our machine builder performance this all is supported by Ethan IP ethernet/ip is the network platform for. The rock automation integrated architecture high availability time synchronization integrated motion safety services Enterprise connectivity the Nexus is basically panned it with their unified physical infrastructure for a robust physical infrastructure pano has common infrastructure.

Deployed to both the d’être automation space enterprise solutions as well as the data salute data center solution again common infrastructure to support the convergence of. Industrial automation as well as information technology spaces and pano is a strategic alliance member to Rock automation. Fluke networks again tools that are applicable to both the information technology space and industrial automation technologies based tools for network certification and troubleshooting common network. Infrastructure assets in fluid networks is a encompass product partner and Cisco a strategic alliance. Partner again tools to help this convergence of industrial and automation technology and information technology for plant-wide switching and routing security and wireless applications but also. Things like unified communications for mobility and collaboration both voice video and data but also things like unified computing systems for virtualized servers switches and firewalls so Ethan IP itself the IP stands for.

Industrial protocol ethan IP is managed by the OU DBA. Which is a organization of equal partners it’s supported by leading vendors such as Cisco Systems Anderson Hauser and Rock automation but this is where I. Like to talk about the context of lingo similar-sounding terms. Have different meanings based on the context of how they’re used so a good example what is the difference between Ethernet IP and.

Ethan IP well the first is Ethernet space IPS standard Ethernet from I Triple E and standard Internet Protocol or. IP from the internet Engineering Task Force this has come terminology in the IT space the second one is Ethernet IP with the capital n forged IP. Stands for Ethernet industrial protocol which is the focus of this recorded seminar it’s still standard Ethernet is still standard IP buts important understand the context of the lingo in. This case here Ethernet IP used a common application layer protocol called to control an information protocol or CIP referred to as sip now if we were talking about the food and. Beverage industry and we talked about sip it would refer to clean in place so it’s important to understand the context of how the lingo is being used so again.

Industrial Ethernet our Ethernet IP I should say supports multiple I Triple E standards obviously eight or. 2.3 and eight or 2.1 for standard Ethernet but also things like precision time protocol for time synchronization the I Triple E 1588 again standard IP.

From the internet Engineering Task Force the common destra protocol from the OD VA but also sip and ether I P is a is e 61 158 standard because it is. Standard not standards-based its IT friendly and its future ready is sustainable it’s also again multi-disciplined control. And information platform if you look to the lower right that’s a representation what they call the sip bubbles it’s a good example control information network management this beer. Used to be referred to control configure and collect been around for many years but also things like safety synchronization and motion energy this.

Is the capabilities a multi-disciplined control information that sip the sip. Object in ODB a brings now sip itself is actually an example of future ready when the sip object came out in the late 80s the concept of safety and timers organization energy weren’t. There so again its future ready be able to add in new functionality without doing a forklift upgrade again it’s very well-established thousands of.

Products all kinds of applications hundreds of vendors products around the world this is a small partial list of the. Vendors that support Ethernet IP through the ODB a rock automation fluid sisqó and anderson. Howser many of these are our partners many of these are our competitors again it’s organization of equals hundreds of vendors creating products for ethan. IP today in reality this is a five layer tcp/ip model sip come to us for protocol. At the application layers tcp/ip protocol suite layers three and four in san I treated poorly at layers one and two so what makes ethan IP industrial well it’s hardening to the physical. Layer commercial off-the-shelf cabling cat5e or cat6 almost out we fail in a harsh industrial ways and environment it’s.

Important to have the proper industrial Ethernet cabling for more information on that you may. Want to refer to the designing the physical layer for he’s an IP recorded seminar as part of the seminar series but also it’s the infrastructure. Devices hardening knows the switches the routers the security appliances making sure. They have the same environmental specifications as the industrial controllers heat vibration shock humidity contaminants but also you have to have a common application layer protocol tcp/ip enables.

Coexistence is the common application layer protocol in this case sip which also permits interoperability so because each and IP is standard multiple. Application layer protocols can coexist on the same common network infrastructure so example against it to come to us for protocol Modbus TCP IEC 61 850 but also web applications. With hypertext Transfer Protocol video and voice for the real-time transport protocol all these can coexist on the same network infrastructure but coexistence does.

Not mean interoperability so this is where our partner network. Comes into place we have multiple accomplished product reference partners they provide gateways the translate between. Sip and other protocols or Ethan IP in other networks.

