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What’s up guys Stas here so the stock market futures are not looking too great right now pretty much giving back all of their gains. From Friday with the es the e-mini S&P 500 futures being down 1.4 percent down about 40 points the Dow Jones futures down 375 points down. About 1.5 percent with the Nasdaq futures just over a hundred points in the red. Down about 1.1 percent and in this video we’re gonna. Talk more about the markets breaking down some technicals and I want to go over what are my plans heading into this week in the stock market last week it was a. Pretty crazy week right volatile we saw the Dow Jones down almost 2000 points and quite honestly.

I expect this week to be pretty volatile as well so I want to go over my. Thoughts my plans and seven stocks in particular that I’m actually looking to trade that I’m. Looking to buy heading into this week so if you guys find value. In this video as always hit that like button for me consider subscribing to the channel and check out the free links. Down below in the description box if you want to be further connected with the strive.

Stock, Futures contract, Orthocoronavirinae, Stock marketSmart community via the disc or chat the Facebook group and if you want to free stock from Weibo valued up to 1,400 dollars if you deposit $100 that’s all linked down below in. The description box so first and foremost let’s get an idea of what happened.

Stock, Futures contract, Orthocoronavirinae, Stock market Business NewsIn the stock market last week and to do that I’m simply going to go here actually I was going to go to the SPX but let’s go to s py which is an ETF. That tracks the S&P 500 and we can simply go here to the 5-day 5-minute or the 5-day 15-minute to get an idea of what happened in the past five days of trading which again. Was last week so we can see here clearly s py was treading water at about 3:20 on the 9th of June on the 10th. Of June right around 3:20 right we went down to about 3:18 and then that is. When the massive drop came if you guys recall last week to Rome Powell spoke I believe it was on Wednesday and the sentiment the vibe that many people got from the way his outlook. Is on the economy which is pretty and right the vibe was was scary people panicked right and the markets completely dropped off a cliff that was a.

Stock, Futures contract, Orthocoronavirinae, Stock market NewsBig reason as to why the markets started to drop like crazy this day. The s py went from again 3:20 the previous day and 24 hours later it was at 300 points that means guys the S&P. Fell about 6% so this is giving us some some pre some some vibes some memories from back. In you know March which was the last time the markets were seeing these types of drops you know we were falling five six percent seven percent 10 percent.

It was insane right and then the following day which was Friday this day right. Here the last day the market was open we actually ran up a bit but you guys can clearly see we ended up falling. Into a downswing but ultimately still closing up 3.0 60 cents on the SP Y being up about up about one point two percent but again. With the futures now if we go to the es SP 500. Futures they’re actually giving back all of those gains and some we’re down 1.5 percent and a very key level.

Here and guys watch this level heading into tomorrow because mind you the futures they’re actually. Trading throughout the night so when you wake up in the morning take a look and see what.

The futures are doing heading into the market open and that’ll give you kind of an idea okay where’s the. Market going to push in the morning and for the beginning of. The day right if the futures are red likely you know the markets are going to be red. A bit but there’s a couple of scenarios that could have come out of that and that’s what. We’re going to talk about right now so watch 29 52 about 29.

70 that’s kind of what I’m watching heading into tomorrow and the first scenario that can happen guys and we are potentially seeing it happening right now. Slowly is the markets fill this gap completely fill the gap completely from what just opened up right and you can see it right here. The es the e-mini S&P futures went from 30 20 29 60 so one possible scenario for tomorrow is okay we already saw a big drop here maybe we see.

A bit of relief the bull’s bring us back up to 3000 we fill that gap pretty much the. Entire gap that was just open that’s one thing that can happen here in. The S&P 500 right and we’ve seen it before we saw a drastic drop followed by a little relief rally drastic drop followed by a. Relief rally and now we’re seeing again another drastic drop on this gap down which could very well be followed by a little relief rally especially if.

We hold 29 62 about 20 970 which is a support as you guys can see here on the chart and it’s exactly where the es. Futures are holding right now and scenario number two could it be okay this. Does not just bounce back up this is just the beginning of tomorrow’s sell-off and the sell-off that we see this. Upcoming week right and again it goes back to that key level at about. 29 52 29 70 if we wake up tomorrow and.

The futures are trading below that which would be very bad for the for the Bulls that could mean there’s going to be more selling to come and if we go to this hourly. Chart you guys can see the next range that I’m looking at on the SP.

Futures if we break 29 50 2970 is going to be around 29 20 right that. Could be the next spot where we do get to before another relief rally that’s if scenario 2 plays out which means we break 29.

60 to the downside so watch those levels on the futures guys and quite honestly with what I’m seeing now. I think there’s more downside coming right this is not too good of a sign this big gap down but again don’t be scared when the markets go down. This is actually the opportunity that I’ve been waiting for over the past couple of weeks buying into the. Weakness that’s kind of what I’m looking to do here but like I said last week I’m.

