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This here’s the money radio network the views expressed on the following program do not necessarily reflect the views of money radio staff management. Or advertisers and do not represent an offer to buy or sell any securities some interviews heard. On this program may be sponsored by the participants this is money radio and we’re ready to talk business local national and worldwide business investment tips. Traffic and weather plus interesting guest yes it’s time to start the business for breakfast show and to bring it all to you here are ken Morgan and Mark Asher 607 Tuesday. Morning edition of business for breakfast here is an interesting little art project or it might be more accurately called a human nature project turned out that way anyway there’s an English. Artist named Anna brown stem and here’s what she did at a fountain is there’s an abandoned fountain in Cambridge England what she did was.

She put 100,000 pennies inside the fountain and there were. Cameras trained on the fountain just to see how people would. React so she put them in there at 8 a.m. this. Past Saturday and here’s how the public reacted by 9 a.m. over 99% of them were gone well. It was not considered theft because people were told you can do whatever you want here I mean this is a project you.

Tim Cook, Apple, 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS News, Apple Worldwide Developers ConferenceCan interact with it she wanted to see if people would use the money to make a wish maybe use it for themselves and. She had planned to donate all the money that was left to a local charity apparently it wasn’t much left if they took over 99. Percent of it in one hour artistic director Daniel Pitts said we do not consider it to be theft for there was it was there. For people to interact and as they saw fit the experiment had a. Provocative outcome it opened conversations about human nature and the bystander effect I remember a piece on 60 minutes.

Tim Cook, Apple, 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS News, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Business NewsWhere 60 minutes where Andy Rooney put I I think it was a penny or you might have even been. A quarter on a sidewalk in New York and just watched and people wouldn’t bother to pick it. Up but I guess if you have a hundred thousand pennies in there which is thousand dollars 1000 bucks you might have some people who would scoop it up okay it was ten. Thousand a hundred thousand pennies oh okay nevermind what is the was it in the water that’s right dear nurse I don’t know if there.

Tim Cook, Apple, 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, CBS News, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference NewsWas water in the fountain it said abandoned but it could still. Be water in there they mean to go into a fountain and then like Dracula you got a fishnet you know you’re just picking up pennies. And really think about I mean if you go get a.

Hundred of them you have a balk like really is it really worth it to like I don’t know might have been to somebody apparently. I guess if you got all of them that’d be pretty good yeah to my defense I googled how pennies it says. Ten thousand dollars right here it does yeah finance answers Wikipedia what anyway well that that was very nice of her. To do that I do the one thing I do like is have you ever seen where they put like a $20 bill and it’s out on the street. People go get it and it starts moving because it’s on a string I’d like to see that oh that’s good YouTube that or though people will glue quarters or even silver dollars to the.

Ground so people go to pick it up and can’t pick it up next you know the guys like getting mad easy cuz kids he’s got a pocketknife. He’s chiseling the silver dollar off the ground just out of spite alright welcome. Into a Tuesday edition of the business for breakfast show do we have a Alert like like giveaway alert we need like phone loads.

Like sounder we do not have a giveaway alert but we are going to give away the. Australian bee gees are going to be in town well the actual. Bee Gees were Australian but this is a group called the Australian bee gees right and they’re really good at what they do that sounds awesome yeah stayin alive right all right. So they’re coming to pull were they gonna be at celeb celebrities here yes okay so we have a pair of tickets that we’re gonna give away.

To those it’s this Friday later that’s right all right now and you know you even have to pick up the tickets if. You win it’ll be at the box office for you that’s good I like it John. Arbok don’t call him red president and CEO of trust for America’s Health is going to join us a new state-by-state report finds adult obesity rates now exceed 35 percent in seven states are we.

One of those states we’ll talk about that coming up in about 12 minutes from now at the bottom of our number one alexandra dickinson entrepreneur and expert negotiator we’re gonna. Negotiate we’re gonna actually discuss how to get paid what you’re worth this should be good you’re gonna listen. Pay attention this one mm-hmm Melissa Rudolph E is vice president of.

Retirement and college products at fidelity how American families are coping with the high cost of college there’s a results of a new study will talk about will give those tickets. Away like I mentioned we’re also going to visit with Doug Shadle.

PhD dark web expert and lead researcher on consumer fraud as your digital. Identity been stolen or compromised probably will tell you why or how you can find out and then Matt Oliver and Lisa lon the owners of the London mortgage team have you’ve heard.

Me talk about for a long long time if you’ve been listening to radio the loan. Mortgage team will be in studio this morning they’re gonna kind of give us. A little update on everything you know everything Wow you know from mortgage excited thing okay not everything like they’re not gonna update the Kardashians like we don’t need that and then I Arizona. Citizens for the Arts executive director Katherine rusty Foley is going to join us efforts are underway to support arts and education programs advocacy in Arizona as National Arts.

And Education Week puts focus on learning benefits for children so then we’ve got the business of sports as well now regardless of what you saw 100,000 pennies is one thousand dollars yeah. I know a million pennies is ten thousand I did the math I’m like oh wait never I carry the zero did it incorrectly it’s fine I grew I relied on Google. Real quick and just typed it in and said just thinking it through it’s my. Own fault yeah so if you had because Google lies right it wasn’t Google was wiki something wiki okay finance wiki anyway we’ve got.

That going on now we do have stocks on Wall. Street down over trade concerns between the United States and China again Trump set of countries will not make fair deals. With us they will be terrified get it no they didn’t say they exercise tariffed with this news shares he should. Have said that they’ll be terrified but spell a different all right never mind shares of Apple be playing no thank you percent I thought. It was funny during no she’s not awake either China is one of the company’s biggest markets obviously so Apple. Fell a couple percent Amazon Boeing micron also contributed to losses on.

Wall Street at the closing bell yesterday the Dow was down 93. Points 26 0-62 Nasdaq down over / 714 point 78 95 and the S&P 500 lost 16 points 2888 and doesn’t look much better this morning or does it. Does does it yeah I think so well let’s see yeah it looks like 55 yeah SP up for mine didn’t reset Nasdaq up. 10 the oil prices looking like this the West Texas Intermediate up about 89 cents 69 80 a barrel and good old Brent crude man of 96. Cent 7901 a barrel it’s both of those are up over one percent I’m checking here to see if.

This actually worked because there’s another story similar remember when the Circuit City. Closed down all of their retail stores I do and they don’t member what year but they. Are still online though as an online store oh they are they still are there and the reason I’m bringing that up story recently the Banton stores all closed shut down bond bond on. I don’t think I they have several stores under their brand name including. Bond on Boston store Yonkers and other brands they have now become an net retailer CSC generation of Maryville Indiana bought their trademarks and websites customer lists and other.

Intellectual properties for less than a million dollars and they have relaunched the store selling merchandise like. Kitchen appliances home electronics and other items so the bond time stores are still open Circuit City is still there. Online only and Macy’s is still open online Oh actually they have stores too they have well they’re changing it a little right yes. Tell us about that after we check the traffic see how that’s going for us this morning like the fact that Macy’s is not sitting. Around going oh woe is us Oh what are we going to.

