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Can you surprise us okay thank you I’m really excited to see what they’re gonna pick for me hey guys I’m Kaylee and today I’m going to be doing the Starbucks baristas. Pick my drink for a weekend so how it works is we ask like the Starbucks workers Oh what. Drink do you recommend can you like surprise us with it so that’s what we’re. Gonna be saying to them anyway before we get on with the video the show that I goes to and nobody’s lesbians just cotton coming a little which one. To see next so I can’t wait to see what they pick for us I’m gonna do it yes at least. Today I wanna try so I’m gonna tell them like you can pick whatever you want just give me something that you recommend and.

We’re gonna see and I’m gonna rate how like they were like nice and how like they actually picked. The drink good and how I read it I’m really excited so see look they’re gonna pick for me in my mom I hope.

Starbucks, BaristaThey don’t pick something bad what happen if they pick like green drink mmm I have to try I really hope they pick on the cinnamon roll and I don’t think I’d. Really hope because Natalie said that won’t like was really good yeah we’re on over to. Starbucks okay Lee see on that sign it says some over there Starbucks coffee okay we found Starbuck died sorry because the light is.

Starbucks, Barista Business NewsReally bad but it’s like a o’clock at 9:00 okay so can you like. Pick our drink for us women it make you drink for you yes and the size is tall. Please and the size is tall yes we want to do any preference on hotter ice well one can be any type of coffee and.

Starbucks, Barista NewsThen the other one it doesn’t matter all right oh my god something good this. Is tall jihad chip Frappuccino what is this it says tall genre hmm tip profits he knows what love you don’t need a child property my love robbery – okay.

Ready now did you say one could be anything like with. Coffee yeah and the other one doesn’t it doesn’t matter doesn’t matter whatever you want all right so just the to drink yes all right let’s get. The $8.99 yeah okay thank you you’re welcome oh I see mocha I don’t I. Said hot mocha caramel yeah you read my mind I think oh my god I’m like what are these is. Nothing green what if it is green tall guava ladies talk water I don’t even know sure. Thank you let me see which one is these thank you welcome take your door yes wait Oh honey’s hi one is cool okay thank you you two ready okay.

Sorry this is how it looks it is the guava chip Frappuccino. Ready ready you like it it’s good let me see until she goes oh my god that’s. Good that’s really good I really recommend that one but it’s tasting like coffee that’s good tastes like chocolate that’s what it. Tastes like that’s hot I’m probably not gonna like it the same it’s good it reminds me of a. Taste of a taste of what you try yourself okay he remind me of the chocolate what are you about that yeah I gave you wait. Tell me the name that’s really good I’m so sorry caramel mocha hot he exactly like that.

Chocolate he did a good job I gave him a. Ten out of ten yes gonna be really bad how many points you’re giving that one ten I give you a team to these points and sorry for the lighting alright guys so now the. Camera is better because like the filter was on wrong and it looks better now so I’m so sorry for the pledge before well yeah we. Came back from the Starbucks barista thing so now we’re gonna let my dad tries so.

Basically what we did is we asked those Starbucks burries to pick drinks for us in us to read. It so you’re gonna rate this now so this is the ha salted caramel mocha so try it and then rate it yeah they’d be good you like that.

Brady one being the worst ten being the best eight. Yeah I did it 10 that one is gonna the chocolate milk over there he doesn’t say well mmm wow this is job but you know the chocolate milk in the. Fridge that’s what it tastes like Gabe Kaylee you say wrong all the time Java Java you like that it’s chocolate pieces of.

Sugar now some kind chips guava Jamba hmm when you radio one through 10 but a hot summer day this is good one from 1 to 10 I would give it a salmon. You like more the other one yes mom knew you’re gonna like I’m Ben Tennyson yeah. Well you have a second part Shawn so I get more yeah tomorrow is.

The second day and in Sunday another day if you want to join us on Sunday you can. Join us okay see you later guys second day and we are going to start what to see what the service baristas tell us what drinks we should get you ready mom.

Yes okay guys we are on their way to the star booth we’re gonna make their challenge today. Kevin Henry hey are you gonna do it okay thanks for getting me to 4,000. Watch hours now I can finally do more videos thank you for almost. 10,000 now work hard yep we catch you later guys we will see if they understand what we want. You just have to say random drink okay so can you pick three random drinks for us you want three random things yeah yeah it doesn’t matter yeah can you surprise us. Can you surprise us yeah okay thank you okay I’m.