Not jumping the gun because the last position that I want to be in is on the first drop in the markets I unload my whole cash. Position so when it drops again I don’t have cash to put more in that’s the last position that I want to be in and I know many. Beginners out there on this previous drop they added their whole cache position on the first drop and they missed out on the bigger drop where they could have.

Bought stocks at an even lower price so I’m being very patient heading into this week and of course I’m watching those levels that I’ve been talking about in these videos and when. It comes to the Nasdaq guys very quickly you know on the 4-hour chart you guys can see we’re actually maintaining the 180s in May here.

On the 4-hour chart which is a pretty good sign for the up trend continuing although. We haven’t really consolidated and broken out quite yet which is obvious based on this five-day 5-minute chart you guys can see we’re still on the downtrend. So overall I’m gonna wait and see okay if we break the downtrend on the five-day 5-minute that means it’s going to be holding. On the four-hour chart indefinitely which means okay the uptrend is going to most likely continue at that point which in turn we can jump.

Into some bullish ETFs such as you know t2qq which goes up whenever the Nasdaq’s going up and so forth right there’s many. Other ones like that out there and you guys can already see right the the gap fill scenario is not saying. It’s going to happen 100% but it’s already happening here in the Nasdaq right notice how we dropped we opened that entire gap from. 9630 down to about 9500 held the support there and now we’re slowly filling the gap back up to about 96 30 so don’t be.

Surprised guys if the markets are green tomorrow I know it’s crazy but do not be surprised if we do end up filling that gap entirely and you. Know end up going green that would be absolutely incredible right it would be insane and. The Dow Jones here you guys can see very similar we’re. Holding 24:9 we’re starting the gap up to about twenty five four and if we pull back a bit to the 4-hour.

Chart at this point guys we’re at a very critical level of old resistance as a new support at about 24,600 so watch this level. It is imperative that the Dow futures hold this level. Here as a support in terms of the Bulls right because if the Bulls lose here we might be going all the. Way back down no joke to 23,500 which is the next major gap. That I’m seeing here on the charts so overall guys those are some technicals here on the markets kind of some thoughts. And what happened last week and in general my what I’m.

Doing like I said I’m being very patient I have. A lot of cash I’m not looking to unload the cash all on the first drop but I am just buying here buying there being very safe with my buys. And most least being patient sitting on cash waiting to see what the markets do and as always I’d love to know down below in the comments what are your thoughts I love talking. To you guys as always and you guys know I reply to 90 to 95 percent of my comments so don’t. Feel shy to drop a comment now let’s get into the top 7 stocks and I’ll throw some bonus ones at the end here. That I am looking to buy heading into this week the first one here is Nike ticker symbol n ke and this is.

One that I’ve been waiting for if you guys actually have been following the channel for about a month month and a half. At this point Nike is actually a stock that we called out all the way back here on in in the middle towards the end of April we were talking about.

How Nike was trading at about 90 91 bucks and if it were to break. That it’s gonna fill up to 95 it did exactly that broke 91 filled to 95 and then and then it saw this ridiculous rally which in my opinion it got way overbought like many. Stocks out there during this the past two three weeks they’ve gotten so frothy they’ve gotten so. Just into like a specular specula speculators dream you know it’s just been ridiculous these valuations right and I’ve been waiting for the pull down on Nike ever since. It got to that frothy spot at about a hundred four.

Hundred five bucks and now we’re finally getting it right we’ve pulled down to about 95 bucks which is around believe it or not guys at a 10 percent pull down you know. That’s a pretty big pull down when it comes to Nike stock and notice how when it comes to the charts we’re right above the 180 SMA here that’s. A good and that should act as a support if the markets end up balancing out here you.

Know over the next couple of days and we’re also at a point where in the past 95 was was a. Resistance right and we all know when a resistance breaks once stock breaks or resistance it becomes a new support so that’s kind of where we are right now with Nike. And for me to enter the stock guys if we get a bit more into the nitty-gritty here on the on the smaller timeframes I want to see the the stock fully. Break out not into the hundreds that would be kind of a missed opportunity if I.

Got into the hundreds but I want to see the stock break at least this moving average downtrend on the five-day 5-minute and probably get into the 97 9750 territory if we get there that’s. Where I would personally buy right and especially if we got out of the resistance here pre market on Friday so I’m. Gonna I’m gonna set an alert here you know on this stock let’s put an alert mark is. At or above $97.50 that is where actually let’s do 95 97 25 so I get alerted a bit before so then I can. Make my move and decide what I want to do so that’s Nike there ticker symbol nke and another stock here which is interesting.

