Pest control, Pest

Yes anyone call pest control yes that’s a rat in my room is that pest control ma’am something were to. Roll back you have been unfortunate about rats out here man where’s the roll. Man right there I’m gonna just step to the side yeah really step back all rats got. A Dido they New York quad Studios getting hotter now if that’s our deeds away. That hydro this nigga take a hair every Tommy go viable welcome to the west and a saint delightful Pablo.

Stay on their bullshit is full shot I feel like Chicago keep it 100 you Nikki with nice eyes show still chasing dreams I made dreams I know fried all right well Ted Cam Newton’s. In the Tahoe and when we touch down everybody catches fire dressed in all black like. The Panthers we see your sway free stamp or Mellie ate the answer say bees back to rehab Instagram looking like a motherfucking beating backs it’s.

Pest control, PestLike a Philly on the rocking sticks fuck ass nigga beat you with a hockey stick the nigga hold baby damn ways Sookie you were supposed to throw up the rock not smokey. Talking you gonna be in our lake in three hours it’s a five-hour flight but this bum in the shower fuck see. I’m not a rookie hockey so don’t push me scrap ninja curlers niggas running with a rat you gotta. Top tell them how you got them please on the jacks fuck running in the game gonna be running in the whack jump quibbling lad you don’t scratch it was. Time to go at Drizzy and now you don’t rap action bitch she know our bees.

Pest control, Pest Business NewsIn a trap you gotta move out and lay out putting beads on your back and probably keep your thumb in your butt. That Ken doll love gettin fuck hot behind your niggas you ain’t got the guts riding dirt bikes with your ass socially nuts like you can pop a wheelie today. I went from be Martin New York for Philly and back there’s a lot of cheese’s fake this nigga really a rat I fuckin philly but. This nigga make our city look back and that’s on. Fire routes the output appeal on that hat you get hit with the ego rollin Philly to that now try the world how you got your bitch your face Tom Nicky watch Safari was fucking.

Pest control, Pest NewsA chick you ain’t shit but a rat to me a snake that don’t rattle me lil homie won’t scrap with me time the. Body is fact I’m their traffic be bumping this opacity bitches another casualty fuck it will be a tragic the louder you scream the racket of verse I.

Put that dick chaser logo on the back of your hearse they say to meet she’ll inherit the earth so I went and dug your ass up cuz really buried you. First why are you trying to pick on my left.

You told me that you’re a supple rosy hey Reiji can’t give you a pass I had 22. Your forties put the sixties on your ass and don’t try to ride it a drink you not the Rams don’t come back to. The left fuck around and catch your uber the slate I’m a drama king and a street sweeper with a cape nigga this.

Is 2pi mixed with the old gulab 15 here’s 30 mil nigga him fly one good song but you ain’t got a classic yeah I. Bought your first out ain’t took it out the plastic yeah moving freely to hell lay Thank You Fresh Prince cha-ching a guy robbed a naive niggas best friend’s fat sloppy. Twinkie eatin ass nigga I ain’t got no past nigga I’m gonna beat. Your ass nigga jelly be smuggling fuck ass nigga I get some. Clippers and cut your mama moustache nigga fuck your sister why he watch because she kind of fit and make that bitch taking me like Colin Kaepernick now back to tweet me Mickey Mouse.

You gonna fuck a ragged tied up inside Mickey house I got essays on goldmine posted like cousins waiting for the world to pump it up like Joe but thou shalt not. Fuck with Chuck funny stuff fold you up and boxes are mining trucks Louise sweat. On my truck night night use that pillow like a stylus suck from. Dawn to dusk to get at me you niggas gonna see me in gloves and see me. In clubs when summer 16 in the snug lying on the internet like Lane talking to twin got the cops at my door.

Like they dropping off man and I’ve seen that fake paperwork on doubling sale rap niggas treat you walls illegal sales you from them see me in jail you’ll. See me a hand you ain’t got the whole Philly it’s just me by myself I could have when you got ginger when you got snoop when you got Nicky. J-roc Schoolboy Q gonna win you got his 40 brought ice cube back they had dr. Dre screaming meat Miller’s arrest red tackies red cincinnati i’ma see.

You in the streets don’t act me you like a boat with a hold you paint sale Meek Mill me and Dre baby them to a nice red stop snitching breaking ball. When these rats stop snitching break them off what’s you know I. Got on gold headphones gold chain gold on my wrist pain if you ain’t getting money bought you lame hey what’s. Good you laughter that man you need to put your man or you look bad tell them to get into it. Out some what’s up you read back nobody.