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What’s going on sports bettors I am kyle scott of crossing Broadcom and today we’re going to talk about the bet. Rivers sports book which is officially live and open for business in pennsylvania second sports book to go live following sugarhouse and joining parks which launched for testing in late June and it might. Be one of the dominant early players in the market until FanDuel enters sometime in mid-july what do you need to know about bet. Rivers so we’ve already done a video on how rush Street is the parent company of Rivers Casino.

And sugar house casino in the eastern half of Pennsylvania well Russia’s. Decided they’re gonna rebrand all their properties as rivers so out is sugar house sometime this summer it will become rivers Philadelphia rivers Pittsburgh and they’re going to merge the. Sugar house online sports book with the rivers online sports book it’s gonna be. Called bet rivers sports book so if you’re signing up for a new app here’s what you need to know rivers is identical to sugar house.

Sports betting, Illinois, Sportsbook, Gambling, Rivers Casino Des PlainesI mean identical same parent company same technology same everything the only difference literally the only others three there’s three differences. The logo the color blue that is used in the app and some of the promotions and wording.

Sports betting, Illinois, Sportsbook, Gambling, Rivers Casino Des Plaines Business NewsAre a little bit more Pittsburgh centric on the bet River site because the brand is more synonymous with Pittsburgh. Where sugarhouse is Philadelphia but that’ll go away once it’s all under one brand name so which apps do you sign up for sugar house event rivers right now I’d sign. Up for both each offers the same 250 dollar deposit match that means your first deposit they will match it up to 250. Dollars and all you have to do is play that match money once to be able to withdraw it so if I deposit 250 dollars I get another 250 I. Only have to bet that remaining 250 that additional 250 one time obviously win with it or recoup it and push and. Then I’m able to withdraw it so it’s a pretty good deal it’s one of the most straightforward bonuses we’ve seen in legal sports betting it’s not a ton of money but.

Sports betting, Illinois, Sportsbook, Gambling, Rivers Casino Des Plaines NewsIt’s straightforward easy to use so I’d recommend signing up for. Both you can hit the link below go to crossing Broadcom slash BR. For bet rivers or slash Sh for sugarhouse to be able to get the $250 bonus what else. Do you need to know about this if you’re signing up for just one go for bet River so that’s gonna be the brand sticks around and. While sugarhouse users will either that Apple either convert to BET rivers or just become all the same app sign up for bet rivers now that’s where a lot of.

The efforts gonna go for Rush Street what do we. Have to expect next FanDuel sportsbooks gonna launch sometime mid-july go to Crossing Broadcom check out all of our sports betting coverage we have everything you need to know rivers like sugar. House like parks is not available on iOS yet at all not through an app not through the mobile web why Apple has a new app. Store policy that requires casinos to code their apps natively for iOS a lot of geek stuff short answer is a lot of them use their HTML page their web page and they. Just reskin it and put it in an app Apple requires them to code.

It natively for iOS which FanDuel does so for those of you on iOS FanDuel is probably going to be your. First bet out of the gate where you can bet on. Your iPhone or iPad so again this is a crossing broad. For that if you want to get the bet rivers promo code 250 dollar deposit match go to Crossing Broadcom slash b r to get $250 deposit match and we really like that rivers. It’s a no frills app like sugarhouse but fast immediate lines powered by Camby and right now it’s probably your best. Bet for PA online sports betting if you like we see give us a like below hit the link below through watching on instagram give us a thumbs up and follow.

Whatever it is be sure to subscribe to our Channel lots of more sports betting videos coming your way not only sports book. Reviews promos industry information but also betting guides analysis long-term odds you name it we have it for legal sports betting in PA and elsewhere.