Do they’re doing something yeah not just selling off their properties right Macy’s is hoping if shoppers. Looking for something a little different this holiday season maybe they’ll visit one of Macy’s pop-up marketplaces the.

Department store chain is beefing up this offering while adding new experiences such. As virtual reality headsets to make shopping easier and it hopes to drive. Sales the retailer will be expanding the market at Macy’s it’s basically small. Open space within their stores that rotates a handful of brands in and out to more locations Lenox Square in Atlanta and Century City in.

Los Angeles in November that’ll bring the total to 12 across the United States these shops are. Located what Macy’s says are some of its most traffic stores and there’s also one in New York Herald Square in a unique move Macy’s will partner. With Facebook to add about 150 brands that currently advertise on the social media platform to sell in its shops at Herald. Square store is where sani the real Santa Claus is every year the real one is up there absolutely the real one yeah sleeps. With the whiskers above that’s right people they’re looking speaking of pop-up stores didn’t they say that the Toys R Us old locations some toy stores gonna go in there for the.

Holiday season and do pop-up probably don’t know a star but I heard that one oh cool is it KB are they back hey bees still in the but when you go into. A KB store it’s like here’s our stores but we only have 800 square feet or here’s all those pop-up those do pop up in. The mall for Christmas but other than that they’re not around hmm there’s a KB store a KB Toys at the mall mm not Arrowhead hey Doreen yeah I have some bad. News from work he’s on a special diet where he’s eating twigs and berries and stuff like that no I. Can’t eat berries today is national cheeseburger day ah oh yeah I could actually eat cheeseburger invented it was invented invented invented by of a German.

By a famous scientist in 1920s somewhere back then and the if you were gonna make them at home the timing is very important you. Want to put the layer of cheese on just at the right moment right on the meat so it doesn’t over melt but.

Melts a little bit right you got a melt but don’t over melt correct yeah then gets sticky and that’s like that all right we got a guest. Coming up here in just a moment also we’re gonna. Talk about how much Amazon is down since they hit that one trillion you. Might be surprised and maybe it’s time to buy we’ll talk about that coming up in just a few minutes as well you know what’s in the forecast for.

Tomorrow of some possibility showers or thundershowers about midday tomorrow good we’ll see but today cooldown is sunny and 106 yeah yeah there you go this is money radios business for. Breakfast today there are so many sources of information but among all those one of the most trusted is still radio and if you’re looking for financial information that affects you. On a very personal level a local radio station that provides not only the big picture from nationally known experts what shows ideas and advice from those who live right here in the valley.

Money radio has been that trusted source for decades skip a listen at 15 10 a.m. or 105.3 FM and be sure. To download the money radio app for your smart phone all right 24 after 6 this. Is money radios business for breakfast show on a Tuesday morning and. We have Nadine Gracia who is executive vp and CEO of trust for.

America’s Health joining us this morning dr. Gracia good morning good morning thanks for having. Me on before we do anything else would you give me the definition that you think is the most accurate for.

The term obesity yes we refer to obesity we’re referring specifically in adults to having what we call a body mass index that’s a measure that tells us you know the. The basically the distribution of body fat and the amount of body fat that that indicates whether you’re at a healthy weight for adults that is a body. Mass index of 30 or higher and for children that’s really a body mass index between the 80. 85th – less Earth’s give me that greater than or equal to the 95th percentile are you about to tell us everything has gotten a lot. Better in America Island four I wish I could but unfortunately the trends. Are actually worsening across the nation the report that we released last week called the state of obesity shows that obesity rates continued to.

Rise and actually now that there are seven states that actually have obesity rates that are above the 35th. Percentile I see the states we’re not one of them so whatever we’re perfect out here in Arizona obviously. Done I’m joking but are there certain parts of the country that it seems like it’s more prevalent like maybe in the south so where we’ve. Seen so as I mentioned in the states that adult obesity rates are at or above 35% you. Know that in states like Alabama and Arkansas Louisiana Mississippi and West Virginia but there are you know many factors and causes of obesity and here in. The state of Arizona we’ve also seen those trends rise for example in the past five years where the adult obesity rate is 29 point five percent which puts Arizona.

At about 30th in the nation and even though there are other states that have higher obesity rates than Arizona it’s still very serious public health issue you know more than one in four adults. Who are living in the in the state have obesity and are at risk for that the health consequences of obesity all right so you mentioned everyone’s going up so. Really there’s nowhere to hide are there any of the 50 states that saw their obesity rates decrease at all in the last I don’t know year or two actually no there was no. State that had an obesity rate improved significantly during the past year which is why this is such an important issue to address why we need to have really continued and. Sustained action toward addressing the obesity in the nation I think we have a cultural. Thing going on in some parts of the country as well I grew up.

In the south where we put gravy on top of our gravy and some of the eating habits there are not the most helpful in. The entire world but so that doesn’t explain other parts of the country though does it well what you’re. Describing is just you know one of the many factors that are really the underlying causes of obesity you know the the causes of obesity are complex many of.

Them are interrelated so you’ve pointed out you know individual in. It and and cultural factors but there’s also policy and economic factors there’s the environments in which we live because the choices that we make are often. Driven by the conditions in which we live where our children play where people work and what we see are also certainly it’s important. That individuals have a role to play with regards to ensuring that they can be as healthy as possible but we also also all have a. Role to play in helping to ensure that the conditions and the environments and.

Neighborhoods really help make the Healthy Choice the easy choice. You know that includes things such as schools are really promoting a physical activity physical education in school for children and having access. To healthy and nutritious foods or transportation officials and and communities working together to be able to promote walkable and bikable communities because there. Are far too many communities where individuals and families don’t have safe or accessible. Places to engage in regular physical activity we also need to be sustained funding and you know we’ve seen fundings.

Decreased over the years federal funding to states and communities to really focus on obesity prevention and then. We can look at for example you know food and the restaurant industry of promoting healthy foods.

On their menus really looking at beverage and food companies with regards to the advertising of unhealthy foods to families and children all of these factors you. Know if you if you’re not able to buy and afford healthy foods if you’re not able to get regular exercise in your. Neighborhoods all of those contribute to the many reasons why we’re seeing these Rises you know in obesity I hope we can talk to you it again in a year or so and find these. Figures have improved I certainly hope that’s the case where can we get to more information about. This study absolutely so the state of obesity report is available on the trust for America’s Health website which is. Available at Tifa tsa h org very good thank you so much for joining us this.

Morning discouraging but we appreciate the information thank you so. Much thank you market opens in less than 30 seconds we’ll get you updated on the news headlines around the world. And then we’ll get you the first market update today stick around all right it’s 83 degrees right now and we’ll hit about 106 for the high today.

Time for the first market update brought to you by IQ Wealth Management the home of high IQ retirement planning don’t just manage your money. Master your money meet with accredited investment fiduciary Steve George schedule a meeting online at IQ wealth combats IQ wealth calm well we’ve got I. Guess good news right now but then we gotta keep our eye on something. As well the Dow is up 71 at the open the S&P 500 of nine Nasdaq up 43 all those. Are positive right half percent quarter percent here there but China hits back.