Earlier I talked about how all the different layers knew how to you negate amongst themselves this. Actually uses a process called encapsulation and decapsulation to all information. To communicate through the OSI stack so the example want to use here. Is basically going online with the control logical controls are on the right top top right hand side of the slide using a development tool called Studio 5000 on. A notebook on the top left with our communication driver called rslinx so if you ever fire point of our programming tools and tie to our controller overeaten IP this is. The process it goes through so an internet message itself is really a structure of concatenation of protocols each IP actually defines an encapsulation protocol that sets up communications through.

An application program interface from the application layer to sockets to set up ports within TCP so in. This case here we actually have the payload which is the common destro protocol with the encapsulation protocol so the payload itself would be things like commands and data so I go along line with. The controller I do programming I change the tag I do an upload and download I’m creating commands and data this payload. Gets encapsulated into a TCP segment this TCP segment gets encapsulated into a IP. Packet this IP packet gets encapsulated into an Ethernet frame although we configure IP address in our devices once it hits the wire or the.

Air we’re actually communicating through the actual frame itself now ultimately the frame is sent out to the logical interface into the physical so goes out to. The Phi well that goes out copper 4 goes out voltages for copper or light for fiber or RF for wireless applications different types of physical interfaces but also the terms frame packets. Segment and payload are standard industry terms good example fluke networks they may. Have a layer 2 frame test a layer 3 packet test a layer for segment test or maybe a layer 7 payload test in. These standard terminology because Ethan IP is standard use the standard Ethernet it’s actually a physical layer independent so the physical layer a good example. Would be like copper or fiber that’s pretty a forward so Ethan IP or sip is also they don’t link layer independent because it.

Uses standard IP IP makes this portable cross different types of Dana links for example I Triple E 802 3 whether it’s fiber or copper but also I. Triple E 802 at 11 Wi-Fi wherever IP goes sip has the capability of going there now there may not be a product to support it today and put the technology supports it there. Are customers using sip or Ethernet IP today over satellite communications as.

Well as technology is called powerline carrier again Ethan I because of its portability is datalink independent but also because we use utilize standard IP we support seamless routing or. Seamless plant wide information sharing now not all industrial Ethernet protocols that create equal they all had their unique capabilities. And features some industrial Ethernet protocols don’t use standard tcp/ip for the network and. Transport layers they use their own vendor specific or they. Don’t use them at all these may present challenges you need to understand for your application this may limit their portability in route ability portability.

Across different data links but also route ability they may require different assets assets so you have to purchase asset a to configure. Assets that you have to manage in order to move information from one part of your network to another one so assets could be things like proxies data concentrators and storing. For devices and the configuration of those assets are actually assets and amongst. Themselves how do you maintain that what kind of data mapping is that how do you keep track of it in some industrial Ethernet sauer Ethernet name only actually at the layer 2 data. Link it’s not Ethan at all it’s some kind of modified vendor specific version.

Of that again non-standard Ethernet this may require additional assets to connect this network to a standard Ethernet plant wide network assets. You have to purchase assets you have to manage zip itself is actually Network independent sip is the common application layer protocol our common. Industrial protocol from multiple networks such as Ethernet IP complement control net as well as device net because of this it enables seamless bridging through these different networks here’s some examples of.

Plant-wide architectures so we started the top right in this case here we have a switch level topology and. A star configuration this case here the ethernet/ip device is our. Start off the switch itself going clockwise we actually have a device level topology configured in a ring topology itself in this case using two-port and Bettis switch technology where we go from. Each device to another device keep going clockwise we have a device level linear topology again from device to device this referred.

To as a isolated network with single controller by DoD VA examples could be things like equipment build exclusions from both a machine builder as well as a process kit builder. Moving up this moves into a isolated network with multiple controllers again this is all DVD terminology where I still have these same topologies the star there ring as well as the linear. A mixture of both switch level and device level topologies but now these are tied into a higher level switch to show another example of a switch level. Topology in this case here a layer 3 switch aggregating. A different layer 2 apologies example to be integrated command builder machines a single seller is owned multiple machines lines it’s kids. Movie now this is a representation of a connected and integrated control system again terminology from the Oda where.

We have multiple topologies in the middle we actually have a switch level ring topology of switches off of those switches we have multiple topologies both the. Ring are to switch level topologies as well as device level topologies on the right hand side a example of a device level or ring topology. Through a sip bridge connection on the left a device. Level ring topology connected directly into the switch level ring offer that.

Same switch a linear device topology as well as mixture of industrial as well as non industrial traffic. Show an example here for the cameras this is an example how ethan IP is topology in. Media independent flexibility and choice a lot of choice for your application needs I. Can move it up to a greater architecture in this case here are plant white are silent operations in the case level 3 side operations again example on the right. Is a ring topology a device elf a ring topology example on the left is.