Is ba also known as Boeing so this is one of those companies that is completely a wreck in my opinion right the management is. Is a wreck you know the business itself is seeing a lot of issues obviously when you’re looking at it from a long-term perspective you know they cut. The dividend which is not attractive whatsoever which is why I sold out of the. Business in my long term portfolios what you know completely but looking at. It from a training perspective you know when this stock drops and when the markets drop in general what is the market really.

Addicted to at this point I know you guys have heard this the market is addicted. To stimulus right it’s addicted to the money printer it’s addicted so the Fed doing what the Fed does best doing what your own pal does best and that printing money and you. Guys remember President Donald Trump said there is no way Boeing is going to go bankrupt there is absolutely no way. Because they employ so many people they do so much research development defense everything that company is massive there’s no way it’s gonna go out of business so this. Means that they’re going to push so much stimulus into Boeing that the stock it’s not gonna go bust right so every pull down that I’m.

Looking at here I’m looking at it as a potential swing trade because again this stocks gonna get inflated it’s it’s gonna get pumped due to the fact that they are. Not going bankrupt there’s no way that this stock will go bankrupt so or the company will go bankrupt right and when a.

Company goes bankrupt usually common stockholders get completely wiped out and that’s. A whole different story but yeah it kind of does tie into this a bit because they are quote-unquote facing bankruptcy for a free market but again with the stimulus this is looking like. A potential entry point right from 240 down to 180 bucks it opened up 25% potential for profit guys and notice how. We’re holding the high from back towards the end of March remember when Boeing rallies from 90 to 180 notice how. We’re holding that level as a support that’s a very good sign here for the Bulls so for tomorrow guys I’m watching 180 like. A hawk 190 if it starts to break up there I’m most likely going to take a position here on.

Boeing ticker symbol ba and another one here is Starbucks ticker symbol s be. UX they got some bad news like many restaurant stocks out there they lost about I don’t know if they. Lost three billion dollars or there are their quarterly earnings were three billion dollars less from last year but they took a massive hit when it comes to their business. Right and we can see that clearly in the stock here the stock went from 84 down to about 72 but you can’t deny the fact that we are starting to see. A bit of a recovery here over the past day or two in trading on Friday the stock went from 73 all the way up to almost 77 dollars per share and.

Going to this 20-day chart you guys can see that we. Actually broke the EMA resistance on the hourly chart and. We’re starting to rally back up but notice how the 50 SMA is a resistance as well. Which for me guys to enter into Starbucks which I took a loss on last week I actually need to see a break out of 77 so we’ll see if that ends up.

Happening in this upcoming week but overall when I’m looking at the markets. Here when I’m looking for a recovery play Starbucks is at the top of the list but remember the markets in general influence the individual stocks a lot of. The time right sure there’s uncorrelated stocks like Virgin Galactic Tesla you. Know neo is another one and by uncorrelated I mean that they can be green even when the markets are red but let’s say tomorrow the markets are very red it’s likely. That Starbucks and many of these stocks will talk about in.

Today’s video are going to be red as well it’s just the truth guys so Starbucks I’m watching it SB UX with the next one being MasterCard ticker symbol MA MasterCard is. When I swing traded I believe two weeks ago heading into last week I made. A pretty nice profit there thankfully sold out before the big drop now I’m actually looking. To get back in and again same with Starbucks if we see a big red day tomorrow Tuesday it’s likely MasterCard gets hit but I’m. Okay with that because I have a target price right now at about 280 to about 285 this is where I’d heavily.

Start accumulating MasterCard shares on this one a TSM a very simple on this. For our chart you guys can see it right here also it is an old resistance as a new support. It would be right around 280 dollars so for me if I’m looking at companies stocks that I’m looking to. Buy into weakness ma is also on that list because let’s say again we pick them up the shares that is at 285 from. 315 words literally just was a couple days ago that’s a drop of about 10% so that’s attractive in my eyes and remember I mentioned neo. It’s an uncorrelated Dok a lot of the time it.

Goes up whenever the markets are down and sure it does go down the markets are down. Too but it’s one of those that it’s a flier.

It can go either way and you guys can see breaking above $6 on Friday you know up 19 cents up 3% on Friday that’s a. Very good sign for the Bulls right the fact that we actually closed above $6 so for this week guys I actually think there’s a lot of potential honestly for neo to. Get back up to $7 and maybe even break $7 notice how we saw in. An insane rally in the stock on the 9th of June following day we went up on. The 10th of June up even more but we failed right around 695 so I’m actually looking to see you know.

What this one’s doing pre market I’m thinking if we break 6:30 you know 6:40 that’s. Going to be where the stock completely takes off and we saw we saw insane rallies again. Last week that were just incredible so watch for the 6:30 break hi Seany oh no joke going.

Back up the $7 remember they got a bullish you know call from goldman. Sachs goldman sachs ended up upgrading the stock right and.