It’s going it says it will implement a sixty billion dollar tariff on the US or sixty billion dollars in tariffs on the. US effective September twenty four so let’s see how that. Plays out the rest of today and the rest of the week Alexandre Dickenson is joining us now an entrepreneur and. Expert negotiator Alexandra good morning and welcome you’re gonna tell us how to get paid what. We are worth and one might say well I don’t know exactly what I’m worth but there are certain ways to find out.

Could you tell us some of those absolutely I would love to so I like to say good research for your salary starts online and ends in. Person so I’ll start with the online piece really important to do kind of that survey of all those different big websites that we like. To look at for salary research we have a tool also at get that raise Sophie calm that helps you evaluate your salary for the area that you live. In so really important to start online but also really important to talk to other people who would know how much your role makes and get some market data that way I know it. Can be so uncomfortable like we’ve all been taught don’t talk about money but the thing is if you talk to I like. To say three men and three women to get at that gender pay gap it lights a fire under you in a way that numbers.

Online just can’t do if you hear from somebody oh my gosh you. Work in my same industry in a similar role and you’re making twenty percent. More than me that’s that’s crazy I want to catch up. To that it lights a fire under you in a way that makes you feel more. Motivated to go after it what about that person sitting across from you though who says yeah I know some of these people make twenty percent more but our company we’re just not in. A position to do that right now fight back for me yeah so you know one thing that you.

Can always be prepared to say is okay if not now when if now isn’t a good time because something’s going on in the company it is important to acknowledge that be sensitive. To it but then what would I need to do and in what time. Frame so if it’s okay I need to achieve explains the objectives in six months have that frank conversation with your manager so that in six months you can say all right we.

Talked about this I did XYZ and it’s been six months so now it’s time what do you say is that in timing I guess is everything right in life. But do you kind of say like hey if you do something big let’s say you close a big deal or yeah you know help facilitate some sort of you know big big. Moment in the company isn’t that the time to kind of.

Strike like hey Bob by the way time do we open up right absolutely I. Love to advise people strike while the iron is hot you.

Know right after you’ve closed that big deal you’ve had some major accomplishment and it’s. Fresh in their mind it’s like what have you done for me lately you know if you have a good. Answer for that that’s a good time to ask you’re totally right I does take us through this step Alexandre you don’t get the offer for what you want or what you think.

You’re worth then you can say well could we do this instead totally so you. Know our get that raise initiative is all about it sounds like oh well everyone’s just looking for more money and. Of course that’s great but other things might be valuable to you too so maybe you’re looking for more vacation days or more flex time or you’re looking for professional development opportunities. Some conference or some class you want to take a leadership opportunity so there’s always more. Room for growth there’s always more room to expand your. Career and take it to the next level so being thoughtful about what your next steps might be and.

Being ready to ask for those things it’s also a great thing to be prepared for right now you have a company called ask. For it it was kind of a side hustle and then and then you got laid off did you ask for a raise and then they laid you off I just want. To make sure that’s not what happened here cuz I. Do you know I want to warn people if that’s the case but obviously you’ve kind of turned your attention to this. Full-time and your company’s been featured and you know some of the big publications and on TV and stuff like that how do people go about just finding out more information obviously your.

Website is one but is there a do you set forth a plan or is it just kind. Of a check-in every once in a while type thing yes so I’m now full-time at so Phi and so Phi is a personal finance company and our mission is to. Help our members a to financial independence and realize their ambitions whatever those may. Be that could be paying down your student debt buying a home starting a family even saving for retirement so our get that raise initiative is you can check out. More get that raise so Phi comm and it helps walk you through what your role is where you might like to go next what your accomplishments have been. And helps set you up for success when you go in and have that conversation with your manager all right all about so Phi now.

Not asked for yeah got it understood now you know James. I’m gonna ask for a raise even though I just butchered this is Alexandra we’d love to hire you but we’re just not doing that right.

Yeah we’ll keep your records on file though don’t worry about it yeah okay that’s some good stuff. Exactly exactly Alexandra Dickinson expert negotiator and you certainly are thank you so much for being.

With us this morning hey this was something we were on pins and needles about this and it turned out to be an anti-climatic announcement SpaceX is that company that Elon. Musk has and he was going to announce last night that he was going. To send somebody around the moon in his big Falcon rocket turns out it’s Alice Kramden I mean we knew that didn’t we what yeah it’s actually not gonna be Alice. I think she’s already been sent there you seco may zawa is going to travel around the. Moon in 2023 he’s a Japanese billionaire and he says this is what I like you to go around the moon because he wants to contribute to world peace well I think that’ll.

Do it him going around the moon and world peace will. Ensue he’s going to take some artists with him – he hasn’t chosen them but he plans to recruit top talent to represent the planet and so the people. On Jupiter can say oh look what earth’s doing over that a tree no it’s my inner thoughts oh okay good musk said the SpaceX did. Not choose him he chose SpaceX it’s gonna bring out world peace business for breakfast Korea kids using companies making early morning headlines.

And when we start with autozone they aren’t adjusted 18 dollars and fifty four. Cents a share for the fiscal fourth quarter beating the consensus estimate of 1792 a share revenue missed forecasts however and the same store sales increase of two. Point two percent was also slightly below estimates General Mills the food company came in seven cents a share above estimates earning. An adjusted 71 cents per share for its first quarter though revenue missed forecast General. Mills also reiterated its full-year forecast Visa and MasterCard signed an amended settlement agreement related to a merchant fee lawsuit.

Filed in 2005 and originally settled in 2012 these that will pay an additional 600 million dollars MasterCard pays another 108 million dollars Walmart the retailer stock was rated outperform a new coverage at BMO. Capital saying Walmart is uniquely positioned among US retailers for long-term ecommerce profitability Graham Holdings grams Kaplan test prep unit bought the test prep business of Barron’s for an undisclosed amount as part of the. Transaction kaplan acquired the rights to the Barron’s brand name the alphabet. A B no alphabets Google unit is partnering with the renault-nissan Mitsubishi Alliance to use its Android operating system in automobile. Media displays the Apple watch and various other consumer gadgets are being exempted from. The newest round of tariffs on goods imported from no short-story amazon.com.

Plans to release at least eight new alexa related products before the end of the year according to sources who spoke to CNBC the devices include microwave ovens and an in-car. Gadget with full details to be released at an event later this. Month how about an in-car microwave I’d be awesome the hot pocket on the road FedEx reported adjusted quarterly. Profit of three dollars and 46 cents per share falling short of estimates although its revenue did beat the street FedEx said its results. Were impacted by a move to accelerate pay raises following tax reform and the company did raise its full-year earnings guidance Oracle beat estimates by two cents a share with adjusted quarterly.

Profit of 71 cents per share the business software’s company revenue fell slightly below forecast however amid disappointing sales in its. Cloud services and license support unit Elliott management has backed away from its potential $160 per share bid for athenahealth according to the New York Post investor Paul singer’s firm.

