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With the averages surging to record levels today what can you still buy here without feeling like you’re chasing this. Market like a chump times like this we want companies with powerful catalyst and stocks that don’t fully reflect their underlying strength meaning their numbers could go higher and short you want Tyson Foods yes.

Tyson Foods largest meat processor in America because I think that’s the potential to be a big maybe the biggest winner from next week’s phase one trade. Agreement with China now this deal is on the verge of being signed sealed delivered with the Chinese government actually holding up their end of. The bargain I think Tyson’s poised to make a killing why because China just Bellini’s pork thanks to African swine.

Tyson Foods, Orthocoronavirinae, China, PoultryFever which is devastated their hog population unites a similar country without healthy hogs to satisfy their demand Tyson makes its money taking. In livestock pigs cows chicken and turning them into meat Tyson chicken tenders Jimmy Dean sausages he’ll serve farm sausage they get most of their sales from. Poultry and beef but they’re the number one American owned purveyor of pork China is a huge opportunity for them I know I’ve recommended Tyson before because Millennials love protein because. Of the great chicken sandwich war of 2019 and sometimes my time he’s been a. Little off but all the stuff pales in comparison of what could happen with China that’s why we just put Tyson for my channel trust a couple of.

Tyson Foods, Orthocoronavirinae, China, Poultry Business NewsWeeks ago and you can follow all of our moves before we make them by joining the action words plus.com club did a big club call yesterday once a month and focused on Tyson Foods. A lot of other stocks obviously trying to pick winners after. China that’s what we’ll be doing one week from now winners after triumphs yeah I understand the trade war was the only thing holding the Chinese back from. Massive quantities of buying American pork this is a staggering figure last year they had to call perhaps as much as 50% of their hog population in order to stop the. Spread of swine fever that’s right destroyed it now they’ve got some frozen pork stockpiles but sooner or later they’ll need fresh meat because even dictatorships need to.

Tyson Foods, Orthocoronavirinae, China, Poultry NewsFeed their people the stockpiles are running down the fever still rampaging can they grow their way out of it no why because a huge percentage of Chinese hogs are raised in backyard forms. Fashion animal husbandry and those backyard farms have been decimated by swine flu they’re vulnerable because they don’t have any real biosecurity in China in this country we have industrial.

Agriculture with fantastic biosecurity just try just try getting near an American pig farm yeah they’re protected by fans by it’s like. Almost like their claymore mines protect them and you get bullet towers I mean you won’t believe what is happening with pork in this country if China wants to come to pork we. Have the enemy surplus because we spend so much time getting it right pork is the staple food for China without their own hogs they need other sources of protein president Trump confirmed the. Existence of the Phase one trade deal on December 13th less than a week later Tyson had already gotten approval to export chicken to China and shortly. Thereafter the People’s Republic cut its tariffs on frozen pork imports when you heard that the Chinese were planning big agricultural purses as part of the deal well it’s. Not just soy beets where I would say it’s me last time for example we learned that u.s. pork export serves in November of twenty six percent and that.

Surge was driven by Chinese buying I could not believe the Tyson food was down today after that number came out this was before the phase one trade deal China still had big. Tariffs on American agricultural exports just imagine how much business you do now then we got a train truce oh don’t forget Chinese New Year takes place on January 25th.

And historically that’s the time of peak pork consumption over there all this demand means tyson benefits from higher pork prices and by the way with pork. Getting more expensive well guess what you have to believe they also sell a lot more expensive beef. And poultry both larger businesses for them as they become relatively less expensive to port it’s too early to matter but they also have some killer plant-based faux chicken tenders that to me. Tastes more like chicken then chicken so the book is very. Simple thanks to the phase one trade deal and the African swine fever epidemic in Eurasia Tyson’s earnings estimates are too low the stocks already darn cheap trading at. Twelve times next year’s earnings espers that’s really low but if I’m right those are assessments will come in higher than expected that.

Means the stocks going to look even cheaper in retrospect excuse me what is that all. About here’s the crazy thing Tyson stock hasn’t really run since the trade deals now this is despite the fact that even before the truth of China this company. Was already painting a very bullish picture so you don’t need the truth when Tyson import it’s supposed to be some quarter in mid-november. The headline results were worse than expected a modest top and bottom line shortfall however this knocked into prowling more than 7% on the news because management told her optimistic story about the.

Future again that was without China now the numbers just. Writing your roll in like last night’s pork export figures and they confirm our thesis fortunately Tyson still. Hasn’t taken off and I think that’s a gift to you. Here’s the bottom line thanks to the African swine fever epidemic in China I think Tyson Foods is poised to be the biggest winner from. The phase one trade deal or at least in the wake up this is the mother of all catalyst people and while the stock had a very big move last. Year I’m betting it still got a lot more room to run stick with Kramer don’t miss a second of bad money follow at Jim Cramer on Twitter have a question tweet Kramer hashtag mad.

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