Orthocoronavirinae, Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona, Take-out

Everyone thanks for tuning into Arizona Dreams subscribers appreciate you new viewers you guys subscribe don’t forget about the merch today we’re gonna talk about the virus and. How it is affecting us in Phoenix and around the country I think I’m. Going to start with the fact that you’re looking at two camps you’ve got the.

Worrier the pessimistic a little bit she represents that I’m on the other side I’m sitting there thinking how is this affecting. Me directly and you know is it as bad as the media and everything is making it out to be and.

Orthocoronavirinae, Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona, Take-outWe’re getting a lot of sky is falling type scenarios when in reality I don’t know that the sky is. Falling I’m not saying this is not serious my wife and I talk about this constantly we both agree that it is serious we both agree that it’s coming.

Orthocoronavirinae, Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona, Take-out Business NewsI think we can all agree that it’s coming the question is how how dramatically is it going. To affect our lives and how much is it gonna impact our house sitting in. A office I’m exposed to hundreds of people daily so for me it was obvious to me that there is an exposure risk just like when the flu was around Friday I logged.

Orthocoronavirinae, Phoenix Metropolitan Area, Arizona, Take-out NewsIn just to see what was going on and sure enough the department head it’s not nothing saying everybody under this department starting Monday you are to work from home this is mandatory so. For me I think it was a good thing I think it helps us do that social distancing the second thing that I noticed. I decided friday being off that and knowing you know what was going on in the media. That people were in panic mode people were starting to hoard and i better go there before the weekend starts to get their essentials now i wasn’t going to horde I was. Going to get our essentials I went to the meat and deli section all of the ground beef gone. All of the poultry now just as chicken all the poultry except for giblets we’re gone I go to the paper products now the entire row.

And I’m not talking just type if I’m talking paper towels Kleenex but interestingly enough dairy. And eggs gone so that one kind of surprised me and it was empty all of the bleach god. Awful isil god oh pretty much the sewers are wiped clean and all of the.

Essentials so that in itself I think it’s stressful to me you know I mean it’s not just he says that I’m the warrior he’s the become keep calm and carry on. Guy all right I’m just a little bit on edge about everything. It’s not just the virus it’s being out of things that we need we need toilet paper we are a family of five and our son is sick.

Are we gonna happen do we already have a shortage of you know like the cold and flu medicine or the fever medicine so it’s not just I’m worried about getting sick it’s. All these other things and when he was working in his office and it. Seems like somebody’s always sick in his office and he’s working with a bunch of people I’m worried about him getting something but also bringing. That home now I know that he washes his hands when he comes home but you know you still sometimes touching doors and touching crosses be you know on things that you don’t. Think about before you get to the sink and knowing that we. Are here and we don’t have family if if we both for.

Whatever reason needed to be hospitalized it’s like who’s gonna take care of the children that’s just how I think you know my daughter’s need to talk about he’s calm I’m a little on. Edge she’s like the extreme like she stresses me out and that’s that’s that’s hard to do. But I’m already stressed he’s like in the world and what if. Everybody gets infected it’s like an apocalypse movie for her but I just think everybody handles it differently and I I don’t like not knowing what’s gonna. Happen next let’s talk about some of the things that’s going. On right now everything is getting shut down everything is getting cancelled.

And in Phoenix area we don’t like Ohio and some of the other states we don’t have a statewide school shutdown yet but in the Phoenix Valley at least it’s it’s a trickle. Schools are closing like every day sometimes multiple times a day and you’re wondering how long the kids gonna be out of school how. Are they prepared for online learning so it’s it’s a lot of that unknown that I think is getting to me so so let’s jump back again she mentioned closings so currently that I’m.

Aware of MLB NBA and c-double-a NHL let’s map cancel bring training and spring. Train them so then so yeah so bringing that back to MLB spring training we have the Cactus League and I think there’s like 14 facilities here that.

Cater to the CAC this week all those shut down looking at the economy affect a Scottsdale is gonna be dramatically hit by that tourism money. That’s no longer gonna be there and then blowing it out even a little wider the airlines and they get a lot of traffic coming in for spring training that’s gone you. Know they haven’t said no we’re not gonna fly you in but people are saying oh I’m. Not coming because my games not there why should I come well and let’s take it to a hyper local level you know it’s not just when they go come to the game when. They trickle out of the games right where you going to restroom that small business bars and they’re worried about small businesses survival yeah in fact we saw a report last night or the. Night before that he was standing in front of one of the spring training facilities and he panned across the street he’s like normally this time you.