Had said in May it was willing to pay that price a total of six point nine billion dollars contingent on due diligence sources tell. The paper that singer may be mulling a bid for the health software company at a lower price Avon was recently approached by Brazilian cosmetics company Natura cosmetic owes about a. Possible takeover according to sources quoted by the Dow Jones however the sources say the talks are not serious and Avon is focused on a tournament CEO of Macy’s. Jeffrey Jeanette told recode ‘he’s code commerce event that tariffs will start to affect macy’s and other department stores more significantly than other businesses because of. Their impact on apparel jeanette added that the company is taking a variety of steps to address.

That issue Symantec named three nominees from actus investor starboard value to its board of directors starboard had taken a. Stake in the cybersecurity software company last month that had nominated five director candidates there when the traditional. Networks used to have all the Emmys Netflix tied AT&T HBO in last. Night’s Emmy Awards each receiving 23 HBO and Netflix that’s awesome actually that’s really cool Netflix puts great programming now the only.

Problem I have with Netflix right now I feel like their movie selection. Is garbage mm-hmm like they don’t get good they don’t get that new movies they don’t go on Netflix a lot although I did I do think black panther just one on. There so I agree with that right now both we have streaming right just it’s streaming okay I have the disc service as well.

Right now that also means you have a seat DVD player it means I have a blu-ray and a 4k blu-ray player I have a blu-ray no DVD what are we. Talking about I don’t I’m talking about the disc service oh no no from what don’t tell me now but no I don’t have that is it really expensive I pay $32 a month for. Streaming and disc three discs at a time and a lot of the movies that are not available streaming are on.

Disc that’s why you watch so many movies exactly lately all right speaking of actors sort of remember Robert Blake of course he was accused of murder accused he was found not guilty those. Killing his wife mhm that’s right Baretta is how old today boy 7785 7785 he stopped yeah I like that Jada pinkett-smith okay wills she’s gotta be about 44 by now no. She’s older than me 47 did he get that again he’s cheating yes cheating cheating now yeah that’s right yeah she’s 47 sure yeah uh how. About new website on birthdays all right this guy actually could sing very well I thought but he showed up in these movies like. The beach party movies and stuff and had some hit records Frankie Avalon can. Sing a little bit he can see pretty well actually 81 87.

78 Oh 78 today and one more for you in this clump remember a football player with. The Lions named Billy Sims yeah you go first 62. 64 63 oh my god alright we have another guest joining us in a few minutes talking about the high cost of college and what a lot of families. Are doing about that sunny and 106 today and they are hinting at a possibility of some midday showers or thundershowers tomorrow keep your.

Fingers crossed that’ll be exciting it’s 83 degrees now experts you’re listening to money radio a quarter century of bringing you the best in money experts every. Day joining us now is Melissa Ridolfi who is vice president of retirement and College products at fidelity Melissa good morning good morning.

Looking at some of these figures here that you’ve provided us and we’re seeing that a lot of. Parents are expecting their kids to contribute more toward the cost of college I’m just thinking if some.

Of these kids can raise 15 thousand three hundred eighty five dollars by the time they graduate high school they might decide. Not to go to college they can make that much money in high school just do something else so from our college savings survey we’ve definitely found that parents are. More realistic about the cost for college and their ability to cover those costs so it’s not surprising that they definitely. Want their kids to have some skin in the game so to your point the numbers seem large the average number is ten thousand dollars but that’s an average number so two and. Three families expect their kids to have save less than ten thousand while the one-third is over so that one-third over is skewing it the real surprise in the survey. Is that parents aren’t talking to the kids about those expectations and they parents need to make sure they have those conversations long.

Before that first tuition bill is due we talk a lot about preparing for this. Day sometimes people do it the second their children are born right start a college plan or 529 or something like that and get going and contribute systematically. And then others wait until they’re 13 and go oh crap that’s coming around the. Corner if they do wait is it too late to kind of start putting away for that day no. It’s never too late to start saving I think the. Important thing even you know if parents do start you know when their child’s a teenager they want.

To make sure they save on a regular basis we are seeing that more parents you know they understand. The importance of saving for college and starting to save. Earlier parents are starting to save on average when their child’s five years old and we’re seeing that 37%. Of parents are actually starting to save when their child’s under two years old so those are very very good savings behaviors they’re. Getting the benefit of compounding over that long duration so that’s a really good thing but again never too late to start but it is it is really good when you. Start early for folks living stay here in the Phoenix area and the high school graduate wants to attend Arizona State University they have campuses downtown.

On the west and Tempe you could just drive there by back home eat and. So forth if going to the University of Colorado you have to also factor in the costs of having a place to stay the food you’re gonna eat the fun you’re going to have. On the side so the people just kind of forget about those other expenses. So you’re right it’s more than just tuition so when parents are talking to their children and. Hopefully before they’re getting into high school they want to. Have those conversations about you know their major the different types of school they.

Want to go to they need to talk about the difference in cost between a private school and a public school and then they need to talk about the cost beyond. Tuition so to your point room and board books these things like that what’s the total. Cost parents can then talk to their kids about how much they’ve saved and then they can work together to. Close that shortfall if there happens to be one and they can work on the different strategies to close the that shortfall Wow well we got a lot. Of interesting stuff this was brought to you by fidelity is there.

Any where to I don’t know dude some planning get some ideas for the parents out there that want to start saving you know as soon as possible. Parents can go to fidelity comm backslash College there’s a lot of great information and resources out there there’s also a college savings calculator that can help families you know really. Determine their unique college savings goals and how they can work to meet to meet those goals how much money.

They need to save on a monthly basis for example a lot yeah all right a lot lots advice well we appreciate you giving us an. Update here Melissa thanks so much for being on our show.

Today thank you yeah the cost of college or I mean even state schools it’s over a hundred grand for four years to go to. Arizona State NAU I found a statement that was tucked away.

In a bunch of old papers on what it was costing me to go to college Vander well you. Couldn’t go you couldn’t go two days today oh I. Remember ours I don’t think I mean my dad paid for my college but I don’t think my college was born a few grand yeah here. All right 1927 today 1927 the Columbia phonograph Broadcasting System began broadcasting with 16 radio stations later just call themselves the Columbia Broadcasting System now just call themselves as CBS. Now just need a CEO former home of Les Moonves is what they call themselves now and in 1975 some of you may remember.

This Patty Hearst was captured by the FBI she was there with the Symbionese Liberation Army. For 19 months having been captured by them remember then Patty Hearst. Yes our number 2 coming up next yeah look at the market and a whole lot more stick around this is business for breakfast the views expressed on the following program. Do not necessarily reflect the views of money radio staff management or advertisers and do not represent an offer to buy or sell any securities some interviews heard on this program may be sponsored by.

