Starbucks, Breakfast sandwich, Plant-based diet, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat

Welcome back everybody the fake meat battle is heating up impossible foods just landing a landmark deal a. Dede Roy joins us with the details Aditi what’s the beef hi there Becky’s Starbucks just announced that it’s adding the impossible breakfast sandwich. To its menu it’s the first time the coffee giant is extending its plant-based menu into food at least in the.

U.s. stores and it’s a huge win for impossible’ in its competition with. Beyond meat beyond me chairs are pretty flat this morning but in the green beyond an impossible have been going head-to-head nabbing restaurant chain partnerships. And earlier this year that competition extended into breakfast Rihanna’s breakfast products are already at Dunkin Donuts. Carl’s jr. Hardee’s and Starbucks Canada soars impossible foods just rolled out the impossible Chris sandwich nationwide last week at 7500 Burger King stores by adding Starbucks. And its 15,000 US cafes to its portfolio impossible is.

Starbucks, Breakfast sandwich, Plant-based diet, Impossible Foods, Beyond MeatTripling the number of eateries carrying its breakfast products well that’s a hefty win for impossible’ it’s also diluted by. The fact that most eateries around the country are operating under capacity because of social distancing you. May also remember how last year impossible phase supply issues this time around the company says it has a partnership with a. Big co manufacturer and it has ample capacity to ramp up Becky hey. Aditi I’m just thinking about the news that we’ve heard recently about Tyson and other of the the.

Starbucks, Breakfast sandwich, Plant-based diet, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat Business NewsChicken and the beef producers how they’ve had trouble in some of their plants and actually had these coronavirus cases that have spread pretty rampant Lee you don’t hear that with any. Of these beyond meats or impossible burgers or anything edge what does production like for these places is it because they’re. They’re done differently and can socially distance more yeah yeah they can and they actually do make a point of. That I’ve actually been to an impossible foods factory and. It is very different from the pictures I’ve seen of a traditional.

Starbucks, Breakfast sandwich, Plant-based diet, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat NewsMeatpacking place there are actually very few humans in there there’s a lot of automation happening in there and you just you just don’t have as much contact and people are. Definitely spaced out more even naturally under normal circumstances certainly not during a pandemic also just from the perspective of trying. To be in retail and and and kind of wondering how things have changed as we’ve gone through social distancing in the closures of. So many of these different places how have they done just in terms of consumers going to the grocery store. And how do you think that will play out have the patterns changed during the lockdown and do they anticipate they will change again once more of these stores open up for us once they. They certainly have you know during beyond last earnings call CEO.

Ethan Brown guided to investors and warned them that the roll out to these these. Partnerships with the restaurants these restaurant chains will be slowed down because of the pandemic and. They are going to be shifting some of their resources that went into foodservice into the retail sector and last week you know they mentioned these rolled out these value packs beyond it. And in doing so they actually shifted some of the capacity that had gone towards foodservice into.

Retail every week we get these reap Nielsen numbers of grocery stores and what they’re selling and fresh alternative meat products are. Always at the top of the list they’re seeing about 200% increase in growth in grocery sales since the pandemic erupted so. There’s definitely an opportunity there for these alternative protein companies you.