See crowds on mass going right over to these bars and restaurants and knick-knack shops and that’s a legitimate concern for. Those business owners is am I gonna survive so there is long term effect that is happening that people have to be aware of and under stand what’s. Gonna happen I’m gonna just say right now going back to the grocery stuff can you calm down people just relax you know head people not gone into. This hyper mode of I’ve got a stockpile my paper products my cleaning products and my beats and just kept going as as normal and going to get my two. Three four packs of toilet paper that I need for my week or two.

Weeks shop whatever it is and just buying that we wouldn’t be in. A shortage it was crazy to me to see how truly panic mode the country is in to the point that we have a half a jug of milk I have a gallon. Of milk that’s something that we use daily but I couldn’t even go to get that extra.

Jug of milk so that I knew I’d have a gallon of milk for the following week as of today and now this is gonna be I’m sure outdated before we publish. The video but we have 12 confirmed cases in Arizona obviously there’s a limited amount of testing going on so I’m sure that. Number is actually gonna be much higher once we get more testing so it’s certainly not the situation that you’re finding in Washington. And New York so it’s not there where we are I don’t think the state or the officials are.

Panicking right now and they’re trying to keep everything calm but it’s a fluid situation and everything is is changing almost hour by hour with what they are recommending with like. I said what the closures are being they’ve had some festivals canceled church festival that’s a big festival they. Have every year Chandler yesterday they final finally canceled that the Renaissance Festival is still open right now surprises me yeah so we.

Aren’t in total shutdown mode but it just seems like as things progress more things are shutting down the LDS Church of Latter day Saints they. Have canceled their services I know that I don’t know what others churches are doing it’s really kind of starting to to hit close from home because my daughter’s school. There’s a couple of teachers in multiple students that are stuck in Spain right now oh yeah and of course you want them to come back. Home but you also want to make sure that knowing they were in another country and they are going to have to travel on an airplane you just hope that they have something yes. I’ll be a quarantine in place because if they if they don’t sell quarantine then that could. Be a mess in the her school so there’s just so many scenarios something at work but as she kind of indicated what happens if she gets sick or if she has to go.

To the hospital well then that falls on me now. I’ve got to do my nine-to-five but I’ve also got to take care. Of getting these kids to school if the schools are going to stay open making sure they’re not getting sick if they.

Do get sick handling that and then God forbid if I should also get sick we’ve got nobody here to take care of that. Needs it’s a different situation and this time because before we know you renew your mom sheet hop on the plane or thought you’d think it twice about it. We can’t put his mom on the plane Jesus sees in her 70s and it’s recommended not to fly so that’s why this is a different situation. So even if you’re one of those people that are thinking. This is no big deal you know why are people making making such a big mountain out of out of this many more people die the flu well it’s kind of.

A big deal because people are being affected and things that don’t normally happen with the flu you don’t have mass. Shut downs with the flu you know this is new we don’t know how this will affect us if we should you should. Get it I know we’re at a low risk category but you know things happen so yes I’m. I’m concerned but it’s really a lot of my concern isn’t of getting sick it’s about all. These Asians of what’s happening right now with the possible childcare with the knowing my son is sick and I don’t want to take him to a hospital I don’t want to take. Him back to the doctor he just had the flu a few weeks.

Ago there’s no way I want to be with a bunch of sick people right now is he gonna have the. Medicine in the store that he needs again I’m worried about toilet paper. And that has nothing to do with dying from the Corolla buyers. I need to she likes a clean food yeah I need to wipe my butt you know what saying.

This is to me that’s what’s stressing me no no I think. It’s funny you can even throw in our conversation that I gave you for alternative is if we run out of toilet paper we want to know what’s what’s it like out. There for you guys I know most of you don’t live in Arizona.

I’m expecting that you’re experiencing this the same shortages are you bored are you stressed are you worried. You know what’s what are you thinking about this Rona virus that we’re dealing. With around the country so let us know in the comments. Below what’s happening in your neck of the woods by the way we have 30 rolls of toilet paper okay no we’re not the kids the boys can go through oh.

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Day safe wash your hands why.