The participants this is money radio and if you’re just joining us this morning stick around we’ll make sure you know the big business stories of the day and to help you travel to your. Destination we have traffic reports plus local weather and national weather and to that market updates great guests and the business of sports and you have the recipe for business for breakfast here to serve. It off our mark Asher and Ken Morgan 707 in the morning here’s something kind of curious from that big ol state called Texas and folks there have been. Given some time to respond to this idea and I hope their response is what are. You people doing the State Board of Education has voted to drop several historical figures from the states required social studies. Curriculum and the reason to what they call streamline the program now this would not prevent these things from being taught but there’s not going to be a mandatory provision that you have to do.

It so the final vote comes in November following public response so they’re saying you can teach about these people but you don’t have to there’s a whole. Bunch of them but let me give you three names Hillary Clinton Barry Goldwater and Helen Keller they’ve dropped they voted to drop those and some others from the required teaching in social studies. What why I don’t know why I really don’t know it doesn’t make any sense how’s that going to streamline anything you. Can still teach yeah oh you know folks we run on time we’re not gonna tell you about Helen Keller but just Hillary Clinton. Ah Amazon we’ve mentioned Amazon you know I’d hit that one.

Trillion number yes remember that yes do have a guess right now uh maybe I don’t know we’re gonna figure this out did doreen fall Amazon hit that one trillion dollar number. And since then Amazon is down seven percent so one. Trillion in market cap earlier this month set new records Amazon shares have pulled back more than seven percent just this.

Month they’ve dropped nearly five percent could be their worst performance since November of 2016 however a. Lot of experts are saying hey don’t worry it’ll snap. Back but I thought that was interesting we hit that made a big deal. About that amazon basin was one trillion and then the market cap and then all of.

A sudden they’ve been down quite a bit tech stocks been taking a beating as of late so we have a an expert on the so-called dark. Web joining us this morning and deals with consumer fraud is it doug Shadle is that correct Doug Chanel Chanel dr. should they. All thank you very much for joining us this morning tell us some things that we’re doing that are so simple to avoid every day in our lives that put us in danger yeah. Well you know you hear about these data breaches all the time and we wonder what happens is my personal. Information at risk and what we’re discovering is a lot of those breaches result in our information being bought and sold. On the dark web the dark web is a place on the internet where you can only get by having special software the criminals have.

Found the dark web and are buying and selling our information so that’s the bad news the good news is there are some. Things you can do to avoid having becoming a victim of identity fraud as a result of it one simple thing you can do but a lot of. People aren’t doing it is to freeze your credit file you can contact the credit bureau and just say put a freeze on my credit file and then it’s much. Harder for these scammers if they got your personal information to defraud you unfortunately only 14% of Americans in a survey we just completed have ever frozen their credit or. Attempted Freight freeze their credit so there’s some work to be done there another simple thing you can do to avoid identity fraud is to monitor your accounts.

Online to have online access to your bank accounts but only four in 10 Americans have online access to all of their bank accounts and the older you. Are the lower that number is and and that’s a problem because really the best way. To avoid this is to take every single day or at least step once a week go in and monitor those online bank. Accounts so those are a couple things we’ve discovered in our survey you talked about the freezing of your credit what what. Does that mean for people don’t understand okay I’ve got a 705 credit score right and I say you know what freeze it now it sounds great but what if I. Need to use that credit yeah is that gonna screw me up if I did go ahead frozen my credit and stuff like that yeah good question well first of all Congress just passed a.

Law that makes it free to freeze your credit used to cost money pretend you. Have depending on the state you lived in it would cost. You ten dollars to freeze it and ten dollars to thaw it and this is it to answer your question if once you freeze your credit. It anybody who’s a bad guys trying to use your identity to steal from you.

Can’t do it I mean it just it really it certainly. Actually they it will prevent new accounts from being opened in. Your name but you can still apply for credit all you have to do is they’ll give you a pin when you. Go you go to the credit bureau you say freeze my credit they’ll give you.

A ten digit or a 15 digit PIN need to write that down and put it in your safe and then when you go to borrow money if you want to. Refinance your house or you want to borrow cars or buy a car something you just have to thaw your credit long enough for them to do a. Credit check and then you refreeze it again and you can go online and do this and say thaw my credit for four days or a week.

Or whatever and then we freeze it automatically so it’s not particularly difficult to do but that’s. One of the most important things you can do to avoid identity fraud and identity fraud last year there were 16 point seven million identity fraud victims. In the United States it’s it’s it’s a big problem all right tell us about the. Quiz yeah we surveyed people as part of this survey we asked people sort. Of their digital identity you know IQ if you will and. Unfortunately three out of four people failed the quiz but we were asking them questions like when you buy ID theft monitoring service the.

Service you pay twenty bucks a month does that prevent someone from stealing. Your identity and a lot of people think that it does it doesn’t but it does is it. Helps notify you if somebody is trying to use your identity to to victimize you but. It doesn’t prevent the buying and selling of your information we also ask people is it true that you can buy social security numbers on the dark web and a lot of people. Thought that was not true but the truth is that for about three dollars you can go out of the dark. Web and biosocial a person’s social security number and use that to steal their identity and the last thing we asked people in quiz on.

The quiz is is it possible to quote scan the dark web to find out if my name is being bought and sold because there’s a lot of. Companies advertising this you know you can scan the dark web will scan the dark web for you the reality is that most of that information.

Is behind a paywall so we really can’t definitively and comprehensively know whether. Your information is is there or not you should just assume. It is there and take these other prevention steps we’ve been talking about very good good advice there tell us where we can go to get some more help the dark web noelite. Web okay what is a light web which is aarp.org forward slash fraud watch Network excellent dr. Doug Chanel thank you so much for joining us this morning my pleasure all right Bee Gees. One of the most loved and successful recording groups of all time and what was I thought very unusual about that group back in the 1960s they had a bunch of hit records like. I started a joke holiday is the first one I remember Massachusetts.

New York mining disaster and then they kind of disappeared and you would think their career is all. Over and about ten years later here they come with stayin alive and Boogie Nights and things like that a brand new career tons and tons of zillion seller songs and albums. Over the years and there’s a group called the Australian bee gees that pay tribute to this group and they’re going to be at the celebrity theatre for one show 8 p.m.. This Friday night and you could be there as well so Sarah Night Fever on Friday night that is correct got it got it got it so what are we. Gonna do here we want to call her all who call us oh.

You said call her no call her call her or call her you can. Call her if you want that it would be Doreen hey Doreen we need caller number 75 no all right seven okay sir seven caller seven right now 602 three. To four 15 ten if you’re caller seven we’ll have a couple of tickets waiting for you at the box office at the celebrity theater this Friday night 8:00 p.m. 602 3:00 to 4:15 10:00. In the meantime let’s go check the traffic and with that here is Monica Reed okay and right now on the. 202 westbound pretty heavy from the 101 to Scottsdale Road where there’s an accident off to the right and near 40th Street. Accident off right we still have the one on the transition from the westbound.

60 to the northbound 101 it’s off to the left now I’m seeing a new crash on the 60 westbound west of val vista that. One’s blocking the left lane and you got some slowing they’re all the way to Dobson and at. Alma School in Chandler Boulevard Iraq and one in North.

