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We automated clinical environment is not the future it’s today when we went to the board with a building project the chairman of the board looked at us and said. I will not support bricks and mortar unless you tell me what you’re going to do that’s. Different that’s special that will impact our patients and we’ve tried to do something nobody else had ever done which is bring eight major vendors together to integrate their products and services to be able. To impact the quality and the outcomes of care being provided so throughout the integrated network. I hope our products are integral to and a significant piece of what we’ve created as the.

Chief medical informatics officer I spent most of my time along with our IT director Robert Jones under the direction of Jack Winer our CEO to build an organization that is that uses technology. To leverage change hill ROM was a great partner from the very beginning and helped us develop. Our vision the hill rhymes smart beds provide us with information about the status of the bed in our falls prevention program our pressure. Ulcer prevention program and our aspiration reduction strategy with the. Weight being right on the bed we don’t have to look for equipment anymore that’s less stuff so that the nurse has to take to get the. Patient’s weight and that weight then you know can be placed into the charting.

Patient lift, Health Care, ArjoHuntleigh, Market research, Report, Invacare, Hill-Rom, IndustrySystem so that’s what’s that’s ER as well all we have to do is go to the chart verify that you know that the bed’s low that the. Brakes are on and all that good stuff it helps us to verify that as well and it gets in permanently into the.

Patient lift, Health Care, ArjoHuntleigh, Market research, Report, Invacare, Hill-Rom, Industry Business NewsPatient’s chart where that wasn’t happening consistently before I think the hill Rob. Nurse call system has made us more of a team there’s. More of a collaborative effort on preventing phones answering call lights more efficiently and anticipating the patient’s needs when a patient triggers their bed alarm the call light system goes off and it’s. A team effort to get to that patient’s room so the. Patient does just doesn’t become the one nurses patient it’s everybody’s patient though as soon as they hit their button they’re being connected to the person that.

Patient lift, Health Care, ArjoHuntleigh, Market research, Report, Invacare, Hill-Rom, Industry NewsAttacks you caring for them they appreciate it it gives them a lot more comfort. That they don’t have to go through through multiple people to get to the person they want to talk to the patient’s love it the patients are excited about it. When you describe the technologies and you show them that this is a safer environment that is focused on getting them well they react extraordinarily positive to it the hilldrup status board provides information. About the bed its position it gives information about the weight of the patient provides information about the the caregivers location relative to the room and. This information is available for anyone to view within our nurse’s station again we pride ourselves on keeping our patients from falling so we use.

It every morning to look at every single bed to make sure that the safety measures our audit bed fo safety measure is not. There it’s quickly corrected the reports that are available in with Hill ROM help.

Us to audit the utility of the of the technology and its utilization the expectation is that the utilization. Will drive the outcome and we built the system not based. On the technologies that were available but rather on the opportunities that we really wanted to overcome and by building these technologies finding these technologies in building around the problem it becomes a solution what. I hear is that it’s nice to see when we walk into the room that we’re performing the hand hygiene motion that were rubbing our hands together it’s nice. To see when we walk out of the room that we’re washing our hands.

And they often act like what are you doing when you when you when you use a. Gadget on the wall while I’m washing my hands to prevent infection so it also opens up the communication about what. We’re doing to prevent infection with the patient the technologies are designed to make life easier for our staff to help them with their workflows. We’ve had the opportunity to have caregivers at the table during design session and they were an integral part of the design well. I had a chance to go and see the product firsthand before it came to our hospital so we had a lot of input on how the system. Would work what buddies we wanted on the system how would it work for.

Us for us best we really didn’t look for a partner that we just allow us to implement and then leave we felt that Hill ROM was. Truly a partner and would be with us through this journey automating the clinical environment. Is the intelligent care system that’s what we have implemented here. It’s using clinical scenarios and merging them with IT to bring information to the fingertips of the. Caregivers and revolutionize the way we deliver care we have some. Preliminary data which says on our pile of Units we were wiping out infections you’re preventing Falls we had improved mortality data and patient volumes are growing as a CEO of a.

Hospital I don’t know what more I can ask for.