Orthocoronavirinae, Florida

We come on the air tonight new developments in the corona virus. Outbreak good evening and thank you for joining us I’m Isabel Rosales there are now 173 people under observation tonight in Florida 15 have. Tested negative for the virus and five are awaiting their results meanwhile the United States now has its first coronavirus death that death happening in Washington State. And we’re learning that man was in his 50s and had underlying health issues this is more coronavirus. Cases emerge on the west coast and more countries are announcing their first cases all of it of course rising concerns of a potential pandemic President Trump speaking.

From the White House our country is prepared for any circumstance we hope it’s not going to be a. Major circumstance it’ll be a smaller circumstance but whatever the circumstance is we’re prepared meanwhile more people who contracted the virus known as kovin 19 without being in contact with those who.

Orthocoronavirinae, FloridaAre sick or travelling continue to pop up the CDC now permitting states to do their own virus testing the goal here is to. Have every state and local health department up and running by next week with testing kits and Florida will now test people with symptoms of the corona virus the city of Tampa. One of three locations in the state that will run the tests ABC action news reporter McKenna King breaks down what this means for Floridians is about this new ability cutting.

Orthocoronavirinae, Florida Business NewsThat testing time nearly in half the Florida Department of Health says instead of waiting three to five days for test results they’ll now have them back in. 24 to 48 hours the Department of Health announcing Tampa Miami and Jacksonville departments of Health will now test for the virus all three receiving test kits she advised us on yesterday after the.

Orthocoronavirinae, Florida NewsValidation testing was complete suppose for cleared us to start testing today they. Say those who should be tested are people experiencing symptoms such as fever cough or shortness of breath who have either traveled to China. South Korea Iran Italy or Japan have come in contact with a person who had the virus or have tested negative for the flu. This is a rapidly evolving situation that we’re monitoring very closely so it is important that we have the capability in a state with many residents and visitors to test. For co19 the Florida Department of Health says 15 people have tested negative for the virus in the state and. Five people are awaiting test results they’re currently monitoring nearly 173 people for symptoms those people are being.

Asked to not have contact with others during the disease’s two-week incubation period anyone who feels. They have the corona virus is asked to call the Health Department we stand equipped we’re working with many.

State partners the Florida Department of Health emphasizing no one in the state of Florida has. Tested positive for the corona virus still they’re advising everyone to consistently wash their hands and anyone who’s feeling sick they’re asking them to stay home reporting in Tampa McKenna Kane ABC Action. News.