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Hi you guys welcome back to my channel today I have a. Tea hall to share with you guys and all of. These teas I’ve picked up at the grocery store over the last I would. Say like two three weeks or so so all of these teas you. Can find from either Walmart or Target I will try and link all of them down below if I can find them sometimes things like teas are hard to.

Find on the Walmart or the target website because it’ll just say you know it’s you basically have to check. Your local store but if there’s anything I can link I will do that down below but let’s go ahead and jump into this some of these are brand new teas to me. That I’ve never tried before and some of these are repurchases so the first thing that I have here is this tightly British blend premium black tea and. It looks like this now if I could only choose one tea to have for the rest of my life it would be an English.

Tata Global Beverages, Ito En, Celestial Seasonings, Tea, Industry, NestléBreakfast tea so I’m very basic with you know as far as. My favorite teas it is just a black tea I’ve never tried that at Lee British. Blend obviously so this will be really interesting to try and it says Tetley tea.

Tata Global Beverages, Ito En, Celestial Seasonings, Tea, Industry, Nestlé Business NewsProudly celebrates 185 years of tea expertise in crafting the perfect brew known for if for its authentic British heritage Tetley master blenders have lovingly created our best-selling British blend from. The finest tea leaves around the world including Africa and Assam to give you a rich bold and flavorful cup of authentic. British style black tea does robust full but full body tea is perfect for your everyday pick-me-up try it with a dash of milk for that royal experience now um generally. Just a plain unflavored black tea like this I will have lightly sweetened I don’t usually add. Milk to a tea like this but definitely very very excited to give that a try this next one is to a repurchase this is the Bigelow constant comment black tea and. It looks like this um this one it’s like an orange tea let’s see if there is a description um not.

Tata Global Beverages, Ito En, Celestial Seasonings, Tea, Industry, Nestlé NewsReally so I’ll just kind of tell you this is kind of it’s a like an orange spice tea. And it’s but it’s black it’s a black tea base so a lot of times you have orange spice teas but it’s an herbal base so they tend to be a. Little bit more tart with this being a black tea base it’s actually. A very nice balanced sweet orange flavor so you don’t have the tartness and then the spices just add like such a great flavor to it so this is actually one.

Of my favorite teas that you can purchase from the grocery stores I definitely really really like that this next one is also. A repurchase for me this is the Tazo dessert delights glazed lemon loaf and this is an herbal tea flavored with other natural flavors and it says it’s an enticing herbal infusion with.

Notes of bright lemon and creamy vanilla if you have ever had the lemon loaf. Cake from Starbucks which looks just like this this is what it tastes like this is a wonderful tea I’m not the hugest lemon tea person because they generally. Tend to be really tart this is not tart this is a very very creamy sweet lemon I generally do add a little bit of sweetener to this but you.

Really don’t need a ton you could drink this without sweetener and it still isn’t gonna be tart so if you haven’t tried this this is really really good next we have the celestial Seasonings. Citrus sunrise and this is actually an herbal supplement T it is caffeine free. And it says it has 200 percent of your daily value of vitamin C per serving and it looks like this this is new to. Me I have not try this before it says bring a bit of sunshine. To any moment with this vibrant blend this symphony of flavors creates a harmonious medley of bright orange floral.

Rose hips fruity blackberry leaves and tangy hibiscus citrus sun rights provides. 200 percent of your daily value of vitamin C and will deliciously awaken your senses so definitely excited to give that a try. It sounds wonderful especially right now with it being very cold. And very little sunshine something with vitamin C is probably really good then the next one is also a celestial Seasonings tea and this is the fruit tea sampler so. It’s all herbal teas and it does contain raspberry zinger Country peach passion wild berries in our true blueberry and black cherry berry so that’s what it looks like. I’ve tried some of these before but not all of them so definitely excited to give that a try the next one is also a sampler I really enjoyed getting samplers.

Because it gives you such a variety especially if you haven’t tried the teas it’s always you know when you you buy a tea and. You’re not the biggest fan and then you have like 22 eggs. To try and get through and you’re like I don’t even like this stuff I don’t.

Know it’s just nicer if you can get a sampler pack and then see what you like and then if you like anything purchase the full. Size so this is a Bigelow assorted teas and these are all herbal and this one contains pomegranate pizzazz I love lemon mint medley orange. And spice cozy chamomile and sweet dreams and that one looks like. That and then the last three that I have to share with you guys are all yogi teas and I haven’t tried any of these. These are all new to me the first one is soothing Carmel bedtime and.

It says it supports a good night sleep and it looks like this generally before bed I will drink like a chamomile tea or like a sleepytime tea and. Most of those kinds of teas have you know your typical chamomile and a lot a lot of times they have like almost like a minty flavor like a.

Spearmint flavor with them so I’m actually excited to try something that’s not mint and. Chamomile it’s just you know the caramel flavor I’m sure this probably has okay yeah it does have. Chamomile in it and it says sweet rule rooibos caramel and vanilla flavors so I think that’ll be really really nice to try something different and then the next.

One is the peach detox and it’s a healthy cleansing formula and it looks like this and this one says traditionally used cleansing herbs. Burdock and dandelion combined with warming cinnamon and ginger and fruity peach notes. For an intriguing blend that supportive supports healthy cleansing enjoyed.

As part of your wellness program peach detox tea is sure to leave you feeling revitalized so that sounds really good and. Then the last one is sweet tangerine positive energy and it says it supports elevated mood and energy levels and it looks like that and this one says sweet. Tangerine positive energy tea combines herbs traditionally used to uplift the spirit and a blend of Assam black tea and your Beaumont a to help provide energy Lourdes lotus flowers and tangerine flavors. Add sweet floral and fruity notes for a bright and spirited tea that’s sure to leave you smiling so again for this time of year I feel like this is. Probably a really really good tea to drink and I’m definitely really excited. To give it a try so okay you guys that is all of the tea that I have to share with you guys for today sound off down below and let.

Me know if you’ve tried any of these teas or also if you have any recommendations. For teas that you really really enjoy and you think that I would really enjoy I’m such a tea. Lover and I have such a huge tea collection so you know all the information you guys can share with me.

I definitely appreciate anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I. Will see you next time.