Scared what you think is gonna be good I think I’m gonna get some hot hot. I don’t know what he’s gonna do I tried every drink on.

The menu I don’t think so there’s a lot of on the menu I heard everything you didn’t. See PS video yeah but it wasn’t all of them all the fried basics all the refreshes no one Thank You hot. Okay wait a minute what is that it’s just a mocha mocha I like that okay they take so good Oh baby for her it’s good Oh Michael let me try with us one can.

Probably try them so this is the pumpkin Frappuccino and I want to. Try he said it’s good that’s good honking oh that one looks good. Thank you so what we have is the vanilla bean which when you have kendry tea I know that’s tall tall pumpkin far Pacino vanilla bean your.

Dragon this is good I didn’t try that one they give you a mocha black hat and he’s a hundred degrees outside at 4 o clock and I don’t like. This one he likes this one let me try that so this one is actually really good so. I really recommend the pumpkin Papa Chino so I guess let’s head outside like imma drink this all. And then kendry the vanilla bean one I don’t really like that one cuz I tried that one before but I didn’t really like it it’s good I don’t like. It can I tell you about winning I rate that one like a seven and the mocha I rate that like a five I. Thought it was the UM cinnamon guys I’m adding three things of sugar three without with calories two that’s gonna taste like oh no way oh my god that’s a lot of.

Sugar you know that I think today was kind of good just could be better but at least they don’t gave us the green stuff that I’m like I don’t. Want it’s like juice I don’t I don’t know you converse oh my god okay well see you tomorrow yep. Ah see you guys tomorrow and see if they pick a different day but we’re gonna say something different like can. You surprise it like with a mixture or something yeah with the mystery men okay okay so see you tomorrow all right you guys so.

Is the final day and we’re better go to Starbucks and yes I like I said it’s. The final day so we’re gonna ask them can you pick two drinks off of the secret. Menu cuz my mom is doing it with me and let’s see what they pick I’m kind of scared because I. Never got anything off of the secret menu that they have are you excited mom I’ll see you guys when we get there all righty guys we. Are here doesn’t know so I’m gonna go in the back really fast because they won’t be able to hear me so I need a goal mooing okay so we’re in.

The drive-through hey hey so I have a question can you pick two drinks from. The secret menu like random drinks I don’t know any drinks from cigarette you because those aren’t like it’s not our menu oh so I don’t know the drinks that are on. It I only know what’s on there but you do have like a list of moment I can take a few up before you know. Just pick two random drinks of ours cold drinks cold drinks doesn’t matter. What size tall alright nice what we just ordered and they gave us caramel hazel something so we’re gonna try this one try to pick on from the. Secret menu but like they said it wasn’t their money’s already it’s good it’s good.

Coffee I don’t know it’s good though look like coffee. But it’s good that’s a thumbs up what do you rate it mom hey hey alright you guys so this is I think the same one as. Last like yesterday pumpkin spice I’m not sure so let’s try this for some reason this one tastes better than yesterday mom this one tastes different but. It’s like pumping this will taste better than yesterday try it it tastes more like milk beer what is this thing yeah but it tastes different sweet that’s the word it tastes like more sweetly. Much sugar I don’t know it’s better than it’s good and I actually like the ice came I don’t know what it is.

It’s that okay nevermind so I think out of all three days my favorite was for me the first thing Gary was the first day. Mine was that’s hard because in every single one I only liked one of them I’m just glad that they didn’t give us any green drink or anything like that but in the other hand. They didn’t give us any pink wine any colorful ones yeah they gave us.

All I told you’re doing it maybe it’s not Starbucks we don’t know so yeah that was basically the video profitable if you want to see a part – or like McDonald. Duncan no no it’s like the drink so comment below. If you want to see that that was it – hope you guys enjoyed the video I sure did like tasting all the different ones and no not to get or to get them. Again because I do not go to Starbucks at all but yeah I really wanted to try the.

Cinnamon roll and they didn’t give us it like I really wanted it like I wanted it because Natalie. Did this challenge and like she said it was so good and like I. Want it but I didn’t get it but it’s okay you don’t always get. What you want thank you guys for this video hope you guys.

Enjoy please like comment subscribe and yeah see you guys next time bye.