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What are your thoughts on investment services like The Motley Fool they’re heavily advertising and seem to have long-term investment by similar to Buffett are these services worth it I don’t think so and do. Your own research don’t just rely on me please do your own research but Motley Fool kind of got started back in the in. The 90s they were the first kind of notable online repository for investment advice and I remember the first notable stock they pitched was called I Omega and I’m dating myself any any storage people. Out there you’ll understand what that is which is it was just an old cartridge that you could. Hook up that had a lot of memory on it which means a couple kilobytes and they actually made a good call on that and so they started to sell their services.

And whatnot ends I don’t I don’t think you should ever. Take anybody’s advice now when it comes to buying stocks always do your own research always always always always please and if you. Don’t then what will happen is you’ll sell that stock at the worst time you’ll panic. And you’ll be a tourist in the stock you’ll only be renting it you got to be very very long-term focused and as warren buffett said. The longer the view the wiser the intention always do. Your own research and I got a quote Buffett again I got a great one here so Warren Buffett said the New York Stock Exchange is the only store in the world where consumers sell.

Stock, Stock market, Nasdaq, Finance, The Motley FoolStuff when it goes on sale think about that it’s amazing it it’s amazing so do your own research first and just be careful. When you go to certain websites and you see what are called. Sponsored stories those will bias you and I don’t want you take advice from any CEO that goes on a financial news program or has a guest column online because CEOs are. The best salespeople in the world they’re not unethical but they’re gonna be positive about their company obviously that’s how they got to the top. The great salespeople and anybody who’s interviewed on television that talks about stocks a lot.

Stock, Stock market, Nasdaq, Finance, The Motley Fool Business NewsOf times their clients could be paying the bills for them even if Thursday Chinese walls separating investment banking and trading in that company just be careful of that just be careful please or. Might be a portfolio manager as being interviewed that owns that stock for example so just be.

Stock, Stock market, Nasdaq, Finance, The Motley Fool NewsCareful I think it’s a good exercise for me to take you over to to teach you what a sponsored story is when when I ran my hedge fund I. Paid thousands to Bloomberg and then I said no more dude we’re gonna get everything here from Yahoo Finance it’s free and get all the same stuff however when. You go onto this website you gotta be careful I’m gonna look really closely here.

Okay so right here this is an ad okay I’ll raging flow still around check it you’ve got sponsors stories everywhere just be careful that and by the way a newspaper I recommend reading for. Just high-level how the world works is the FT but when you look at this newspaper I don’t want you to read anything that tells you what to. Buy or sell I don’t read interviews with money managers what I want you. To do is only read articles that tell you how the world.

Works and nothing more and always always always do your own research please please and be a. Long-term investor trading doesn’t work please don’t trade stocks.