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Hello guys how’s it going 1 1 8 GT here this is Steven and I’m in Korea so this place is is actually in I think in a Gangnam. Dish district in career so like Gangnam from Gangnam style in this area I think it’s this exact.

Place as per the station is called Sam Sam Cheon and a lot of the car dealerships I hear they’ve. Got BMW you got got high-end IAE a Porsche Center we have the OPC here in Korea so I think they actually owned by a entity called Stuttgart sports cars. So I believe they’re like kind of an empty base. In in career so that they could have opened the Porsche franchise in in Korea so I thought it’d be quite cool to come. Here to kind of show you guys Porsche what pulls your Center is like in in Korea but I doubt it’s. Probably I doubt it’s not different to what we have in the UK but let’s go have a look anyway so let’s go so I don’t know if I could actually do filming inside here.

South Korea, Porsche, Luxury vehicle, Seoul, OrthocoronavirinaeSo I might like my guessing chip for doing it but let’s see what happens anyway so this is how much 7.1 8k minutes I don’t know I don’t know what. How much that works out to in UK money but.

South Korea, Porsche, Luxury vehicle, Seoul, Orthocoronavirinae Business NewsWe worked out in a minute that’s a lot of money or a brand-new boat because well it became the base model came in with. No we know nothing whatsoever that’s why you see most of the cars.

South Korea, Porsche, Luxury vehicle, Seoul, Orthocoronavirinae NewsHere either I mean if you spec up a base-model caiman it probably being is probably spec spec. Out about five to ten gram maybe 55 so it is depending on what you have is probably over 10,000 how different Wow I’m sure.

He’s been expecting a family they usually perspective is played hi there how you doing just doing a bit of audio here for ya it’d be good way. To kind of finish things up and to follow up on this just a short video of me when I was having my holiday.

In in the East and I was in Korea folio obviously but yeah. So what do you think about the prices of Porsches in careers so I I know what I think in UK we should count ourselves lucky. As we can pay considerably less for our Porsches for the price of a Cayman we can get a very. Gently used base model 911 probably about three years old and though it’s not a great comparison obviously yeah things like GDP tax.

And things like that but I think it gives you a good idea quite clearly it’s something for individuals who are doing fairly well for themselves maybe a lot of the pop idols in outs. In career it’d be something for them if they if they’re made it probably a good. Good choice I know there are some Korean viewers on my channel. So what are your thoughts on this our Porsches are they are they something affordable at least once in your lifetime or is it some kind of dream which is. Not that easily achievable in UK I would say its foremost is a very.

Very special purchase one that you can afford once in your lifetime maybe maybe you can if you do well something you could purchase three or four times but not definitely not one. You could be making frequently but definitely one you can do you can achieve. If you’re safe hard anyway enough about that I know I’ve been. Away for quite a while and I’ve been bit quiet so where life got in the way but I do have lots of great content coming up. So my dad is buying the gold for our so I would be doing a video this and I will also be trying out the car so I’m really looking.

Forward to that also my other car is a Honda Accord Type R and my honor cool table part is getting a finally getting a make over after I don’t know. I don’t how long has been now 14 years of ownership so not so much in a way of mods but over the years I’ve collected various then scuffs the. Wheels are corroded various rubber seals and gaskets needed replacing things like that so just just things to keep the car going really yeah so. Once that’s done I’ll be doing a video that I’m showing you my Honda Accord type arm it’s going to be a. Good one anyway please click like and subscribe as usual and I see you in the next one.

See you later bye.