Although we don’t take analysts expectations 100% as a fact we take them with grains of salt you have to realize although you take it. With a grain of salt it still moves the stock regardless for it for a lot of the time. And yeah it could continue having this effect especially if other big banks. Other analysts come out and say yup neoz Oh bye yup we’re putting a Buy.

Rating on neo that could end up pushing the stock up like crazy and especially if institutions come in and they end up hitting their numbers they’re pretty lofty guidance numbers that. They set for quarter two which I’ll probably make a video going deeper into that as we get closer to their earnings it would be very interesting to see what they actually do guys and.

If they do Grand Slam hit their earnings they hit them out the park I could see the stock going. Back up to $10 I know I don’t I don’t like giving predictions long-term a lot on the channel but I’m gonna give one.

Now I can see Neil going up to ten bucks. If they kick the booty earnings or that’s how do weird kick the kick their earnings booty yeah let’s just keep it attack. Guys so the next time oh my goodness the next stock this is what happens when you have over 900 videos on. YouTube guys are right around 900 videos on YouTube the next.

Stock is Facebook ticker symbol f beep this one I like how it held 225 you know heading into the weekend here but I talked about on Friday how honestly. Wouldn’t be opposed to Facebook dropping even lower right and going to a target of around 215 a 220 dollars and that’s kind of where I’m looking at it at this point right and. Overall guys you know like I said the Starbucks MasterCard if the markets. Take a dump this week Facebook’s gonna drop its a large cap company I don’t even know. Is that a trillion dollar company at this point it’s pretty dang close it’s. Gonna get hit as well and we might get that 210 215 220 dollar price target and another one here is an energy stock it is.

BP guys BP I don’t really trade a lot of energy stocks you know like mo up non-mobile. ExxonMobil you know Chevron I don’t really trade these too much but there’s a lot of potential in all of them at this point due. To the dip being pretty immense BP went from $30 roughly to about 24 that’s a drop of 16% so if it moves or rather if it holds.

These moving averages here this could be a play and some bonus ones here we can talk about some other oil stocks ExxonMobil the chart is pretty much. Identical to BP I’m watching this I’m also watching Chevron I forget the the ticker symbol on. That but you guys know Chevron and as always I’m watching. Leveraged etfs I don’t like pushing not that I push these like oh yeah the leveraged etfs companies pay me they don’t pay me a dime but I don’t like. Talking about these a lot because I realize beginners follow me and these leveraged etfs they’re very dangerous I talked about how. All the time don’t hold these overnight the Prospectus of these ETFs literally says do.

Not hold these overnight they’re only meant for day trading but people continue holding them overnight they bag hold. Them the a lot of money but the truth is you know if you do this you actually learn pretty valuable lessons when it comes to trading and. If you take loss after loss taking these lessons ultimately it’s. Going to make you a better trader but honestly why go through those mistakes when you can learn through others like myself I’ve back. Held a lot of you know leveraged etfs in my.

Day and the truth is guys if you’re not ready to get in and out of one of these you know if you’re not. Ready to day trade them just don’t even touch them and if you’re a beginner just getting into the markets just don’t even touch leveraged etfs please just don’t touch them. But if you have more experience you know you can trade volatile.

Leveraged ETFs like sqq for example which can go up ten 15 percent. In any given day and this goes up whenever the Nasdaq is going down right so you can play this if the markets drop another one you know is SP excess this goes up. Whenever the S&P is going down so these are options here but again they’re very volatile you can get caught in them and quite honestly if I were to get caught in one and let’s. Say it goes down 5% very quickly I’m dropping out I’m selling out right I’m not looking to hold them because that leads to bag holding and that leads to 4050. Percent losses which many of you guys just just don’t even mess with them just learn from my mistake I’m telling you.

Guys you’re gonna lose a lot of money if you hold these. But if you’re if you’re disciplined if you can day. Trade them go ahead go ahead go ahead trade them there’s a lot of money to be. Made and I don’t want to sound too preachy but I’m just giving you guys a fair warning from somebody.

That’s lost a lot of money by trading those leveraged. ETF products so overall guys those are the bulk of the stocks I’m watching heading into this week we can talk Airlines a bit you know Airlines I’m also watching these if the. Markets do bounce back they’ll probably bounce back pretty aggressively so a al you know d al lu v you know si ve saved is.

Spirit Airlines you know that’s an interesting play here it was up 17% on Friday you. Know see CL see CL is a cruise line up 15% on Friday you know RCL’s and other cruise line Wynn Resorts Wynn Resorts is a casino high-class casino business hotels this that the third. You know they were up three percent and you can tell. They’ve dropped about twenty points over the past couple of you know days so about 16 percent profit potential there so these are the stocks that I’m watching heading into this week and as. Always we can go over so many more but the video would just be too long so subscribe to the channel if you.

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