New Zealand, Orthocoronavirinae, Virus

This case represents an unacceptable failure of the system it should never have happened and it cannot. Be repeated from the beginning we have taken an extraordinarily cautious approach. At the border that is why we have required every returning New Zealander to go into a facility that we managed that protocol remains.

That is also why we required not one but two tests to be undertaken of those. In facilities one at day three and one at day.

New Zealand, Orthocoronavirinae, Virus12 that should have happened in the cases we learned about yesterday that did not. And there are no excuses the suspension of compassionate exemptions will continue until such time as we can guarantee a disciplined and rigorous system at the border. That ministers have confidence and I know this will be. Upsetting to some New Zealanders seeking to return home to visit dying relatives and loved ones however the risk to our collective efforts to eliminate kovat are simply too great I cannot allow the.

New Zealand, Orthocoronavirinae, Virus Business NewsGains we have all made to be squandered by processes not being upheld throughout covert 19 there has been pressure from many corners including the courts. To relaxed the rules around compassionate exemptions this case has proven our need for caution while it may be a hard and unpopular position to take it is the right one. For our country our borders and the controls at our borders must be rigorous they must be disciplined and they must have the confidence of.

New Zealand, Orthocoronavirinae, Virus NewsMinisters and all of you New Zealanders who got us here my job is to keep. New Zealanders safe I know the decision to suspend compassionate leave will not be a popular one is the right. One we have to be assured that we are keeping even those individuals who are seeking.

The leave safe and their loved ones safe if we have a situation like this. Occur despite protocols that were in place that is not acceptable I must be reassured that we are meeting the expectations of New Zealanders. And that comes first.