Phoenix seventh Street at Union Hills this support sponsored by in-and-out burger. In an out burger fresh backed in and out hamburger patties use no preservatives additives or fillers it’s just the highest quality beef you can find because fresh. Is what it’s all about I’m Monica greed for money radio Thank You Monica I do have a question for you how do. You become a like a tribute band do you like did someone say you know what you look like Barry GIMP a little bit and. He goes like not only these people look like them they sound like them he doesn’t make sense I think I’ve seen a you to cover band and.

The lead singer looks like Bono and then they sound like them to I get if you look like people but then just. Sound like them it’s a little harder like I look like Leonardo DiCaprio I just can’t. Sound and usually if you go to a concert or a show you’re far enough away from the performers that if you were up close you might. Say oh okay it doesn’t quit oh I’m sure when you really stand right next to him. You’re like yeah and but I think a lot of them have work and makeup to make them look like it but still I mean you look at the picture of these guys.

Right yeah look just like them who’s that what’s that one that’s uh that’s Betty Maurice silver Maurice yeah obvious it’s not. Maurice Maurice has passed yeah is Barry the only one a lot yes how old is Barry Gibb. Mmm probably in his 70s I would think but they’ve had so many people playing with him. Over the years in concerts and so forth victor is our man victor lives in phoenix and he is going to be at the celebrity theater Friday night good job Victor. Way to go hey Marc you know what he’ll I must go to. Do now he ought to start building a moat because they’re coming after him howdy has just unveiled its first all-electric model the 2019 ow d e Tron.

Made its global debut early today and they join General Motors BMW mercedes-benz and other traditional automakers spending billions of dollars. To develop new electrified models these are big companies they’ve been around for a while they know how to make cars and distribute them Elon is over there trying to. Figure out how to deliver the ones he’s already made so there are two different versions of the Audi e-tron all-wheel drive is standard zero. To sixty and five and a half seconds top speed. Of 124 miles per hour and they are partnering with Amazon to provide.

Exclusive installation of digital home charging systems for your II Tron is Elon may be getting deeper and deeper in trouble well I think Elon had a great idea and now others are like oh. Yeah we can do that and probably do it better right that’s what. They’re thinking by the way the Dow is up for 77 points right now SP of 12 Nasdaq up 65 so a much better day on Wall Street.

So far today couple things Tim Cook says the new iPhones are so expensive because they replace most other gadgets you need. Mm hmm not sure I buy that Apple’s iPhone XS and Max are the best phones you can buy according to one story here but from tech. Guide but skip them if you already have an iPhone X 10 10 whatever hey guys Victor. Just called yeah he can’t he just found out he has a.

Previous engagement he wants us to give the tickets away well Fichter that’s nice of you Victor all. Righty now for those who’ve checked their calendars and you don’t have a previous. Engagement for Friday night do we take the next caller do we take number 7 again let’s.

Do it again 602 3:00 to 4:15 10 to see the Australian Bee Gees and they are really good you’ll think you are watching the Bee Gees Friday night celebrity theater. Two tickets 8 p.m. call now 602 3:00 to 4:15.

10 and you might take Victor’s place since he can’t make it lady wimp and if this caller can’t go you and I are going I’m going yeah all. Right having a birthday today oh you should know who this guy is he’s a Canadian and I didn’t even know they had hockey up there. But this guy’s in the Hall of Fame Scotty Bowman he saw only 1 9 Stanley Cups yeah Red Wings who else was he worth anyway Scotty Bowman he’s not.

Young uh 78 he’s 85 years old yeah I was gonna say he’s. Another sports guy okay considered to be one of the best second baseman of the entire decade of the 1980s ten all-star games nine Gold Glove awards national league’s Most Valuable Player Ryne. Sandberg Oh wine valley resident for a while to Ryan Sandberg might still live here. Ryne Sandberg Sandberg big in the 80s and 90s say at that time he’s there I’ll say Ryan Sandberg is 59 you got it did. I really you got it yes indeed and here comes that’s three Doreen here comes the ring with another winner that’s three drink well it doesn’t matter.

You weren’t going to get it you don’t even know who Ryan Sandberg is all right Thomas can’t. Go is that correct all right Thomas who lives in Phoenix you are the winner the tickets deceive the Australian Bee Gees all right there stick around this is business for breakfast and coming. Up today sunny and 106 but maybe a little rain and probably. Not any relief but something unique something you haven’t seen in a while tomorrow perhaps it’s.

83 degrees now yes the rumors are true the Steve Sanchez show us now right here on. Money radio every Sunday night at 7 p.m. join me as we take down the globalist elite and their agenda with a constitution in one hand and a Bible and the other and you better. Believe it I’m proudly unapologetic that’s the Steve Sanchez show every Sunday night at 7 p.m. right here on money radio 15 10 a.m. and 105.3 FM for more information visit. Me at the Steve Sanchez show com website 26 after 7 o’clock here at money radio in the business for breakfast show and I was just wondering how small is a fire. Extinguisher we see those big red tube things that hang on the walls and so.

Forth yeah is there a small like version you could take around with you in a satchel because this would be. Something mark would like to have a small fire extinguisher because the next time you’re in the company of someone who is constantly vaping just hit just hit them with the universe like I thought. You’re on fire I’m sorry I saw smoke billowing from your face University of California at San Francisco. Is getting a 20 million dollar federal grant to study the health impacts of electronic cigarettes and other new tobacco products the money is coming from the National. Institute of Health and the FDA which last week demanded ease cigarette sellers stop marketing to teenagers tobacco companies have been touting. The new products as lower risk than regular cigarettes guest on with that topic tomorrow but public health officials say those claims are not backed up by science you know I wonder because.

I know people who actually smoke that in their house versus you know when you go outside to smoke a cigarette. They’re smoking that in yeah when he’s visiting and I yell at them every.

Time yeah go outside I think by the way China hitting back I mentioned this earlier let’s repeat it because it’s worth. Repeating China said it will institute new tariffs on US goods worth 60 billion. Dollars on September 24th this according to Reuters according to Reuters I don’t think I said according right the media outlet said the. Asian countries tariff rate on a list of 50 207.

US products will range between five and ten percent of course yesterday president Trump’s administration announced it will impose 10 percent tariffs on about 200 billion dollars worth of imports from China. Effective September 24th anything you can do I can do we.

Know a lot of people on the East Coast at their power go out because of the hurricane that rolled through their power is back on in a lot of homes in New. Orleans right now not because of any hurricane a cat knocked out electricity. To more than 7,000 homes and businesses yesterday morning energy New Orleans says a cat wandered into a substation and touched something it shouldn’t have the utility says it’s unusual for the cat.

To get inside the sub station because protective devices are supposed to prevent that from happening the power is back up about. Four hours later the cat is never going to be up. Again Energy tweeted when this happens the animals unfortunately do not survive the high voltage contact a cat knocked.

