Reliance Industries Limited, Intel Capital, Crore, Jio, Mukesh Ambani, India

I’m losing out but I think it’s the world’s check-in Gio. Now Intel Carol is looking to invest var 18 hundred and ninety four crew peas it’s an unprecedented 12th investment in the Geo platform says. The management within eleven weeks since the start of 22nd April 2020 this investment is a stake of 0.39% in the GOP forms in turf courses is one of.

Pioneering companies in the technology space and is admired and respected for its innovation as well so much at the market maker geo. As well is just not stopping check after check another 12th. One coming in yeah you know Intel again it’s a powerful brand we all know in Dell don’t we Facebook Intel KKR u.s. saw Saudi saw griffons the best of the best innocents. Have three lined up here if you just think about realize you it’s. Not about the money to raise capital the fact that they’ve managed to raise capital with the best of.

Reliance Industries Limited, Intel Capital, Crore, Jio, Mukesh Ambani, IndiaThe best guys who really invest in one business who really together who rarely what do align with one particular management on common platform I think it’s happened. It’s like you know perfect methods so to speak or best or the best investors and best of the best investors are also bring a promise of unlimited pool of capital so imagine.

Reliance Industries Limited, Intel Capital, Crore, Jio, Mukesh Ambani, India Business NewsIf Lance has to unlock some of their other subsidies whether it. Is in the geo platform or the retail platform or for that matter the subsidiaries within the little business they would access to unlimited pull now the relationships have been forged so. Strongly that now Lance will never ever have any larger you know. Debt issues because you won’t just be on managing one relationship you bought almost best of the best nearly a dozen.

Reliance Industries Limited, Intel Capital, Crore, Jio, Mukesh Ambani, India NewsInvestors on the Geo lat form and this is not a marriage but sinasohn just shows you the kind of respect some of the best investors. The world have and the fit they have on the Geo strobe the digital service so what relaxes done. Is that they’ve told the world that you know all the naysayers who thought that debt is a problem for us and we’ll.

Have a problem in servicing our debt look the best of the. Best are dead with us are and whenever you have something where. Be able to monetize or capitalize or innocence wants Westers well be what are investors in geo and we can forge more partnerships for me that is telling sign I mean. Intel newsmen are dicks in the market today but when we look back and look at the integer fundraising it’s one investor. Or two investors it is nearly dozen investors best of the best formidable baljeet’s and now rents in essence has said look there’s unlimited appetite in the world there is there’s.

Insatiable are tied to invest into reliance your business and the pool flexibility globally is so large that we managed what happened. There.