A device level linear topology and the example in the middle of the cell area zone number 2 in case it’s a hybrid where I actually have a bunch of devices et IP. Devices start off a industrial Ethernet switch but also connected into a device level layer implementation but all the industrial Ethernet switches. Are tied via a redundant star topology okay back up into a higher layer switch. So in addition to local area network topologies ethan IP because it supports or is. Based on internet protocol supports a broader geographic of application this case here wide area networks examples of being point-to-point links like a public switch telephone network circuit switching like integrated circuit.

Digital networks packet switching like frame relays where I can actually. Have a plant site on the right communicating out to a remote site on the left to either internet wide area network or. Public switched telephone networks and it widen area network applications so here’s another example of that earlier architecture show next case here showing a. Site-to-site connection from our plant with Ethan IP through these unified threat management devices get out to my remote server zone one on the left hand side so.

Unified threat management device or UTM is a security appliance provides for industrial routing capabilities industrial firewall Virtual. Private Networks intrusion protections again required for a good to site-to-site connection so Ethan IP advantage summary can ethan IP is a single industrial network technology for multi discipline network convergence. Applications such as discrete process drive control safety motion power time synchronization as well as energy management Ethernet.

P is well-established hundreds of vendors creating thousands of products from multiple applications there’s over 5 million nodes of Ethan IP installed around the world. Because it’s established Ethan IP is helps reduce the overall risk of deployment there is a broad availability of products applications as well as under support the. Attempt E is supported by the OD VA an organization of equals.

There are principal members to support this good example assistance Cisco Systems Anderson Hauser as well as Rock automation Ethan IP is standard not standards-based it is standard I Triple E Ethernet. As well as IETF tcp/ip protocol suite because it’s standard. It enables the convergence of industrial automation technology as well as information technology that exams will be voice video and data this also permits. For Dietl ization of common tool sets again assets for the purpose of design deployment and troubleshoot of these networks but not only just the common tool sets that. Convergence of support there’s also the human assets the people with their skills their training their knowledge base their experience to.

Be able to troubleshoot with common tool sets not only industrial automation application but in. Information technology and application because its standard its future already it increases the sustainability and minimizes risk of deployment again it supports a common network infrastructure which provides for better asset. Utilization as I reviewed earlier is that Ethan IP is both topology and media independent.

So you have flexibility in choice well there’s a device level topology they switch level topology different media with us copper fiber or Wireless or. A combination of all of these ethan IP is portable and routable go across different types of data links but enable is for plant wide and site wide information sharing there’s. No data mapping because I don’t have to date a map we supports seamless PI Y. Deformations hearing it simplifies my design space my deployment and reduces my overall risk.

So to wrap up this presentation record I just want. To list out some additional would be a good reference for you. One of which is RS Tekkit itself a premier event for rock automation and there is a wide range of network sessions for RS Tekken in our Azteca comm but also the.

OD VA has a wealth of information so a lot of content I covered here is covered in the OD b a.document network infrastructure for ethan IP introduction. And considerations in here the hyperlinks but also the SIP. Advantaging and the common dust really a call from Rocco automation a wealth of information the ones highlight in red. Here the top ten recommendations for a plant-wide Ethan IP deployments as well as Ethernet design considerations reference manual this information from fluke networks again for. Testing and troubleshooting guides for both local area networks wide area networks copper fiber as well as wireless deployments panda with their unified physical infrastructure again for robust infrastructure applications. They have a complete the physical layer design the plantation guide but also a joint document between cisco panda and rock automation.

And fiber-optic infrastructure application guide in deployment this share webinar series Rockwater Mason and Cisco hosted a education series webcasts began both for. IT professionals as well as medical automation professionals a couple highlights were the whatever your. IT professional should know about plan for networking as well as whatever you plan for engineers you know about working with IT and we encourage both the. Industrial automation personnel and the information technology personnel to actually watch.

These together and here’s the link for those some additional information between the Cisco. And Rockwell Automation collaboration the reference architectures website the converged plant wide Ethernet. Reference architectures itself the application guide I referenced a few minutes ago the education series I just referenced but also the white papers. Things like securing manufacturing computing and controller assets achieving secure remote access to. The plant floor all this information can be found on Network.

Convergence net as they sink or repository for all of. Our collateral to help you design and deploy a robust secure future ready Ethan IP network on behalf of Rock automation. To myself thank you for viewing this Ethernet IP overview presentation recording which is part of the benefits of Ethan IP seminar series presented by rock wad amasian and members of our.

Partner network this concludes this recording.