Out 7,000 homes in businesses New Orleans has problems with everything don’t they I mean Katrina was bad enough but. Now cats are cutting your electricity off all day chad is. Gone the cat is a goner that’s the silver lining oh man I knew you’re. Going there how old is Fred Willard today I love this guy he’s. So funny he was in the anchorman films he’s been in the date movie Harold & Kumar Go to the white sheep know why I should even try just go. Ahead mister I know everything 78 75 79 oh yeah coastal roaming tonry Maine’s mostly.

Cut off from the rest of North Carolina this morning serious flooding there as sea water from the Florence. Storm surge combines with the rainwater moving downstream Kaylee Hartung is there for us the rivers in this.

Area are expected to crest today they won’t be below flood stage again 84 degrees right now heading for a high today of 106 and a promise perhaps of some showers or. Thundershowers tomorrow time now for a market update brought to you by IQ Wealth Management home of the. Exclusive Black Diamond and Blue Diamond dividend growth strategies ensure your income ensure. Your outcomes invest the rest with purpose for more visit IQ wealth combats IQ wealth calm well the Dow is up 70 points at 26,000 132 the sp500 is up ten twenty eight 98 Nasdaq.

Composite up 53 at 79 49 coming up after our. Show this morning it’s mastering money one of the biggest concerns for retiring Americans is whether or not Social Security and Medicare will be there for them. After paying into the system for decades with the rising popularity of proclaimed socialist candidates like Alexandria Acacio Cortez Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders the socialist agenda is gaining steam.

This fall now that engender includes free Medicare for all a universal income for all and free college for all socialism couldn’t really take hold in the u.s. of America could it well not so. Fast according to a Gallup poll published recently a majority of Democrats no longer hold a positive view of.

Capitalism nearly 60 percent of them feel good about socialism we have some shocking statistics for you you won’t want to miss this morning on the mastering money show. By the way sorry I missed the update I was busy watching there’s a Good Morning America which. One does Michael Strahan host yeah that’s the one is a good morning marker to. Sedation no it’s the Good Morning America Good Morning America he was hosting Good Morning. America and they were doing a story about Julie Chen remember we’ve kind of talked about. Julie Chen lately she the view right yep and the view and.

Then her husband is a guy named Leslie Moonves mm-hm the view is on CBS she also hosts a Big Brother which is a. TV show on CBS well then her husband got in trouble and now is no. Longer the CEO she then I’ve been following this closely because I figured it was coming that she then. Signed off on last week’s Big Brother as Julie Chen Moonves first time she had ever used his last name on television she then did not show up for the view.

After that and is now no longer on the view after nine seasons she will stay on to continue hosting Big. Brother which ends later this month so I’m sure they’re like can you just finish this and then go away so there you go can’t stay at the place can’t stay working at. The pleasure of your husband and from Ken you married though. All right so oh my god I was some last birthdays for you today and I have good news for you I have to say that this woman stole my. Heart years ago because imagine this guy’s an absolutely gorgeous woman who can bake cookies I mean does it get any better.

Than that no Debbie feels is having a birthday today I remember when I saw her first for the first time and I thought mrs. feels that’s got to be like a 75 year. Old woman right I know she presents how old is Debbie today though I’ll let you go first on this one 75 77 she’s 62 62 years old today Jimmie Rodgers is a singer. They had some big hits back in the 1950s honey comb was probably his. Number one hit then he had to kiss his sweeter than wine and some other things Jimmie Rodgers is hello today and what. If he’s still performing a lot of these people’s never quit 7873 85 years old today how about this. A tall woman here Aisha Tyler yeah basketball no no no no no actress she’s been on 24 friends ghost whisperer CSI crime scene investigation is it anyway the.

Talk whose line is anyway she hosts with the guys uh she’s a little older than I am I’ll say. 49 48 48 is correct Lance Armstrong oh wow yet seven titles before you didn’t have any yeah they’re done yeah that’s true huh 45 55 47 years old today and let’s fry jason.

Sudeikis he is a writer on my age I know this he’s young he’s 43 he’s younger than me 42 he’s 43 for today. Yeah but you haven’t beat my record I have five all those up no wait didn’t this. Was a day you were gone exactly no one could look over can you like our bees I.

Do we have the meats right beach would you get that tattooed on your body nope oh well nevermind you can’t have. Our bees for life well that’s I have to live with it I guess our bees is offering roast beef diehards a. Chance to wear an Arby’s sandwich for life yeah tattoos I don’t think you get to eat it though you just wear it I don’t. Really understand what’s going on here let’s get James in here he’s got a dr. pepper tattoo he does so why.

Why not are bees the explanation that he has to give every time he takes his shirt off it’s gotta be just awesome yeah I saw this story today speaking of people in. The news Tom Arnold is accusing reality producer an MGM television. Chairman Mark Burnett of attacking him like some pre and a pre Emmys party Sunday night and I’m saying that if this turns out to be true. Tom Arnold is lucky because there are a lot of people who’d like to attack him and. Haven’t well so I guess he’s got here’s the whole kind of premise behind it Tom Arnold’s starting some TV show right I don’t know like the search. For the truth or something like I forget what it’s called he’s basically a witch hunt to get Trump out of office like Arnold’s.

A hardcore Libby and wants to get get Trump out of office and Mark brunette a lot of people feel he did the apprentice right wasn’t he. The producer the apprentice I don’t know yes he did yes he was anyway they think he has discriminated like discriminating tapes on Trump.

That he won’t release and so Arnold but then I don’t know the best was his wife brunettes wife posted on social media like a picture of her bruised. Hand yeah and was talking about how she was attacked by Tom oh man and Tom Arnold responded and said hey you should get that looked at that that bruise. Looks pretty bad for whatever you did to yourself last week like basically saying I didn’t nothing anyway we’re talking about the Arts. In Arizona coming up with our guest in just a minute we give you a website right now we’ll repeat it later a Z citizens for. The Arts org and joining us right now executive director of that organization Katherine rusty Foley Katherine good morning good morning I can’t let you do anything. Else until you explain the nickname rusty that’s not usually something women have as a nickname how did that come about are you all red haired or is that that I.

Am yeah nickname that my father gave me all right let’s talk about Arts in the education system in Arizona are we failing do we what what’s going on here that. You’re concerned about well really our Arizona citizens to the arts a 37 year. Old statewide arts advocacy organization so we’ve been promoting public and private support for the arts for. Many many years we have over the years been engaged in trying. To promote arts education as well and most recently we’ve been engaged in a process along with the Arizona Department of Education and the Arizona Commission in the arts you to look at ways. That we can promote more arts education in our k-12 schools and the situation in our k-12.

Schools with arts education is that many schools are providing really high quality arts education programs but we also know from some research that that’s been done that there there are gaps there. Were some schools where young people are not receiving any arts education we the recently. Completed completed arts education data project demonstrates that there are. One-third of k-8 students who have no access to arts. And music in in their schools even though at the time this.

Study was done in 2016 and 2017 that was part of. The state administrative code in fact the state administrative code still requires at least.

Two disciplines in the arts be taught in the k-8 schools but we know it’s not happening for a third of our students and and that is concerning to. Us Catherine you know there’s some people out there would say well so what big deal it’s the arts who cares it’s odd that we.

Have to still explain this today why are arts important in school what does it do for the. People studying well arts you know there is just there are there’s just piles of research that demonstrate how the arts improve learning in young people and. Even if they do it happens really in three ways first there is absolute quantitative data that demonstrates that academic performance improves when arts are infused into into the. Curriculum kids are also better engaged in school we all know those young people and maybe. We were those kind of kids where you know arts were sort of what turned them on to school you know got.

Them engaged and interested in the rest of their studies because they had the opportunity to participate in the you know in the in the creativity of the. Arts then the the third piece is that uh young people who achieve through creative expression whether it be in visual arts or drama.

A lot of times that really helps them feel better about themselves it’s. What we call self efficacy they feel better about themselves as as individuals and therefore they. Perform better in school the arts you know there’s all kinds of research that shows that there is actual you know impact on on brain neurology. That that is improved by the arts so it’s important that every child have some exposure to to arts education and is this this week.

National Arts and Education Week right now well we just completed national National Arts and Education Week last Friday but at National. Arts and Education Week is an opportunity to really focus on the you know wonderful rewards that we can read. From a quality arts education for our young people and that really you know was sort of the discussion that all of us who care. About arts education you know what was that was the discussion we were trying to promote last week indeed all right easy citizens for the Arts org is. The website again and Katherine rusty Foley joining us this morning the director thank you so much for being on our show thank you for having me have a good day we continue on on. A very busy Tuesday morning here on business for breakfast I do want to tell you unfortunately we weren’t able to have the Lund mortgages or the lungs in I should say or the.

Oliver’s Matt Oliver Leese alone at some come up today they. Weren’t able to come in they will be here soon enough to tell us everything going on in the mortgage game but I can tell you they. Are standing by and ready for you at any given moment they know life is busy things get in the way and. For you to have time to get out there and maybe talk about refinance in your home or getting that new home loan getting pre-qualified it can be tough just from a. Timing standpoint they’ll come to you nights weekends whatever makes the best sense for you and your family they will make it happen at the Lund mortgage team they’ve got a their broker. So they’ve got the ability to really get you the best rates out there shopping around and gets you what you want and that’s the lowest rates low centers.

Are a real interest rates not these fake ones that sometimes get quoted and time of escrow. And closed they’re not there anymore call six two three eight seven.

Five ninety nine forty and by the way if you refinance right now or if you. Get a new home loan before the end of the year.

They got a little bonus coming your way they are going to pay up to five hundred dollars of your appraisal costs that’s an out-of-pocket cost for. A lot of homeowners they might not realize they will pay for. That up to five hundred bucks that should cover the whole thing call today six two three eight seven five ninety nine forty or go online lund mortgage team.com imagine this you go to the. Doctor and the doctor tells you that the pain you’re having is because you have kidney. Stones and he says or she says I’m gonna write you a prescription and the prescription says as soon as possible go to.

Magic Mountain Knott’s Berry Farm or your nearest Six Flags amusement park and ride the roller coaster there is a new study out that shows that riding a roller coaster can actually dislodge kidney stones. You can dislodge the neck bones too by the way the IgG Nobel Prize which is kind of the anti Nobel Prize there are spewed. Prizes but they actually are about real things out there many of the topics nominated have serious points to them are scientifically true and have been published in. Respected journals so they’re finding that patients who are shaken during. A roller coaster ride can dislodge those kidneys heading up for wheeling somewhere really bad and.

Just boom boom boom they didn’t cover that in the research that’s how I had my second. Child what I was overdue so we went four-wheeling and knocked me around you’re not supposed to go four-wheeling while you’re pregnant worked so there haha stick around we have the business of sports coming. Up for you in just a few minutes and coming up tomorrow there might be some raindrops don’t be scaring drops you know I’ll be afraid the.

Sky is not falling just rain retirement are you near it or already. In it well this place money radio is a place to stay to make sure it all works out the way you want we are all about.

Money right here and now on money radios business for breakfast show it’s time for the business of sports oh it’s time for the business of sports our money radios. A business for breakfast now we’re going to talk beer in a moment but this is uh this is interesting well a couple things. This just in the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup champion is going to make 15 million dollars next year that’s up from ten million dollars throughout the prizes history so obviously it’s not a bad. Thing to go ahead and take care of that and this also just sent filed ESPN in the letter. To Roger Goodell d’amore Smith and David Baker Pro Football Hall of Famers said they.

Would not attend the annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony until they received health insurance and an annual salary that included a. Share of league revenue how about that they said the modern FL which generated 14 billion dollars in revenue when the league enshrined us as the greatest ever to play America’s most popular. Sport they gave us a gold jacket a bust and a ring and that was it people know us from our. Highlight reels they see us honored and before games and a half time and it would be reasonable.

If they thought life was good for us but on balance it’s not as a. Group or struggle or severe health and financial problems to build this game we sacrificed our bodies in many cases and despite the. Fact that we are led to believe otherwise we sacrificed our minds we believe we deserve more we right to demand two things health insurance and an annual salary for.

All Hall of Famers that includes a share of league revenue might seem like a lot but it’s a drop in the bucket for the country’s profitable sports league the total cost for. Every hall-of-famer to have health insurance is less than four million dollars less than that of a 30-second superbowl ad or about three cents. For every $100 the league generates in revenue pain hall-of-famers an annual salary works out to about 40 cents for every 100 dollars in annual revenue. A figure that will increase dramatically in the near future with legalized gambling what are your what are your thoughts on that do you think. That here’s my question so we’re only going to pay. The Hall of Famers what about the people that sacrifice their minds and their bodies but maybe weren’t quite.

Good enough to be a hall-of-famer does it seem fair to me that we’re just gonna give it to the Hall of Famers nope leave. Them out yeah I mean do you need them I guess alright I said I’d bring up here here’s beer you ready beer here is the. List Google search data reveals most research beer brands at 25 different schools I know so for instance hams at the University of Wisconsin number one Harvard what beer do you think at Harvard this. Surprised me a little bit something from Boston brewing now. Mondello Modelo University of Georgia Dos Equis ha Arizona State Corona all right that makes sense Coors Light at k-state.

Miller High Life at University ole annoyed Virginia Tech Pabst Blue Ribbon Colorado State Bush beer at the University of Michigan. Jingling the heck is that jingling Indiana Penn State the University of Florida and the University of Notre Dame Mick ultra University of Alabama University of.

Iowa University of Mississippi University of Missouri and Texas A&M. And this was the number one research beer at the University of North Carolina Colorado Montana State Michigan State Illinois State thanks for joining us Cal Berkeley and Cornell thanks for joining. Us we don’t like will return again tomorrow within the time another show no we don’t he’s don’t like Keystone light I’m just gonna keep saying. It until the non-compliance for breakfast with Mark Asher and Ken Morgan you can be. A bigger part by joining us on Facebook and Twitter using B for B slash bhx the show is produced by Doreen kunti. For more on the markets the world of business and interesting guests join us tomorrow morning at six on the valleys only full-time station devoted to your money.

And how to make it spend it and invest it this is. The money radio network.